So I Googled Starbucks and Misandry

I was reading a ridiculous comment by Steve Brule who does camera work for AVFM that went like this:

‘I am sitting in a Starbucks reading this article when three young women (early 20′s) enter, sit nearby and immediately, in loud voices, start bemoaning that “so many creepy guys” keep bothering them. They feel perfectly justified in almost yelling these things out because it has become not only acceptable, but laudable, for women to call men creeps. I suspect that these were ordinary guys of their age approaching them in what is likely an absolutely normal manner … but they revel in complaining to one another that the guys who approach them are creeps.

Bigotry is very much alive and well. I am rooting for Karma.’

Steve obviously has no clue what women go through out in public when men won’t leave them the hell alone. Women want to enjoy the public space without having to deal with creepy opening lines and gaping and gawking. Uh Steve, we’re human beings who just want to have a coffee. We women aren’t out in public so you can drool over us as if we’re in a display case.

Well once Starbucks was brought up in turns out another AVFMer has had experience with this particular brand of misandry.

‘Yeah – Starbucks seems to be a real hot spot for the new spoiled-entitled young female “Diva” demographic. They sit around in their skinny jeans, with their iPhones and their overpriced grande Frappucinos and ‘healthy, low-fat’ pastries, and blab uncontrollably, tossing their long salon-treated blond hair and texting their girlfriends.

All the while they are surrounded by products aimed at their bottomless need for comfort and convenience – the new consumer panaceas – everything – EVERYTHING at Starbucks is marketed directly to them. Starbucks has recognized the new Diva Culture and they are cashing in big time – I say BOYCOTT – but that’s another topic.’

A big smile of internal laughter hit me and I asked myself ‘what is with Starbucks and Miss Andry?’ So I Googled it and found this epic gem from AVFM forums titled ‘Can’t even get a coffee without misandry’:

‘Ok, it might be a stretch to say getting a cup of coffee is important in the context of suicide, lack of funding for male-only cancers, fathers being denied access to children and no one caring about boys’ education.

But I think misandry is embedding itself into western culture and the simple act of buying a cup of coffee is part of this.’

Buying a coffee is misandry? What the hell is this guy talking about? So I read on:

‘I order my coffee and everything is as usual. After waiting a few minutes I notice another blond 30-something female come in and also order a coffee.

Who do you think gets their coffee first?’


Misandraaay in every bean

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. THIS is misandry? She got a coffee 15 seconds before you did and that’s misandry?! He explains the deeper meaning:

‘Just a little whinge over something trivial? Maybe.

But there is more to this.

I have coffee at this McDonald’s several times a week and I have seen the female employees (all around 20 or younger) constantly berate and give a hard time to male customers – and not the female customers.

I have seen down and out men in the area come in and be hassled by these same female employees.’

LOL. I think it’s an anal twinge he’s suffering from. I mean this AVFMer’s picture is next to ‘anal retentive’ in Freud’s dictionary. Let’s examine this closer. He probably lives near a rough area and more times than not men will go in there and abuse the women that work there. Hence why women who feel the creep factor all damn day long just start to get a thick skin and not want to dilly dally around. IOW dude, she doesn’t want your attention or your ‘tude.  His post was so ridiculous I thought nobody would reply to him but in droves, they did!

‘This has happened to me before at Starbucks. I order a chai tea, girls in line behind me get their orders first, and fifteen minutes later I have to go back and ask why orders are going through and mine is nowhere to be seen.’

Starbucks and misandry again. Another AVFMer comes to the rescue and gives all these poor dudebros some sound advice to deal with those coffee-women who are grinding up the beans of misandry one cup at a time:

‘Focus and challenge the anger into male dominance.

I think the fear in making an issue of this might be one’s own fear of one’s anger. So resolve to: 1) raise an issue and 2) NOT express anger. Instead….

Make a point of raising the issue just barely enought to make the server aware and slightly uncomfortable. Then the moment awareness dawns on them, swoop in for the kill and say: “But that is OK, you are not man.”

And then leave it at that. Let them come to grips with how their sexism made them a “not.”

There is an artistry to this: it is in recognizing your anger and choosing to express it in a male-dominant way.’

Can you believe this shit? What’s he gonna do? Is he going to puff up his chest and threaten to blow the coffee shop away if he doesn’t get his Grande right away?

What a bunch of pathetic losers.




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