AVFM: Condoms are Misandry and Penis-Wielding Is All We Have Left

I just read the most fucked up shit on AVFM by what appears to be a new author, Ayami Tyndall. My brain is still trying to tease all this out. On my first read through it seemed like he was saying men shouldn’t be stereotyped as sex-crazed and then by the end he stereotypes men as sex-crazed and says condoms don’t allow men to be men. ie, Misandry.

This dude’s preoccupation with sex is nothing new in the Manosphere. There are entire sites dedicated to teaching men how to get sex, sometimes promoting violence, coercion and rape. AVFM is full of sexual frustration too. This piece is just, goddamn it’s scary.

Tyndall says men measure their manliness by ‘wielding their dick’:

‘men haven’t been left with much anything to find self-esteem from, penis-wielding being about the only semi-respectable occupation not taken by women.’

Freud would’ve had a field day with this. I suppose women are doing all the tough jobs if the only occupation left is to dick wave. I guess that’s why MRA’s ‘penis-wield’ in their chatrooms with FeMRA’s like Karen Straugn.


‘Women tend to find self-worth through sexual appeal; being beautiful, being attractive, being desired by men, that is what women have long been taught to seek. Whatever changes feminism has wrought, the core mating paradigm remains the same: women present, men pursue. Condoms hamper that pursuit. What if we asked women, for health reasons, to reduce their sex appeal?’

Whaaaa! Feminism has taught women my dick isn’t important! Whaaa! Condoms are unfair! Must punish women!

He’s so hung up on punishing the ladies that he invents a contraceptive that makes women ugly and of course, in his mind, unfuckable.

‘When a woman using this hypothetical little wonder gel becomes sexually aroused, it makes her puff up. Not like-a-balloon puff up, but it makes her look and feel, let’s say, 15-30 pounds heavier, just temporarily. No negative effect to health, but during sex, the woman feels fat, and she knows she looks fat to her partner. Don’t think thick girls are ugly? Change weight gain to breast reduction, skin discoloration, etc. Anything unattractive. Whatever the details, she has to become ugly to have safe sex.’

Wait a minute. Doesn’t the ‘wonder gel’ allow safe sex? Oh right, but she’s too ugly to have sex with.

I guess this guy hasn’t ever heard of the pill where women actually DO retain water and get bloated, have headaches and all the other nasty side effects, yet women take the pill because they don’t want to become pregnant. Someone needs to give this dudebro a lesson in how and why condoms work. He suggests men shouldn’t use condoms. I suppose he’s never heard of HIV and all the other STD’s that condom usage prevents.

‘It’s not just about the fuck for us. If it were, we wouldn’t care how hot she was, or if she brought a girlfriend, or how loud she screamed our name. But we do care, because we judge ourselves on how we perform.

We don’t think with our dicks, but we sure as hell measure ourselves against them.’

penis wielding anonymous

For your penis-wielding addiction. PWA (Penis-Wielders Anonymous)

This guy watches too much porn.

How did such a blatantly ‘MRA’s-are-sex-starved’ article end up on AVFM? Usually AVFM is a bit more subtle because they don’t like sounding like PUA’s. There was a little discussion the other day on Manboobz about Dean Esmay having some sort of conscience but time and time again Dean shows us that he’s just as much of a misogynist as Paul Elam. Dean left a comment on this particular article, showing just that:

‘1) I do not believe we would even DREAM of suggesting that women should accept reduced sexual pleasure for themselves. It appears to be socially acceptable to slap men around if they want pleasure, but the very idea of suggesting that women should voluntarily reduce their sexual pleasure is almost unthinkable.

2) I would like to see more men STOP thinking about sex as something they “perform” to give a woman pleasure or to somehow prove their manhood. Mind you, you can’t just tell them to stop feeling that way, but I’d sure like to encourage it. She’s responsible for her orgasm, not you, and ultimately sex is something you’re doing and enjoying together, hopefully. Who the hell really wants sex with someone who’s just doing it because they think they have to or because they think they have something to prove?

I don’t know how much of this is biological and how much of it’s sociological. As with most things, I guess it’s probably a mixture of both.’

Condoms are misandry. Let the penis-wielding begin.



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