AVFM Commenter: Execute Feminists

AVFMers have been losing their shit over Elizabeth Sheehy’s new book about male domestic violence cases in Canada. Her book, which she is sending me, is a collection of cases where women used self-defense to protect themselves from their battering male partners. Sheehy is pushing for legal reforms to help women who are being battered. AVFM has translated this to: She wants license to kill ALL men!

The outrage by Paul Elam, John Hambling and the rest is quite funny since their very own commenter recommended the following:

‘Men will soon have to understand that feminists long ago declared war against men. As such, they must be considered as enemy combatants and treated accordingly:
– trial
– prison
– execution

There is no difference between Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, or a feminist.’~GCooper7005

And there you have it.


3 thoughts on “AVFM Commenter: Execute Feminists

    • I will let everyone know what’s inside it. I challenged John Hambling to read ONE full case of a battered woman in a video. Instead he quote mines and plays word games. IOW he doesn’t want to admit the male violence these women endured prior to using self defense.

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