What About TEH MENZ?!

What do you think happened when AVFM posted another rant about how feminists do nothing for men and how TEH MENZ have to stick together and help other men? Lots of helping, with grammar!

The explosive rant was long and whiny but this one shitty paragraph finally got teh menz helping each other.

“It was as if those who knew it wasn’t true who decided to let the lie continue unabated, supposedly content with the knowledge that even though it was a mischaracterized exaggeration of how men and women lived before technology wiped a massive portion of sweat from our brows, women had it worse and continued to have it worse in just about every aspect of life.”

An AVFM member got to work correcting the editor with his own spelling errors  which resulted in down-thumbing:

‘I’d be pulling my fat “F” stamp for this English paper. Last comma should be a sem or colon with the following “women” capitalized.’

A fight ensued:

‘Thank you for your part in making sure that each of their thousands of articles is completely free of grammatical error. I don’t see how they could ever get their ideas across any other way.

P.S. You don’t use a capital letter after a semicolon, even though what comes after is a complete sentence.’


Another MRA decides to help:

‘Let’s move the appositive for “the lie” into its proper place, and then reconsider.

One comment really summed it up:

‘In short, things are happening and people are helping men. YOu might not see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.’

Hmmm. Paul Elam rakes in all your cash. Dean Esmay sits online and pretends he’s the editor of your crappy mispelled and grammatically inept blog and leaves you guys to argue about it. Yep! Things are happening! Teh menz are finally helping each other out.



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