Warren Farrell’s Book Re-Released


objectifying a woman’s ass so totally means men are powerless

Farrell reprinted his book ‘The Myth of Male Power’ and asked Paul Elam, from the hate site A Voice for Men, and friends to come up with a good front cover. Farrell’s partnership with the hate site started a few months ago.  He is considered one of their leaders because he’s been doing this work for over 20 years.

You’d think a title like ‘The Myth of Male Power’ would invoke images of downtrodden men but once Paul Elam and crew got a hold of it they submitted photo after photo of scantily clad women, women without faces. Here are some of the popular submissions and their explanations.

Farrell chose a black and white stylized photo of naked lady parts. The reason he did that is to show that women’s bodies make men into blubbering sex starved fools who don’t have real power. The real power is between a woman’s legs in Farrell’s and Elam’s world.

Does putting a half-shot of a naked woman without a face on a book geared towards men remind anyone of anything? Thought so.

To promote the book AVFM says this:

‘In fact, if we are to be honest, most of the points MHRAs make today are but variations on themes which were set 20 years ago by one brilliant man. Whether we are discussing male disposability, challenging the “wage gap” or challenging male “power” and “privilege” – we are merely following in the footsteps of one Dr. Warren Farrell.’

Well let’s look at some of those variations shall we? The first one encapsulates the rest of them and that’s misogynist backlash. Twenty years ago there were men just like Elam and Farrell who claimed that men and women have biological differences that determine our sex roles to try and put women back in the home. Farrell’s work is just another biological determinist expose that romanticizes the traditional male-headed family. Farrell neatly packages this inequality with one word: survival.

Another worn-out target of male backlash is women’s reproductive rights. MRA’s claim they don’t have the same rights as women. These men want the right to force a woman to abort or some legal way out of paying child support. As this MRA put it:

‘It is a blatant violation of mens humanity to tell them they can have no last-word power over procreation, including abortion.’

One of the oldest tricks in the anti-feminist bag is the insistence that women are just as violent as men, especially in domestic situations. MRA’s use a tiny number of studies that are methodologically flawed to make this claim. In particular, they cite studies that use the Conflict Tactic Scale invented by Straus. The scale doesn’t measure sexual violence nor does it differentiate between throwing a toothbrush at someone and smashing someone in the face. Using these flawed cherry-picked studies is the only way MRA’s can make the outrageous claim that women are as violent as men.

‘in fact, in matters of domestic violence; women are half the problem.’

If you go to AVFM’s ‘research’ wiki you’ll find a study or two and the typical Fiebert bibliography that MRA’s say is proof of their claims and yet not one study from the bibliography is discussed in detail to SHOW that it supports their claim.

Simply put, nothing has changed. Small pockets of backlash groups have always protested the liberation of women. Farrell is just rehashing the same old claims to a new male audience. This is why Farrell’s book, after 20 years of being available, has failed to gain traction in the wider public consciousness and has been a mainstay of misogynist men.

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2 thoughts on “Warren Farrell’s Book Re-Released

  1. It is so creepy how they are obsessed with women’s naked bodies – and with women, in general. But, I guess that’s what being a hate-mongering bigot is sort of about – being obsessed with the people you hate.


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