AVFM Commenters: Round Two With Explanations

Here’s another installment of comments from the hate site A Voice for Men. As always, trigger warnings are in effect.

‘You’re going to find out, as soon as you’re out of your 20s and everyone stops privileging and insulating you: The world cares even less about your ego than it would have if you were a stay-at-home wife and mother.’

I want to keep women barefoot and pregnant or invisible.

‘The media’s constant denigration of “angry white men” as the cause of the world’s problems will end up encoded in law as a “retributive jim crow”.’

White men are like the African American slaves.

‘in the modern environment, female mate selection and relationship behaviour is highly maladaptive.’

Women don’t pay any attention to me.

‘The way they talk about beta males like they are a lower form of life sickens me. what triggers female attraction is completely amoral, (Just like it is with men.) What sort of person a female likes or doesn’t like is not a reflection on a person.’

Women don’t pay any attention to me.

‘You can get the attention of gold diggers though by giving of signals of high status, this will not make the women wet for you though.’

Women don’t pay any attention to me even when I act tough.

‘In fact I have had women flirt with me quite a lot. (3 different women getting in my body space, flirting passively. One married women touching me by accident repeatedly.)’

A woman touched me accidentally. OMGERD!

‘Most women go on plenty of fish for a ego boost and to shoot men down’

Women online don’t pay any attention to me.

‘I hate conspiracy theories and reject 99.99% of them outright. If you want a so called traditional way of life, point your finger at who destroyed it. It wasn’t the USSR or Karl Marx, it was women and the state.’

I found a conspiracy theory that explains why women don’t pay any attention to me.

‘In the world we live in, yes being a sociopath does work.’

I’m a sociopath because women don’t pay attention to sociopaths.

‘The “primal forces” that motivate women relate principally to resistance to change, narcissism and fear… for example, fear of being left on the shelf, fear of not finding a provider to provide for her, fear of novelty and fear of the unknown.’

Women don’t like assholes and I’m an asshole so I made this shit up to make myself feel better.



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