Clint from AVFM Explains Sexual Harassment

Clint Carpenter is a writer for AVFM and a self-described blue collar worker. He does various types of construction work and has written an article on AVFM to explain sexual harassment and condone it.

‘At what point does a high levity work environment become directed sexual harassment? And should one’s delicate feelings dictate the level of tomfoolery in a workplace that is already naturally serious?’

There’s the whole ‘women are delicate and feely’ theme used to gaslight women who are being sexually harassed either at work or on the street. It’s all ok though because he explains:

Boys and men have “blow-off” levels, and when it’s kept bottled up, bad things tend to happen.

So what? There’s many ways to blow off steam without targeting a woman on the street and catcalling her. Next he tries to excuse sexual harassment by seeing girls in groups in high school.

‘Having been the victim of gaggles in high school, I have every reason to avoid them now. Being the only male – or one of a few – makes one a target, having no recourse but to put up with the objectification, or shaming, or jokes, or what-have-you, lest you’re accused of sexual harassment for your unsolicited wit;’

It’s ok to call women in groups ‘gaggles’ and that’s not insulting at all but damn them for clustering in groups near lockers and talking!

‘Sexual harassment works both ways ladies; moving on.’


Gaggle of feminists objectifying grass

How does a group of young women talking in a group objectify men? Last time I checked if you make a joke that’s not sexual then it’s not sexual harassment. What Clint is trying to do is make a false equivalency to explain away why men catcall and harass women.

‘The blue collar workforce is dominated by men, and point of fact, dominated by men with more testosterone than your average college geek, coffee shop espresso latte master mixer, and grocery bagger.’

Not all men are men according to the Men’s Human Rights movement. There’s more reasons why those testosterone-filled construction workers sexually harass women:

‘On a typical construction site, you’re going to find a certain level of good natured derogatory speech aimed at one another. It’s not to one-up each other, or to self-ego boost, or even so much as to climb any imagined social ladder. It’s to keep the mind sharp, help with levity in a dangerous environment, and to generally enjoy the hard fought benefits of “free speech”.’

FREE SPEECH YO! I can harass any woman I want because it’s FREE SPEECH! 

‘And it’s not just in the work force that men encounter “trigger warning” speech.’

Want to know what he considers trigger warning speech?

‘mocking each other’s vehicles’


Your Buick is evil I say! Eviiiilll!

He goes on to describe a bunch of males heckling each other sexually and yet fails to understand that doing that very same thing to women is sexual harassment.

If you don’t understand banter, or levity, or ribbing, or refuse to acknowledge such communication, then everything a man says will be construed as sexual harassment.




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