AVFM Officially Endorses and Opens Forum for MGTOW’s

Paul would never let a good way to make more money go to waste. Even though he ironically criticizes MGTOW’s for get this: misogyny, he’s more than willing to embrace them. This will be fun. I’m sure of it.

Paul opened up a new part of the site dedicated to MGTOW dudes. This is how it was introduced:

Unlike some of the earlier forums that excluded women, AVfM-MGTOW is not based on gender apartheid and allows women to participate or contribute articles. To be clear we are 100% supportive of women-free spaces for men who need them, but we don’t feel the need to ‘regulate’ women completely out of sight. There are many MGTOWs who enjoy input from (red pill) women and do not feel threatened by their presence.

Notice how they say ‘women free’ instead of men’s spaces? The truth of it is they ARE threatened by women who don’t uphold their misogyny. Of course AVFM sends dual messages by talking out of both sides of their mouths:

A gender-apartheid attitude runs the risk of fostering and deepening animosity for women, and even of other men

And then this:

Righteous anger and venting is normal and even healthy, and feeling free to do so without some damsel-in-distress or schoolmarm shaming you into silence is a good thing

Basically misogyny is ok until it’s not ok but it’s really ok:

Anger and hatred toward the misandric femosphere is warranted but, after a certain point of expression, anger with no constructive channel to flow to, and isolation from half the human race, provides diminishing returns for Men Going Their Own Way.

Horsehockey. The guy couldn’t even spell ‘misandry’ correctly.

While we aren’t actively recruiting women to the site, we seek to avoid the apartheid culture that, as Paul Elam once observed, fosters little but endless rants about cunts and whores and traitors.

It’s Paul Elam that calls women cunts and whores and bitches!

Women are allowed in the precious new forum but they must abandon something before entering:

Women entering the space of AVfM-MGTOW are as welcome here as men, with one provision; As a woman, you abandon your sex at the door. You are not a woman, or a female in this space. You are simply a person, owning no special status or consideration due to details of your anatomy. Female visitors who fail to meet this expectation will, with bruised dignity, find their feminine asses unceremoniously shown to the exit. Thank you for your kind attention, and enjoy.

Females must lose their sex because these men are afraid of it. Suddenly you’re not a woman OR a female. I suppose super cool space alien? If you disagree with men you gain your genitals back and you’ll be kicked out. You’re only a ‘person’ if you agree and nod your e-head. This isn’t misogynist gender apartheid at all!

And one last thing is about biological determinism of which MGTOW’s are so fond:

This publication does not support reductionist notions of biological determinism, especially those characterizing culture is a mere epiphenomenon of genetic expression.

I can’t wait to read some of the anal gazing misogyny that’s gonna come out of this cash register for Elam!



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