Barbara Kay Finally Joins the Hate Site AVFM and Denies Rape Culture

Barbara Kay, a opinion columnist for the National Post, has written her first piece on the misogynist hate site AVFM. I’m glad she’s only an opinion columnist because in her opinion there’s no rape culture because culture is the key word and there’s nothing but acceptance of rape victims. She’s wrong about this so I’ll point to a literature review that supports my claim right now to get it out of the way. Barbara doesn’t read studies nor does she cite them in any of her ‘opinion’ work.

She begins the piece by making a false equivalency between acceptance of child murder and rape.

My heart breaks for children killed by their guardians, and in a perfect world none ever would be, but even 100 children dead at the hands of their parents does not make Canada a child-killing culture, or anyone who’d say so a child-murder denier.

If we had all these myths about children deserving their deaths then yes, we would be living in a child murdering culture.

Rape culture is those set of myths surrounding rape whereby the victim of rape is blamed or held accountable for the crime, for example, the Daisy Coleman case. Just recently Daisy tried killing herself for the third time after being blamed for being raped. This is rape culture Barbara.

Not only did Daisy Coleman become a victim of rape but the small town she lived in forced her and her family to leave because how dare she accuse a popular jock of raping her. This is the same thing that happened in Steubenville. The celebrity tennis star Serena Williams told Rolling Stone that the Steubenville victim ‘shouldn’t have put herself in that position.’ All one needs to do is look at the twitter hashtags or the comment sections of these articles for both of these cases to see that we most certainly do live a rape culture where victims are blamed for a myriad of things from drinking alcohol to dressing provocatively.

You write:

To result in a “culture,” a phenomenon must be widely accepted as the norm.

Do you live in the same world the rest of us live in Barbara? I’m beginning to think you don’t. Otherwise you’d have to admit that this piece you’re writing on a hate site is completely inaccurate.

You also try to play this off against women who live in the third world by saying that women who live there TRULY live in a rape culture but here in the West it magically disappears. You say women in those ‘other’ cultures ‘meet blame from their kinsmen and indifference or even hostility at law enforcement and court levels when reporting sexual assault.‘ That is exactly what happened in the Daisy Coleman case. The town got together and condemned her. Her mother was fired from her job and the family home was burned down. Women don’t report sexual assault because they meet this kind of blame and indifference from the police, to their communities and sometimes their own family and friends.

Let’s look at Steubenville. The woman who was raped was told over and over again that she drank too much and ruined the rapists lives. Here are just a handful of the tweets made after the guilty verdict. Are you seeing a pattern yet Barb?

Barbara goes after a professional researcher of sexual assault, Mary Koss. She quote mines Koss ‘“rape represents an extreme behavior but one that is on a continuum with normal male behavior within the culture”‘ and denies the research that claims 1-4 women are raped on campus. This is why Barbara is an opinion writer and not a researcher.

In Barbara’s black and white world only the bad guys rape, not the average guys. Malamuth did a study asking average male college students if they would rape if they could get away with it. A substantial percentage of them said they would. In my Googling I found a phrase that’s often searched: How to rape and get away with it.  People search for odd things but when that phrase specifically comes up when I searched ‘why women don’t report’ it startled me.

I found this statement of Barbara’s to be most revealing:

‘Moral panic fuelled by ideology and righteous indignation quickly corrodes the critical faculties and blinds even otherwise intelligent people to objective facts.’

The only person losing their critical faculties Barb, is you. I think you’re the ideologue here. You’ve not given a single link to back up your claims. As you’ve noticed in my response to you I’ve given support to my argument with peer reviewed research. Now Barb. would you like to try again? I’m waiting.


One thought on “Barbara Kay Finally Joins the Hate Site AVFM and Denies Rape Culture

  1. I just found this post today. I’m surprised though because when I think of Barbara Kay I think of this article:

    I agree with most of the points she make in the article, regardless of the statistics. Based on the article, she sounds like an intelligent women. It’s this assumption of mine that makes it so shocking that she denies that rape culture exists and how it affects women.

    Isn’t she the same woman who was called on her racist comment about burqas?


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