SB 967

This is a very important bill in California addressing rampant sexual assault on campus and new practices to help victims. Paul ‘Methyldodogical’ Elam is in a tizzy over it.

‘If the law is passed, it will effectively put the burden of proof of innocence on the accused, rather than place the burden of proof on school administrators. SB 967 is poised to make an accusation tantamount to a conviction in every institution of higher education in the State of California.’

Here’s what it really is:

  •  better coordination with local law enforcement and community services
  • focus on victim support
  • teaching students about sexual assault and consent
  • a YES means YES approach (enthusiastic CLEAR consent)
  • alcohol consumption by the perpetrator isn’t an excuse any more, neither is saying ‘but I didn’t know any better.’
  • preponderance of evidence standard
  • anonymous reporting systems

Sounds good to me.


One thought on “SB 967

  1. I gotta come back and look at the vid some more. This is the first I’ve heard about this. But, something needs to be done the fact that men are constantly raping and murdering women and getting away with it.

    I can tell you for a fact right now, not too far from here there lives a brutal rapist. He’s never been caught and, if fact, if you tell anyone what you know, they will rally around and defend him. There is so much support for the men who commit these crimes and none for the victims and survivors.

    I’ll bet you know, at least, one rapist – in fact, I bet almost every woman knows at least one rapist – who has never been caught, and whose character is not to be questioned. He’s out there living free, while his victims are living in fear.

    Maybe there is something wrong with the entire perception of guilt/innocence in this country. Maybe the burden of proof ought to be shifted, at least, a little bit onto the perpetrator, at least, in cases of rape and men murdering women for fun.


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