AVFM: Math Belongs To Men Ladies Because Men Pee Standing Up

The sexism at AVFM is always fresh and new and it’s not like we haven’t heard that women shouldn’t be in math departments before. AVFM thinks women should just stop already and let the men have their space.

Rather than interpret male resistance to female engineers as a negative view of women, why not consider it a self-indulgent desire for a male space?

See how easy that was? It’s not misogyny. It’s just that math belongs to men ladies so step aside. Ugh.

To explain how math belongs to men and boys, the author Thomas Impelluso, talks about how boys pee standing up and this quality means men have more reason to be in math.

When I was in the fourth grade, boys learned to pee while standing.  We often made a mess (boys are always in motion, fighting with the world, it seems), but the custodians were paid to clean the mess. 

To understand dynamics (the study of motion), one must brutally sever an object from its surroundings.  Then, one must replace all formally contacting objects with forces.  This is the essence of Newton’s third law.

Yep. Boys learn math by peeing.

I remember, one time, this one kid peed out of the third floor window.  That afternoon, the boys kept laughing in class and we all got in trouble because no one wanted to snitch.This process is called the creation of “free body diagrams.”  It is not holistic, it is not integral. It is brutal rupture of an object from its environment, enabling one to focus on it exclusively.

Are you females getting the message yet? Since you don’t pee like boys do you will SUCK at math.

So that is why I tell my son to pee while standing despite what the school says. For the goal is not the end. To pee while standing is irrelevant; the goal is to learn how to pee while standing (to learn how to do what men do, with other boys): the goal is a process, not an end. The goal is to aim, to miss, to reload, to aim better, to make the attempt at a solution, to splatter the floor, to abandon one method, to learn that the world will not end if there is urine on a wall, to reload, to pee out the window and watch the parabolic flow of fluid, to get a partial solution, to break a barrier and finally hit the target. And if the school has an issue with how boys learn, they can remind the custodians and teachers that they work for the students, not the other way around. It’s a toilet, not a boy.

See ladies, peeing while standing is your ticket to mathematics. Otherwise, it’s a male space and unless you have a penis you are not allowed. That’s not misogyny ladies! AVFM says so!


16 thoughts on “AVFM: Math Belongs To Men Ladies Because Men Pee Standing Up

    • Indeed. The author thinks because boys SHOULD stand while peeing that it somehow enhances their ‘natural’ ability to do math. He also threw in this misogynist idea of making his son stand to pee instead of sitting down because it’s ‘masculine’ and the people who usually have to clean up the pee around the toilet are women and shouldn’t complain. Ugh.

      • What does peeing while standing have to do with misogyny? Are you nuts? In this school, it is the men who are the custodians. Are you sexist? Where do you get your ideas?

        And yes, peeing while standing is part of the way boys PHYSICALLY react with the world. That is how I learned to shoot parabolically. If you are not a man, how can you be so sure you are right?

    • Who said I refused? I am urging that to get more girls in the top one percent we should STOP trying to alte the curriculum with a focus on the top one percent. Have you lost your comprehension skills?

  1. So I am totally confused as to your response Ms. Womanofwoods and Ms. HouseMouseQueen.

    Recently, women have dominatd writing, communciation: they excel in biology labs, chemistry, literature, etc.
    But that is changing. Lately, even women cannot write coherent reports. I see it. They are losing their skills.
    All of our education is failing.

    I believe we are systemically altering writing/reading/communication education for girls to help the boys
    I believe we are intervening to alter math education for boys to help the girls.

    I see in the scores and in the national curriculum. I serve on the committees.

    And my comments stand…

    The top one percent in math will always be male: it is a male language. It was created in the rarified neural networks.

    But I never said women cannot do math: you said that.

    I also said the top one percent does not drive civilization. The top one percent remains in an abstract space.
    I DID say that as long as we focus ONLY on the top one percent (due to feminist inspired interventions), we will lose the girls in the top 10 percent. And it IS possible for women to excel in that. But they are failing.
    And they are failing in communcation (because classes are slowed down to help boys) and in math (because we ar altering the curriculum IN THE WRONG WAY).

    They same holds for boys, in reverse.

    So I cannot understand what your problem is. Are you too obsessed with the top one percent?

    And my comments on engineering stand: feminsts are focused on design and are ignoring analysis. And the girls will fail for that reason.

    And my closing comments on peeing were meant as an exclusive comment on boys: nothing to do with girls.
    Are you that mean spirtied that you would bash a messenger for delivering a warning?

    You made some fairly noxious misinterpretations, lies and silly words… but you never really read the essay, did you?

  2. OH, and one more thing… the mockery of the “peeing whiles standing”

    Go ahead and mock.. And YOU will undermine the performance of girls in math.

    I am saying this: that issue of peeing while standing is a PHYSICAL ACT.

    And THAT is how one learns math… by mapping it, as a theoretical fabric around observations of the physical world. Currently, girls in schools are not physical. THey sit still, very well. They are obedient. And that is why the score so well in communication and language (which is often taught first).

    But if tyou want the girls to do better in math, they MUST get more physical.

    So you could have taken a lesson from the “peeing while standing” Instead, you mock.

    So mock, mock well and mock again. And wonder why we are losing the girls in math (which is NOT arithmetic)

    The shortsightedness of feminists astound me. They would cut off their noses to spite their faces.

    • Oh, one more in my continued shock at feminist arrogance and stupidity.

      My fourth grade daughter knows about parabolas and trajectories.

      How? We plotted them.

      Then I told her to go outside and throw ten rocks in the air and come back and tell me the shape.

      Then I turned the parabola over and she the same shape my son sees when he pees.

      And SHE, at least, will gain a physical understanding of the fabric of math.
      Meanwhile, YOU will encourage failure for girls in math.

      So mock all you want.

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  5. What is wrong with you,he is making legitimate points, trying to have a real conversation with you and you are incapable. I’m noticing that is a pattern on your blogs, anytime someone comes back with a rational response, or disagrees with you in any way, you start mocking them like a 5 year old school-kid and refusing to intelligently discuss the matter. You truly are the problem. Your not a feminist, your a man-hater. Say that’s not the case, but it is, and you are making other feminists and women as a whole look bad. you should be ashamed.

    • And you’re just here to disrupt and stick up for a guy that pulled the most manipulative asshole thing to do.

      Fuck you. I’m a radical feminist and you’re a liberal fun feminist who just said you wouldn’t go out with a guy like Eron and are naming all this dumb shit that you seem to think makes a difference here.

      I try to be nice but you’re an asshole too.

      Listen lady, the irrational response is standing up for a guy who condems a woman to the entire world knowing how harshly she’s going to suffer.

      Now git.

  6. And just like with the Zoe Quinn article, you clearly don’t actually read and present fact. You just, make things up, say things like ‘nyah nyah’ ‘i’m mocking.’ You don’t report things accurately because if you did, you’d have no point and your arguments would make no sense (not that they do now) you are truly despicable, if you are representing women and their rights, then it is a very sad day, you are horribly uninformed. I will not be posting on this garbage again, you need help

    • Hahahaha. There you go again.

      ‘I dont’ wanna go out with a guy who would do something like that to me but uh, Zoe DESERVES this cuz FAX’

      I’m glad you ain’t coming back. Women don’t need you as an ally and as you say you’re incapable of being one.


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