The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Proof: Response to AVFM Blatant Dishonesty

AVFM writer Josh O’Brien posted another pointless, inaccurate schpeel on how Patriarchy isn’t ‘real.’ He uses four categories where he mistakenly thinks women are powerful, educational, political, social and economic.So let’s disprove him, quickly.


While women are overrepresented in the lower levels of teaching where they aren’t paid well and achieve more college degrees than men they are way behind when it comes to professorial tracks. [1] [2] [3]

Saying women have power in education is FALSE.


I have to note here that I was absolutely astounded at the ignorance of AVFM to put such blatantly inaccurate information on their website. It’s as if the managing editor, Dean Esmay, hasn’t reviewed a SINGLE word of what’s posted by the writers.

Source with link to Global Gender Gap 2013 Report

Saying women have power in the political sphere is FALSE.


Again, how can they be so ignorant? USA is missing from top 20 countries overall when measuring economic gender gaps. See the source linked above.

Saying women have more economic power is FALSE.


This one is simple. If women do NOT have economic, political and educational power then we sure as hell don’t have what the MRA’s call ‘social’ power. I’d love it if we had reproductive rights across the USA but we still don’t even have that yet. As Honi Marleen Goldman chairwoman of Reproductive Rights in Kentucky says:

‘Like male teenage bullies strutting down the high school hallways, slinging lewd remarks at girls, they puff out their chests to hide their self-esteem problems and other perceived inadequacies.The women in the USA, hell, all people in this entire country, deserve better than to have these guys spout out this bizarre propaganda.We are fed up with lawmakers ignoring the real problems of our government, only to focus on women’s uteruses.’

Saying women have more social power than men when they don’t have as much economic, political and educational power as men is FALSE.

Dear AVFM,

Please stop blatantly posting inaccuracies that can easily be disproven by doing a simple Google search. Pretty please?


One thought on “The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Proof: Response to AVFM Blatant Dishonesty

  1. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    The Patriarchy endoreses this message. A Voice for MEn is mistaken. Women haven’t achieved shit, despite almost one full century of feminist effort. Perhaps the base material lacks something intrinsic.


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