Two Teens Sexually Abuse Another Teen with Autism and AVFM Goes Wild On Feminists

Two teenage girls allegedly abused another teenager, a young man with autism. AVFM is wild with rage and even had to delete a very violent comment about feminists and women off the site after posting their own version of the story, which of course involves barking about feminists. AVFM thinks feminists are somehow going to ‘silence’ this story or ‘blame men.’

So I started searching the Googs for some articles and guess who I found writing about it?

Hanna Rosin.

Yes, she’s the famous feminist who wrote ‘The End of Men’ which is about how men are faring our economic crisis.

She was very empathetic with the young man and his mother. She did none of the nasty things the MRA’s over on AVFM thought was going to happen when us evil feminists heard the story. Here’s some of their whining:

Given the circumstances with the genders I seriously doubt the media will want to report and follow this.


where is the mass hysteria from these hysterics when girls rape, mutilate and attempt murder on an autistic vulnerable boy….thats right, complete silence….

Judging by Google, every major news outlet has reported it so WRONG again.

They will get off course because vagina, rape culture and patriarchy

As far as feminists will be concerned, the only thing they did wrong was forgot to chop his cock off after.

I forgot AVFM is using their tiny crystal balls.

Isn’t it funny how MRA’s and AVFM are always wrong?


5 thoughts on “Two Teens Sexually Abuse Another Teen with Autism and AVFM Goes Wild On Feminists

  1. Have you seen that Paul Elam and two of his pals has made a respond to Hanna Rosin´s article?

    Hanna Rosin: Autistic Boy Tortured, Mother Most Affected

    I agree about some of their criticism against it. She seem to focus more on the mother than on the abused boy himself. However, I do not think this is just about gender. I have got the impression that the parental perspective often dominate when issues about authism and other neuro-psychiatric diagnosis are discussed. So I agree with Paul Elam about that this is wrong by Hanna Rosin, but I also think that it would be reported about from the perspective of the mother even if it was a authistic girl who was abused.

    I also agree with the MRA´s about that Hanna Rosin should not had written that the two girls asked him to do those things. If you hold a knife to someone´s throat and tell that person to do something, that is not just asking. They made him to it. When Hanna Rosin express herself in this way, it actually seems like if she to some degree try to excuse the perpetrators.

    The MRA´s are to some degree right when they say that abuse commited by women or girls are judged less serious than abuse commited by men or boys, even if the MRA´s exaggerate about this. This is due to patriarchal ideas: men are seen as strong and active while women are seen as weak and passive. This patriarchal idea is promoted by traditionalist, but also by many feminists. People who always want to take sides for one gender (both MRA´s and a lot of feminists) seem to hold on to traditionalistic ideas when it suits them but not when it does not suit them.

    I have to disagree with Paul Elam and his gang about blaming the mother. She made a mistake in this case, but it is not her fault. Parents can not watch every single move their children take, not even if the children are authistic. It is of course important that parents to some degree protect their childen, but it can also be horrible to be over-protected. The boy´s mother maybe wanted to grant him some freedom, and I think that is basically a good thing. 

    • I saw the headline but I didn’t read it because I know Paul Elam went nuts over something trivial. The young man was highly functional and didn’t think anything bad happened to him. If we apply this to the MRA viewpoint about how female rape victims were TOLD they were raped by Mary Koss and they didn’t actually think they were raped, then by their own logic, nothing of any note happened to that young man.

      This is why MRA’s can never be taken seriously in any way. Females don’t get off lighter. They just don’t commit the most heinous of crimes in anywhere near the rate of men. This is why this story is all over the place. When females do such a thing it’s rare and it’s reported.

      The mother didn’t make any mistake. Her son was highly functional. As you say, with any mother of a young person who has a mental disability, that WILL be written about, especially since the mass media reported EVERYTHING else about this alleged crime. Hanna figured she’d explore the parental avenue since the young man thought nothing bad happened to him. That was also in her article.

      When you say they hang on to traditional ideas when it suits them and then abandon them when it doesn’t, is correct. Paul Elam and the other angry men who inhabit his website do this with other concepts too. They are never consistent.

      • Actually, the “head line” is a failed link. I used the “inside YuoTube”-code or how to express that in English. Here is the real link: I do not know if there is some wrong with my internet connection or something, beacuse I can not see any actual video there. However, it is some links there and you can find a hangout at Google+ from it.
        The two links I posted in my last commentary is to that hangout, and to Hanna Rosin´s article. I do not know what it can be, but the link to Hanna Rosin´s article you have posted in this blog post just mess with my computer.

        Authism can look in many different ways, and someone can be highly functional in some ways but lowly functional in others. It might be a complicated issue to say that a authist is highly functional or not. From the little I have heard and read about this, I would guess that this guy has a very weak ego.

        I think it is rather obvious that female agression is not taken as serious as male agression by people in general. But I suppose there is no point arguing with you about this since you have decided that it is always worse for women in all ways, so I post a link to a YouTube video instead.

        This is of course also discriminating against women, because women are not taken seriously. However, women can sometimes benefit from it at short sight. I am of the opinion that both men and women lose on gender roles in the long way.

        Note: with “female agression” and “male agression”, I do not mean that there should be any difference between them. I just mean “women´s and girl´s agression” and “men´s and boy´s agression”.

        I hope that forcing someone to have sex with a pet is rather unusual no matter if the perpetrator is male or female. But yes, I admit that violent crimes seem to be perpetrated by males much more often than by females. However, if we take in regard the common attitude to female perpetrators, I would guess that female perpetrators are not reported as often as male perpetrators, so I think the difference is smaller than it looks like. As the traditional gender roles is weakened, women and girls behave more and more in a traditionally “male” way. This is something good because it empower women to live their own lifes, but there is also some negative aspects in traditionally “male” behaviour. Like violence and use of alcohol. At least in my country, Sweden, women drink more and more alcohol, and it these days, it actually exist gangs of teenage girls who beat people up at the streets just like teenage boys have done for much longer.

        Therefor, I think this problems has to be attacked in a gender neutral way instead of just focusing on males. If we teached only boys not to rape and abuse people, that would be unfair against both genders.

        It is a real issue that the parental perspepective often is allowed to dominate when it come to anything that has to do with authism. However, I have not seen all the news about this case since I am not American. So if you tell me that it is not like that in this case, I suppose I have to believe you about that.
        I have to admit that the reporting I have seen since I wrote my last commentary seem to be rather balanced.

        As I define “mistake” here, it is when one choose the wrong way of action. I do not speak English as my first language, so please excuse me if I have misunderstood the word “mistake”. What I meant is that in order to protect her son, she would had choosen the right way of action by checking out this two girls (I suppose you would call them young women). However, she could not know that this was the right way of action, so it was not her fault. Sometimes, you do not know what to do until after you have done it, and you have to guess. This mother had to weigh being protective and interfering and check out what happened against letting her son have more authonomy and freedom. So after my definition, she made a mistake but she is not to blame. We can probably discuss the exact definitions of some of this words for weeks, but I hope you understand what I mean.

        As for “the young man thought nothing bad happened to him”, he is mentally handicaped. When someone is “highly functional”, that means that they can handle common daily life situations without problems. One can still be very naive about other people´s intentions and/or have a very weak ego. I find your quation “the young man thought nothing bad happened to him” a little interesting, since you use to argue for the idea that drunk sex is always rape.

        In the regard of alcohol, I am a total abstainer and an advocate of temperance. It would be strongly against my principles to give someone alcohol or to have sex with someone who is affected by alcohol. I agree about that it is rape if a sober person have sex with a drunk person. However, a lot of people have sex when they are drunk and do not think anything bad happened to them. Not even afterwards. So if you want to make this idea hold, you would better not use the phase “the young man thought nothing bad happened to him” like you do here.

        • You made a claim you can’t back up. You said female aggression isn’t taken as seriously. Support it with real research. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.
          The young man was diagnosed as high functioning. This means he goes to high school and does everything kids of his age do. I’m the one with the degree in psychology so I know what high functioning means. You should look that up and notice it was stated in Rosin’s article.

          Um, I don’t know where you’re getting the drunk sex is rape bit. I made a comparison between how MRA’s think of crime and what happened with this young man. MRA’s argue that Mary Koss MADE women into rape victims by telling them that what happened to them was really bad and was rape. If we use that same stupid argument they use then this young man was never violated because he thinks nothing bad happened to him. Don’t know what your alcohol consumption has ANYTHING to do with anything.

        • Yes and if someone is drunk it’s rape. You can’t consent when you don’t have mental capacity. I still don’t know how that has anything to do with me pointing out the flawed thinking of MRA’s.


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