ManCheeze For The Most Creepy Misogynist AVFM Commenter

AVFM is a gold mine when it comes to misogyny but few stand out like MGTOW-Man. He’s one of the creepiest when it comes to pure woman hating and projection:

The biological construction of their minds aren’t set up to understand anything on sex-wars but how they feel…no matter how ridiculous or the fallout! Logic, objectivity, rationality, true equality, fairness, accountability, responsibility, sacrifice, all succumb to their subjectivity—their skewed perspectives on how reality really works.

I’d love for him to explain the ‘biological’ construction of our minds. Is that like phrenology? Reality is so hard on these men.

They claim to be identical-equal to males but the objective scientific proof states undeniably otherwise. That is exactly what they are scared of too. Part of them definitely knows what the truth is…and they fear it like a rattlesnake.

Does this guy live in Texas with Lol Elam? Snakes? Projection at its finest!

This is the source of their envy and how they erroneously think males are privileged. They really think that men owe women the differences between the two sexes even if it was developed by nature, evolution, and truth. Weakened men will fall right on in line for them too.

The differences of what? Nothing like shaming other men on a website supposedly for men.

Thus, they are too oblivious (or too busy feeling strongly) to notice that no dissenting men are allowed in their discussions. This is what is meant by their feelings, wishes, and emotions skewing their sense of reality. They really think/feel that is is fair for them to do to men what men are never allowed to do to them…in just about every category under the sun. This is also why they are mostly nuts too.

Hahahahaha! Feeling too strongly? I think his manfeelz are hurting.

Feminism isn’t winning because it is correct: it is winning because men compete for admiration for women whether the women are right or wrong. Cowards sell out and let the women have their way here. They are cowards especially since they know it goes against the grain of truth, commonsense, and natural history. They are stupid for knowing better… but doing it anyway.

Change men, change the world!

Those damn men who can have relationships with women and not meeeeeee! I can’t figure out why women don’t like me! Could it be that I’m a creepy woman hater? Nawww, that couldn’t POSSIBLY be it. Teh wimminz are nuts and too feely and that’s why! Feminism is winning and it’s wrong!

That deserves a piece of mancheeze.




2 thoughts on “ManCheeze For The Most Creepy Misogynist AVFM Commenter

  1. I know I’m very late to comment on this but I will anyway. I’m so confused, I so often hear feminism is in full retreat from these guys. Also, from my years of looking at nineteenth century discourse in newspaper and ethnological literature whenever I see the term “natural history” I read it as “incoming old racist bullshit.” That last quote made me laugh.


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