Prof. Emeritus Thomas Impelluso (Mechanical Engineering) from San Diego State Has a Message For the Ladies Trying To Get Into STEM

Math is MALE.

Do you understand that wimminz?Image

This guy is actually teaching a STEM field at a University. I realized it when he came to my blog today posting comment after comment with his University email address. He’s got some really strange views on the ladies being involved in math and engineering. I covered his rambling hate diatribe in another post but here’s the link to his original piece if you can spare some brain cells. You will most definitely lose a few by reading it. This post will be much more involved than the first one.

Do you want this man teaching your daughters? No wait. You ‘girls’ can’t understand math because you don’t pee while standing. He did say however that he DOES have a daughter (scary) and that instead of teaching her to pee whilst standing he had her go throw 10 rocks to understand a concept.


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Damn those feminists though, insisting on getting wimminz into math!

I believe that the very thing that will inhibit women from advancing in engineering is society’s diminishing respect for aspects of the masculine mind and a feminism that has migrated from a focus on social equality and now insists on biological equality.

Know your place wimminz! Your biology is going to hold us men back from our masculine mind! No penis=No math!

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If you can’t ‘shoot’ with a penis and get physical, then your female brain won’t be able to handle the vigorous labor of thinking.

3 highlightedIf this isn’t enough, here’s some irony on ‘writing reports.’

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All of these pictures are of comments he left on my blog on the OP. The hate-filled misogynist rant he wrote on the hate site AVFM is even more maddening. He tried covering his hate with this obsession he has with the top 1% of math students, which are always male and SHOULD always be male because biology and such.

Men created the language of math through visualization and abstraction. In addition to the aforementioned biological differences, there is social research to indicate that the top one percent in math will always be male dominated.

He then left a link to a study Benbow, et. al. Sex Differences in Mathematical Reasoning, American Psychological Society, Vol.11, No.6, 11/2000 which was 404 not available. The other link he left to support his ‘assertions’ was Madhura Ingalhalikar, et. al. Sex differences in the structural connectome of the human brain, PNAS vol.111 no.2, 9/2013 which is behind a pay wall but judging simply by the abstract it only states a possible sex difference in brain FUNCTION which Mr. Smartypants used to declare that

Some suggest this enables a woman’s communication and multi-tasking skills (I rarely see published articles that object to these abilities in women), and men have a greater ability to focus and single task (I usually see published articles that object to these abilities of men).

I don’t think I need to remind my readers of the potential problems with extrapolating behavioural sex differences based on brain functioning studies such as the one he posted that suggested a sex difference in connectivity along parts of the brain. At least he was somewhat careful with his language around the measly 2 studies he cited.

The rest of his diatribe he showed no such caution. He claims that feminists are somehow manipulating the poor boys so that females can be in the top 1% of mathematicians.

But does this gender difference at that top level matter? Are current interventions failing because they are inordinately focused on a percentage that has little relevance (except to feminist ego)?

The only ‘ego’ I see having a meltdown is his. He says the top 1% should remain in the realm of men and any programs to get girls into Engineering are just feminist ploys to get women in that top percentage and well, he can’t handle women in his male space.

I contend that women drop out in greater numbers from engineering than they normally would have if, instead, they were not given false assurance through current “Girl Engineer” programs; or if the pedagogy had been properly constructed to draw them into the top twenty, ten or five percent;

Perhaps the most ‘off the rails’ part of the rant is this:

The few women in the top one percent think like men. Sophie Germain (April 1, 1776 – June 27, 1831) admitted to dressing like a man to attend the French Academy to make her contributions to engineering. A feminist would suggest she did this to circumvent the patriarchy.

She did. Think about this Mr. Smartypants Engineer. If a woman has to behave like a man to attend a University and make contributions then it’s obvious it’s because of Patriarchy. Also, you just contradicted yourself completely by mentioning a female mathematician who was most definitely in the top 1% and who every step of the way was discouraged by patriarchal wankers like YOU. Imagine that.  The assfaxery gets worse.

I suggest she blossomed in male culture. When a man suggests that to succeed in math, a woman should think like a man, he is rebuked.

She what? This guy, for being an engineer, doesn’t understand operational definitions. What in G-d’s name is ‘male culture?’ Any guesses as to why men are rebuked for making totally off-the-wall misogynist claims that they pulled out of their derriere? In 2014? Anyone?

But what is wrong with thinking like a man? I have no objection when the media insists that my compassion derives from my feminine nature. I take that in stride. So what is the problem with accepting that math/focus/abstraction derive from masculinity? When did it become an insult to think like a man?

The problem Mr. Smartypants, is that you can’t say that 1)there is some ‘male’ or ‘female’ ‘nature’ and 2)that there’s such a thing as male ‘thinking’ and finally 3) that this male ‘thinking’ has any relation to math success. Now, if he wants to talk about the cultural influences and how math is ‘gendered’ by patriarchal bellends like him, then we can have that conversation.

This is all western ‘misandry’ to him.

Feminists will get what they wanted: a country of total math and engineering equality: zero = zero. Meanwhile, China, and its excess of two hundred million men will dominate technology.

It gets worse, much worse.

Contrary to what some think, men do not exclude women from engineering; men seek a place to call their own (a distinction between cause and effect). Today, spaces for men are vanishing while spaces for women continue to blossom.

So men don’t exclude women but they want to because it’s a male space?

Rather than interpret male resistance to female engineers as a negative view of women, why not consider it a self-indulgent desire for a male space? Then, upon recognizing that, and curtailing the negative stereotypes of male spaces, maybe men will be more inviting to women in engineering. What do feminists want anyway: to change men and destroy all male space (even disallowing sixth grade boys to pee in their own bathrooms),

See what he just did there? He’s claiming that feminists are ruining his male math space and if we’d only just stop getting women in there the men will invite us! Just like Ecole Polytechnique did for Sophie Germain right? I still don’t know what any of this has to do with males urinating but he goes on quite a bit about boys having to pee standing up and that this action means they do better at math.  If you want to read what he said about boys peeing in different ways then look at the article near the bottom. He goes into great detail about it.

sophie germain

If she just showed more patience and less uppity feminist tendencies while trying to enter male space, teh menz would’ve invited her to Ecole Polytechnique

Do you want this man teaching your daughter? Do you want him teaching your son? I sure as heck don’t. To think he’s in any position around college women is frightening. I suppose we have yet another reason why girls and women are having such a hard time getting into STEM fields.


28 thoughts on “Prof. Emeritus Thomas Impelluso (Mechanical Engineering) from San Diego State Has a Message For the Ladies Trying To Get Into STEM

  1. So let me try this again.

    First, you DO want me teaching your daughter. For I developed a method to vastly improve female scores in computer programming and computational mechanics:
    And as a result of this, their scores shot through the roof.

    Second, the top one percent does not drive engineering. The top 10 does. And women are vastly capable of a presence there. But we are not teaching them correctly.

    Third, if you want to encourage more women in math and engineering, you need to 1) make it more physical and 2) remove the dependence on visualizationm 3) return to a level of abstraction.

    Four, there is nothing wrong a man with “thinking like a woman,” just like there is nothing wrong with a woman “thinking like a man.” I think this is clear from gender studies.

    Five, the first reference in the article was a reference, not a link.

    Six, so you pay for the second link. Or you can google it elsewhere

    Seven, I suspect my daughter will out perform many in math and engineering. Because I am teaching her without an infusion of culture. Not that you would ask me what that means. She is in the fifth grade and working parabolas. THAT is how Hypatia saw it.

    Eight, why are you so obsessed with the top one percent. So what if it is male dominated. The same hold for chess. But as you see from my article I refernce, I can get around that, too.

    You might want to consider the message.

  2. Hey, one more time… maybe you might see the picture.

    Girls have better inate skills to multi-task.
    Boys have better inate skills to single-task.

    All schools being equal, the girls will be drawn to communiction, the boys will be drawn to math.

    We must change this.

    Instead, we are LOWERING the bar.

    As a result now, girls communication skills are on par with the boys: piss poor; neither can write well in schools

    As a result now, boys math skills are on par with the girls: piss poor; neither can perform math well in schools.

    The goal should be to recognize that the biological differences do exist.
    The goal should NOT be to lower the bar so as not to reach those levels (and thereby ensure equity)
    The goal SHOULD be to leverage computer technology to level the playing field.

    This will only happen once we understand the nature of the biological difference.

    And in my case: the girls in my classess perform exceptionally well, as do the boys: the scores are the same, and going higher.

    Now, if you want to send me your email address, I can even send you a document I used to alter how my daugher was taught math. And in the process, the girls began to do well.

    So you are free to misinterpret everything I have said.

    BUt I will it say it again.
    1. Calculus was invented by Issac Newton to explain dynamics. And we should no longer separate the fabric of math from the physical world. For when we do, everyone fails, the boys and the girls
    2. Math was developed using the visualization centers of the brain. The concept of visualization is embedded in mathematics pedagogy. One track is to remove this advantage of the boys. If you do that, scores lower for all. The other track is to recognize that this difference exists and to level it with 3D software. And no one is doing this.
    3. We must return to the abstraction of algebra and this can be done in an equitable way. For I am doing it with my daughter.

    I hope you might be able to see this.

  3. Hey, I have to come back and point you here:

    Go to any demo (you will need firefox and an up to date graphics card).
    Click on one of the three images. Press the buttons from left to right.
    Tour the scene with the mouse.

    What is it? Three templates for what will become the first 3D engineering textbook. And if you cell phone has android 5 and above, you can learn dynamics on a cell phone.

    Feminists says: “there is no biological difference between men and women and if we are not attracting girls to engineering, it means one of two things: 1) the system is sexist or 2) we must alter the pedagogy. The result is that more students fail.

    Tom here says: “we must deploy tools to level the inate visualization skills that enabled the development of the discipline. In that way, we will retain women in engineering and they will master the math because they will see it.” My results are that I have stopped the attrition of male and female students.

    Now do you see what i am saying?

  4. “First, you DO want me teaching your daughter.”

    If I had a daughter, I sure as hell wouldn’t want you teaching her, Thomas.

    “Steele’s (1997; Steele & Aronson, 1995) work on stereotype threat has produced similar evidence in the cognitive domain. Although the original experiments concerned African Americans and the stereotype that they are intellectually inferior, the theory was quickly applied to gender and stereotypes that girls and women are bad at math (Brown & Josephs, 1999; Quinn & Spencer, 2001; Spencer, Steele, & Quinn, 1999; Walsh, Hickey, & Duffy, 1999). In one experiment, male and female college students with equivalent math backgrounds were tested (Spencer et al., 1999). In one condition, participants were told that the math test had shown gender difference in the past, and in the other condition, they were told that the test had been shown to be gender fair—that men and women had performed equally on it. In the condition in which participants had been told that the math test was gender fair, there were no gender differences in performance on the test. In the condition in which participants expected gender differences, women underperformed compared with men. This simple manipulation of context was capable of creating or erasing gender differences in math performance.”

    In more gender-equal countries, the gap in math disappears. In Iceland girls even outperform boys.

    Female elementary school teachers who have anxiety about math can lead to girls doing worse in math, especially if they hold traditional gender beliefs.

    There were a few other studies I had thought about posting but I couldn’t find them available online for free. This should make up for that a little bit.

    • OK… one more time…

      Take 100 boys and 100 girls Test them. The average boy scores will be 3 percent higher. THAT IS IT!

      Now I read all those papers you reference. And I tried the interventions. And after FORTY YEARS of interventions, do you know what the score difference is? STILL 3 percent. NOTHING CHANGES. All that research you quote and which I have read is all focused on a 3 percent point difference that comes from the top top top top scores. Just that.

      Now… KICK OUT the scores for the top 2 boys and top 2 girls. And only test the remaining 48 of each. And do you know what the average scores are? THEY ARE THE SAME. THEY ARE THE SAME.

      (Well, not really… the scores are the same, but they are lower for all. That’s right… do you know what all those interventions have done? They have lowered the scores.)

      Now… who do you want to teach your daughter?

      Teacher number 1: who is obsessed with that top one percent? A teacher who designs SOCIAL interventions? That teacher has LOWERED the scores for the boys and the girls. Those students do not reach their full potential. That teacher is obsessed with the top one percent that induce a 3 grade gap.

      Teacher number 2: who has decided to ignore that top one percent…. who recognizes that there are biological differences in the “reception” of math (and remember, I mean its abstraction, NOT its functionality) and in its construction (who designed the language). And who teaches with that recognition. In THIS teacher’s class (my classes), the scores of both genders go back up. The students become professos of engineering, managers, and get jobs and make policy.

      I have infused the class with physicality.
      I have infused the class with visualization.
      I have infused the class with tools that convey abstraction.
      My students all do very well.

      So let me ask you again. Who do you want teaching your daughter? Someone obsessed with the top one perecent? Or someone who expects and demands highers scores from everyone?

      Go, ahead… answer me.

    • I wouldn’t want my kids being taught by a misogynist ass either. This guy is the reason why girls CAN’T get into the one percent he’s so squirrelly about. He pulled a bunch of strawfeminist out of his rectum to falsely justify his ‘can’t we have ONE single male space?’ ‘We’ll invite you ladies in if you just shut up about it!’ Now he’s trying to backtrack and tell us of his grand interventions made with the good ole misogynist crap that inhabits his elite masculine mind.

      Remember girls, never try to reach the top. Make sure you’re aware of that masculine glass ceiling above your head that *I* the grand mandude, controls. You feminist egos just stop trying to get wimminz into top places. Those are MENZ PLACES!!!

      Now he’s just whining and crying that we pointed out his misogyny and WHY it’s assholes like him that make it extraordinarily difficult for women to get to the top.

      Listen here Mr. Smartypants: go back to the misogynist bowels of A Voice for Men where you belong. You’re just digging yourself a deeper hole. You are good for a laugh though, that much is true, but you’re a misogynist wanker and I don’t care what crap you’ve developed.

  5. I’m a female mathematician. And no, not an engineer like you, Dr. Impelluso, I’m actually a mathematician. You’re full of shit. STEM fields don’t need to be dominated by women, but they do need to be open to them. They aren’t open to us when pricks like you, who are unfortunately the faculty in many cases, are actively trying to convince us that we’re not good enough for it. Even if it were true that men are somehow better at understanding mathematics in the way it is done in the Western world, that doesn’t mean that women should be discouraged in any way or that mathematics should be closed off to us. To suggest otherwise is a naturalistic fallacy, which means the only argument you have is quite literally a fallacious one.

    You may have a doctorate, but you’re obviously not too bright. You’re also a douche.

    • But I never said that. Would you calm down and read what I wrote. I said that I have had women excel in all my classes.

      I said I was not a mathematician.

      I am saying there are ways to reach many more women in math. Where did I say it was not possible?

    • In fact, I would even suggest that if women invented the language of math, they would have dominated. I am only saying that that language relies on visualization. And the train has left the station to rewrite the language. And the top 1 percent does not drive engineering. So why focus on the top one percent.

      It is interventinos based on the top one percent that is destroying math for everyone.

      If you ignore that top one percent, the scores are the same. So ignore the top one percent and focus interventions on getting more women into positions like yours.

      I cannot see why there is all this anger?

      Why not read what I wrote and not how it was interpreted?

      • If you can only look back at a history that advantaged one gender & that gender stopped the other from realising their genius & potential, then that history is distorted beyond any doubt & your conclusions, will be nothing but a distortion of the facts if you don’t take that into account & you definitely haven’t, & here is some evidence to say your conclusions are wrong.

        The University of Toronto researchers have discovered that differences between men & women on some tasks that require spatial skills are largely eliminated after both groups play a video game for only a few hours. Spatial ability is correlated with video games and other such activities, & gender difference in spatial ability may be linked to a difference in spatial experience, rather than differences in innate spatial ability & you talk horse shit.

        You are being paid to encourage all the students you teach to realise their full potential, and you are not being paid to express your bigotry and bias against one gender whilst openly flattering the ego of the other.
        You should not be separating the genders in your teaching and claiming one is better than the other, you should class them all as one and teach them to the best of your abilities.
        You shouldn’t be looking for the differences in genders you should be looking for the similarities, I have a feeling if what you believe is true was in the reverse, you would have kept your big fat mouth firmly shut.

        You shouldn’t be involved in the education of students, when students who are not your preferred gender the male.. are being forced to suffer and listen to the bigotry of people like you in order to get an education.

        It is not females that are a failure, it is you that is the failure and the fact you fail to get the best out of your female students is due to a bias that you cling on to.
        You lack the ability to over come it, You don’t have the ability that is your problem, not your students and how come what you believe about females being less capable than your beloved bro’s doesn’t apply across the rest of the world, where in China and Iran and in many other countries female mathematicians and scientists are thriving.
        This reveals it is your teaching methods that are substandard, not your students, because where you aren’t teaching and expressing your bias, these females are thriving, they are being encouraged to realise their full potential.
        You are a disgrace to the educational system and you should be immediately struck off their books.
        You wouldn’t get away with this bigotry if you were referring all this bias against black students, would you ?and there is no reason for any of us to tolerate it when it is directly pointed at the female, either..

  6. Imagine if it was a female professor saying the same with the genders swapped. I doubt there would be anyone trying to damage their reputation and career (in fact they would probably get an honorary degree). This is just another exaggeration from an old grumpy feminist still living in 1960.

    • Here’s the funny thing about the professorial tracks: they’re more often held by men. These men, like Thomas, have sexist hateful views and that’s why women don’t even get a chance. So thanks once again for showing your complete incompetence.

      • “These men, like Thomas, have sexist hateful views and that’s why women don’t even get a chance.”

        Which is why colleges are more full of women than men? Hmm, but most of the engineers are men – IT MUST BE BEECAUSE ALL PROFESSORS ARE MALE AND THEREFORE INVOLVED IN A CONSPIRACY! Or maybe not very many women take engineering classes and this professor just happened to notice that. Ever consider that women choose not to do difficult tedious things because as a whole they dont want to?

        • Another failure from you at an argument. I am talking about STEM fields, not ALL fields. Please pay attention. Second, you dumbass, the professorial tracks ie. the powerful positions in these colleges, are held by men.

          Your last attempt is quite obviously stupid. In light of Thomas’s misogynist ramble I think we can say quite clearly that men in power in STEM fields ACTIVELY discriminate against women.

          Now, stop trolling or try harder. Either way, I will win the argument and you will look like a turd.

  7. Imagine if this was a white male professor saying the same about black students .. we would be calling him a racist then ..

    Some men were told “you cannot vote because you are poor”. All women were told “you cannot vote because you’re a woman” see the difference?
    but they refuse to acknowledge it is the oppression of women that has lead to this situation.

    I notice that most boys who fail in school have fathers who teach them to disrespect and denigrate the teachers. Fathers who teach blame rather than responsibility are one of the number one reasons that boys fail. Thanks for being an exhibit A for that

    I like the way he blames the female for lowering the standards, that is quite clever reason isn’t it?
    This implies that unless boys continue to be taught that they are superior to girls, they will disengage. Why is this a contest? Why is the females Progress seen as damaging to boys?

    Do Boys Face More Sexism Than Girls?

    Do whites face more racism than blacks? Do straights, face more discrimination than gays?

    By considering academic achievement is a manly thing he is sabotaging himself ..
    Surely it is just a human thing,that humans love to do.?

    • Exactly Deb. If he said this about African Americans he would most certainly be a racist. Who knows, maybe he’s both? It’s not uncommon for white males who hate women to also hate other minorities.

      He outright said that his little club should remain male.

      Thomas is an MRA. He’s got this sexist idea that feminists are taking over his precious male dominated space and women haven’t earned their way to be in a field like his. He is an asshole of the highest order and he doesn’t belong teaching in any capacity.

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    • When he flatters the male and his ego, he is ultimately flattering himself.
      Why is this a contest? Why is it the females Progress is seen as damaging to boys?
      The Male is historically used to determining the rights and freedoms of the female and think that the female should be readily prepared to adapt herself to his male rules.
      This idea that mathematics is masculine is from a male point of view, and he determines virtually everything in this way,
      Historically males would only do jobs that they saw as masculine, ie. they were worthy of men doing .. and they called those jobs .. MANLY .. And far as the male was concerned, he believed these particular jobs awarded him a somewhat higher status in his culture if he did them. He felt proud to be associated with them, doing jobs he called manly, made him feel superior to others and he was the one who called them manly.
      And what about the jobs men didn’t think were manly enough to warrant them worth doing, the jobs that in their eyes held no status for them, the jobs they thought menial and beneath them ..
      Well those jobs they passed to females, because males didn’t think they were to menial or beneath females to do.

      The male values himself and his gender very highly, whilst belittling and denigrating the image of the female, it is is the foundation which his entire self esteem is built on.
      Mathematics is not male, mathematics is gender neutral, and what a pity, the poor ignorant professor isn’t able to achieve that in his own mind.

  9. This is absurd and this wacko dude’s comments trying to defend his insanity are even more absurd. I am a vagina-possessing American who started out in math and computer science in the 1990s. I have an unusually high aptitude for mathematics and a very logical mind. Let me tell you, Jackass Extraordinaire, what the problem is. It is being sexually assaulted in the elevator in the math department by a fellow student with a penis. It is having other penis-endowed people come up and scream in my face in the hallways, “Get out! You don’t belong here!” It is constant sexual harassment, sexualized threats and assaults that are holding women back from these departments in Unis. As a result of my experience, I quit – realizing full well what I was going to be facing in my career, if I ever got that far in math or Comp Sci. – and went to an all women’s college to get away from all the goddamned sickos much like the moron referenced in the article who can only think about their own dicks or other people’s vaginas all the time.

    The amount of threats, assaults and all kinds of violence being perpetrated by men upon women at universities is beyond an epidemic – it’s a norm – and despite it all women are still blowing men out of the water, which is why they are so scared. In math and sciences women easily outdo most of the male students, so they only way they can keep their precious edge is by threatening, perpetrating violence against women students and engaging in psychological warfare, which is what we see exemplified int the above-referenced exercise in male absurdity.

    Here’s the fact of the matter: If you really want to get more women in math and sciences, stop treating them like sex objects – something to stick your dick in or urinate on in some way, either literally or figuratively.

    • Very. Well. Said.

      I couldn’t have done it any better. It’s what I really wanted to say but had to keep some level of cool. Thanks for sharing your brilliance in mathematics to put this sexist pig in his place.

      • Thank you, House Mouse Queen. (I’ve still got a lot of reading to do at this blog to catch up.)

        I really do think this creep and his fellows are engaging in psychological warfare.

        Some of the stuff this guy says is hilarious, though. If he’s serious, if this isn’t some kind of stupid joke, then he is truly a pathetic reject.

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