Professor Impelluso Got Hate Mail and Backlash :( Now He’s Mansplaining

So the entitled male Engineering professor Thomas Impelluso at San Diego State University has written another misogynist manifesto on women and STEM on A Voice for Men. You know how men get when they get caught telling the public what they really think of women. This is all very important now ladies because Thomas is going to start mansplaining all of this to us again because we don’t pee standing up and therefore our ladybrains are just too stupid to understand it.

Start the bleating, 3, 2, 1, go:

If there was a slant of male pride in my essay, is that such a problem? In a world where men are vilified as murderers, rapists, spouse beaters, child molesters and for holding responsibility for society’s ills, is it so wrong for someone to take pride in being a man and in what men have achieved?

‘Wimminz, it was all a mistake. It was just mah male pride! I foughtz wit feminizm!’ Hey! Mr. Smartypants! You literally said women should just back off STEM because it’s a male entitled space and if we just shut up about it you nice guys would just let us in. You followed it up with a typical MRA contradiction by speaking about a famous female mathematician that had to dress like a man to get an education in math, which she did, and she was one of the most brilliant mathematicians of our age. It kinda made your dumb ramblings worthless except you followed that up with more misogyny by implying that she was ‘thinking like a man.’

Mr. Smartypants hasn’t diverged from that point of view either:

Gloria Steinem said, “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons…”  Is that any different from what I wrote? I am just giving the details on how to do it and its possible positive ramifications.

That wasn’t Gloria’s full quote and I’m sure she wasn’t thinking about some wanker like you who would use it to suggest that girls need to ‘think like boys’ and ‘pee standing up’ in order to do well at math. You buffoon.

He goes on, just digging deeper holes for himself:

And, finally, if we do not start to teach math (as opposed to arithmetic), differently, in a language which the boys might just understand naturally (no different from how girls communicate better, naturally: nothing wrong with either), but which could readily be supplemented with “translators-based technologies” for the girls (to encourage their participation), then we will fail as a technical society.  And that’s really not funny.

There it is again, more of that condescending patriarchal crap about males just ‘naturally’ understanding math better. I find it incredible that he thinks our civilization will fail if we don’t hurry up and tell girls their thinking is insufficient for the task.

Here are his ‘7 points’ that we supposedly missed from his first masterpiece on the biggest woman-hating site in the US:

First: I never said women cannot do math.

You didn’t say women couldn’t do it but you DID say we had to act like men to do it and even if women do manage to somehow ‘think like men’ it’s always going to be a male language and women will never be in the top 1%.

Second: I stated that after forty years of interventions, there remains a 30 point gap in math scores between high school men and women; this gap will not go away.  That is a fact.

You did say that and it might come as a shock to you but maybe because you insist on math being male it might have something to do with your ‘interventions’ not working. Jus’ sayin.

Third: I stated that this 30 point gap is due exclusively to the top one percent scores.  If one ignores the top one percent, the average math scores are the same for men and women.  However, what has happened is that math competence is dropping precipitously for both men and women.  And that is a fact.

Yes, and you claimed the ‘feminists’ were ruining it all for you because that 1% is for men!

Fourth: I stated that there are biological differences in the brains of men and women. Women have more inter-hemispheric neurons and men have more neurons that run along the hemispheres. These are facts.  It is possible that this gives rise to a male ability to focus, and the female ability to multi-task and communicate. And while this has no bearing on day to day life, it likely impacts the top one percent male and female achievers. It is possible that those top one percent in math, created math as a reflection of the male brain. (There was a lot of hate email on the broken reference links.  The links were not broken; they were references.  So please exploit your communication ability: use a library.)

You cited ONE study, that none of us could read. Listen Mr. Smartypants, you extrapolated from your GLUTEUS MAXIMUS that this possible brain difference in neuronal functioning had something to do with women doing badly in STEM. The article didn’t do that. You did. We don’t need a library but you surely need another class in understanding how you can’t pull random inferences out of your ass because a paper says there’s a POSSIBLE difference in neuronal functioning. You dope.

Fifth: I stated that women are immensely capable of achievements in math needed for participation in engineering.  But the constant tweaking of the math curriculum is ruining math for boys and, more so, for girls. And this, I think, is causing boys and many more girls, to drop out.

Yes, capable up to a certain extent and then you went all misogynist gobbledy gook and claimed feminists were responsible for all of it.

Sixth: I stated that it is likely that the top one percent in math will remain male dominated (just as nursing is likely to remain female dominated).

It will remain male dominated with wankers like you in charge, that’s for sure. Oh and a question since you’re being so explanatory and since you’ve dropped the biggest pile of pseudo-intellectual shit on the internet: Why do you think nursing is likely to remain female-dominated? Do you think men can’t give shots? Clean up blood? Dose out correct medication? Take body metrics? You think men are so bloody stupid they can’t do that? You see where I’m going? Culture? Social construction? Gender roles? Patriarchy? Anyone?

And finally, Mr. Smartypants reiterates his entire worldview about the wimminz becoming dudebros in order to reach the top echelons of STEM.

Seventh: Despite the aforementioned, I did say that women are eminently capable of being in that top one percent in math, but when they do, they are thinking like men.

Please. Pretty please with icing and cherries and chocolate sprinkles on top, would someone please stop allowing this misogynist bellend to teach the next generation? I realize he’s already done many years of damage to students but there’s no possible reason why he should be allowed to do any more.

~The MRA’s at A Voice for Men are having a whiny fit because nobody went to their website to confront them over this and if I were you, I’d let them just keep whining about it and laugh.


9 thoughts on “Professor Impelluso Got Hate Mail and Backlash :( Now He’s Mansplaining

  1. How did this fool get a job in the first place? I think that college — and his students — should know what kind of person they hired.

      • Perhaps the dean or the provost needs to see what he’s been writing. Then again, California State University, Long Beach has Professor Kevin MacDonald and he’s a virulent anti-Semite, so who knows how that’d turn out?

  2. The thing that’s always very surprising to me is when you find people who are so educated and yet have such a problem understanding issues of oppression that a great deal of teenagers figure out on their own. I’ve met colleagues in academia who are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, conspiracy theorists, you name it. It’s always a shock when smart people are so stupid. “I understand quantum physics, I just don’t understand why it’s unethical to treat women like shit.” Unbelievable.

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