Men’s Rights Groups Advocate Violence Against Feminists After Woman is Attacked

Danielle D’Etremont, a student an Queen’s University was attacked by a man who knew her name. She had received threatening emails from Men’s Rights Activists and was actively opposing a Men’s Group on Queen’s campus. The police are still investigating.

In my view it doesn’t matter if Danielle was attacked by an MRA because as a result of the report of her assault, Men’s Rights Activists from A Voice for Men are humiliating her and victim blaming her as well as threatening to go the police station to confront her.

Within hours of the story breaking, AVFM’s Paul Elam and John Hambling wrote two pieces on the site saying that the assault never happened and/or her ‘feminist’ friends attacked her in order to victimize Men’s Rights groups. John Hambling said she was a silencing asshole who probably deserved the assault.

I’ve collected many of the comments from AVFM that re-victimize and blame Danielle as well as some comments on YouTube by MRA’s. These comments should illuminate some serious questions as to whether Canadians want these groups on University campuses and whether we’ve tolerated enough.

I know it’s hard to get sarcasm on the internet but these particular comments were posted on an MRA video whereby feminists protested CAFE, another Men’s group, at the U of Ottawa. The speaker, Janice Fiamengo, a member of CAFE, decided to move the talk to a different room because of the protest. The protest enraged MRA’s and Fiamengo. Fiamengo called their protest ‘pathetic’ and ‘totalitarian.’ MRA’s left many comments about the feminist protestors being ‘animals’ and deserving of violence. Other comments are from members of AVFM.



MRA’s are allowed to beat women because women ask for it.


This MRA doubts she’s human and should be hit because she didn’t take responsibility for her actions and it’s the only way to get through to her.


Feminists hurt themselves to rile up other feminists.




Feminists need to be in concentration camps.

ImageJust kill feminists.


Marc Lepine killed female Engineering students because he thought they were ‘feminists’. It can be said that had Marc Lepine lived today he’d be a member of AVFM.

ImageIf you protest MRA’s you deserve violence



MRA explains why the man didn’t enact more violence upon her.


Danielle is a narcissistic lying bigot.



This MRA thinks Danielle beat up a man.



Danielle has bad hobbies and that’s why she looked assaulted.


MRA who’s been arrested for domestic violence explains the assault.


She should’ve been more beaten.


Danielle is a fat slob who broke her front tooth while binge eating.


Attilla Vinczer is a very scary MRA. He’s the one that came up with the idea of hunting Danielle down at the police station to interrogate her. He left several comments on the original report of her assault in the local Uni paper. He thinks she should be charged with a crime.


Danielle isn’t traumatized enough for MRA’s to believe her.


Danielle has mental health issues.


An MRA thinks Danielle should ‘pay’ because in his view she’s a liar.


It can’t be an MRA who attacked her because MRA’s are mature and rational.


You’ll notice some key themes in these comments, the idea that she SHOULD be violated and that she is responsible for provoking it. This is how male batterers justify their abuse of women. AVFM likes to think they don’t promote violence yet these comments and the words of their leaders say something different.


Paul Elam (center) with his I love to Fuck Their Shit Up T-shirt. Photo taken in Toronto at A Voice For Men’s rally. L to R: Eric Duckman, Dean Esmay, Paul Elam, Attila Vinczer, MRA dude.

Now it could be said that these guys are cowards. Paul Elam has stated that MRA’s don’t like to come into the public eye. Many of these guys have criminal records and are wife beaters. Some of the comments talk about consequences for speaking out against MRA’s. Many of them dissect every bit of Danielle’s behaviour so they can victim blame her.

The truth is that MRA’s are promoters of violence, some have committed violence. Paul Elam and Dean Esmay state they regularly scan their fellow MRA’s for violent speech. The violent speech they’re referring to is absolute direct threats but overall the MRM has a saying called ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ Paul Elam said

The idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection.

This cannot be dismissed. Men’s groups shouldn’t be allowed on Canadian campuses. They spread outright falsehoods and violence towards women, men and feminists who don’t share their ideology and use the same violent rhetoric against women. Canadians are taking a serious risk and I fear that we may only take action when it’s too late.


12 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Groups Advocate Violence Against Feminists After Woman is Attacked

      • It’s getting late and I’m reading through these comments, again. It takes more than one pass to take in all the anger and hatred. I see your comment about Marc Lepine. I have actually seen instances in the YT comment section of apparent MRAs praising Lepine, calling him a martyr for their cause, etc.

        Here’s such a quote from YT: “Everytime i see misandry going on from women i think of the Montreal massacre and a smile goes across my face knowing that there are heros like Mark Lepine fighting for our cause. The man was a martyr. God bless his soul.”

        I mentioned it in the very first blog post I ever made at my blog discussing the problem of women being run off YouTube.

        And, yes, these comments on the whole reflect exactly how men who perpetrate violence against women things – “She deserves it.” “It’s her fault.” “She asked for it.” “She’s lying.” “She’s making up stories.” Etc.

        And the Elam quote, “The idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection,” reflects how all of their violence against women and fantasizing about such violence has a massive sexual component.

        These guys are seriously scary – and am I the only one who thinks almost all of the major players actually look deranged??? I swear they look just like my ex when he finally went off the deep end and started hearing voices that weren’t there. They have a wild look of psychological disarray in their eyes.

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