A Voice for Men Attacks Another Woman at Queen’s Claiming She’s a Radical Feminist

Queen’s University Journal, since the attack on a female student, has become infested (thanks Eseld)* with MRA’s from A Voice for Men. Queen’s published an editorial letter by a student that expressed a sincere concern that MRA groups on Canadian campuses are unsafe. I agree with that assessment.

Since the attack on Danielle D’Etremont I’ve even considered my own safety in the sense that I write about their hate group extensively. Another site that does great work exposing the hatred of the Men’s Rights movement is Manboobz. I sometimes wonder if the owner of that site, David Futrelle, worries about his own safety. I think anyone who monitors these groups has to worry about their safety.

Another woman, this time a philosophy Professor Adele Mercier, is under attack by A Voice for Men. MRA’s are swarming Queen’s faculty with letters calling her a child rape apologist and a pedophile simply for allegedly correcting a FeMRA with actual statistics.

Adele saw Alison Tieman’s (TyphonBlue) ridiculous statistical claims on the Queen’s Journal. For the last few days Alison has copy/pasted the same claims at least 15 times across both stories in the Journal. The comment is a list of some research, no links provided, and Alison’s false conclusions. Now Alison isn’t very intelligent when it comes to reading, comprehending and citing research and many remember how she mangled the statistics of the CDC study on sexual assault.

Alison claimed on Queen’s Journal that:

95% of abused boys in juvenile facilities reported being attacked/coerced by female staff.

I’m issuing  a public challenge to Alison to show me WHERE in the report it states what she just claimed. EXACTLY WHERE and HOW she got to her calculation of 95%.

Adele saw the list of research Alison posted and corrected Alison on each and every false claim she made. The MRA’s got so angry that Alison was corrected that they’ve now started a campaign of harassment against Philosophy prof. Adele Mercier. A Voice for Men claims she’s a rape apologist because she replied with QUOTES from the actual studies themselves. The quote that got MRA’s in a rage was this one, particularly the last quote in bold:

Dear Alison,

I know that statistics can be hard to interpret, but you need to learn to read before you spread misinformation into the stratosphere.

You said: “95% of abused boys in juvenile facilities reported being attacked/coerced by female staff”. This is FALSE.

Re-read Google “Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2012”

“Sexual victimization” is there defined as ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY with facility staff.

And the numbers are that, among males in juvenile facilities:

5.2% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with MALE STAFF;

89.1% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with FEMALE STAFF;

3% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with both male and female staff.

This merely reflects THE PROPORTIONS OF GAY AND STRAIGHT MALES in juvenile detention centers, (and the fact that even people in detention centers like to have sex.)

Also noteworthy:

“As a result of the high rate of staff sexual misconduct reported in the NSYC-1 (10.3%), new items were added to the NSYC-2 questionnaire to better understand the circumstances surrounding incidents. Youth were asked a series of questions related to their relationship with the facility staff prior to sexual contact. Among victims of staff
sexual misconduct:

Nearly two-thirds said that staff told them about their personal life outside of work (69.1%), treated them like a favorite or better than other youth (63.6%), or gave them a special gift that the staff would not have given to most other youth (62.3%). Almost half (49.2%) said the staff member gave them pictures or wrote them letters. Nearly a third (29.8%) said that the staff member contacted them in other ways when the staff member was not at the facility. More than a third (36.7%) said youth gave the staff member pictures of themselves, and more than a quarter (28.1%) said youth gave the staff member a special gift.

When youth were asked who initiated the sexual contact, 36.4% said that the facility staff always made the first move, 17.4% reported that the youth always made the first move, and 46.3% said that sometimes the facility staff made the first move and sometimes the youth did.

Youth were also asked to describe the sexual relationship with staff. Nearly half (46.3%) said the incident was usually just sexual. An estimated 40.1% said the sexual contact was more like friends with benefits, and 13.6% said that they really cared about each other.

Among the 840 youth who experienced staff sexual misconduct WITHOUT FORCE, 5.1% reported the involvement of a male staff member (2.7% involved male staff only and 2.4% involved both male and female staff).

So the 95% that you cite is of MALE YOUTH who experience sexual misconduct involving FEMALE STAFF WITHOUT FORCE.

It’s been continually shown that MRA’s don’t know how to read. These are the words Alison and other MRA’s are manufacturing for their fauxrage:

But even if we look at separate claim of “without force,” I want to highlight this: Mercier’s defense–a feminist philosopher’s defense, apparently–of the female predators abusing underage boys in juvenile detention without overt or obvious force. It seems to comprise of the following rationale:

“He wanted it.” “He seduced her.” “He touched her first.”

Nowhere in any of Adele’s comments was her personal opinion expressed. She just laid out the stats as you can read for yourself.

A Voice for Menners are now contacting the head of the Philosophy department and other officials at Queen’s to ‘report’ this professor in the hopes she’ll be ‘fired or censured.’ When MRA’s are completely shut down with statistical analysis this is what they resort to.  Here’s the letter they wrote. They also dug up an old legal document where someone called Adele Mercier filed a discrimination charge against Queen’s which MRA’s think will help them harm this female prof. who they’ve labeled a ‘radical feminist.’ One MRA wrote:

Let us see how it pans out but I am certain university is not happy with her because like most employed feminists, she has claimed sexual harrasment and discrimation.

A lot of assumptions in that. The assumption that patriarchy will work and is alive and well for MRA’s to exploit. They’re also doing it for publicity too. Anything to stir the pot so to speak.

I’m sure the University won’t take this seriously. An academic should correct faulty claims using research. Writing her academic peers and superiors with claims she’s a pedophile and child rape apologist can be considered defamation under Canadian law. She can sue for it. MRA’s always dig themselves a deeper hole than the one they crawled out of.

Now let’s look at some AVFM comments on wanting Adele to face punishment.  Some of them are in French as they suppose Adele is a French speaker:

They can see male children as less than human, because they have hardened their hearts.~Christopher Michael Moore

Tu comprends bien que les féministes sont chiens autant que chiennes, eh? Ne confond pas une idéologie avec un sex.~Francis Roy

Hmmmm…wonder if there is any way of pointing out to her employers she is condoning paedophilia?~Aimee McGee

As for me – when it comes to children, I’d rather err on the side of precaution and report her than wait 20 – 30 years to realize someone should have said something a long time ago.~Susie Parker

Perhaps we need to open up a new chapter in register-her.com, under the headline “Famous Feminist Projections”. We could just keep the more prominent ones we come across in there, and Adèle Mercier would fit in nicely in the ‘Projection: Victim Blaming’-category, along with the screenshots.~Kimsky

Adèle Mercier is a true bigot with evil written all over her face. Thanks to Alison for bringing this out for all to see. At least we know what we are up against with most radical feminist Professors in Canadian universities.~pinetree

Should start a campaign to get this woman fired, or at least censured by her university. “Thinking” of her kind is rife in the academic world, as well as in mental health and social services. It won’t change until they start having to pay a price.~Steve

A great job by Alison in exposing this numbskull and giving her the rope to hang herself.~ Steve

I hope all feminists and feminist allies will take note of this situation and if you’d like to write the University about Adele Mercier who’s being ruthlessly attacked and libeled then please do so. This is nothing more than A Voice for Men’s juvenile retaliation at a women and outrage over nothing.

Head of Philosophy philhead@queensu.ca

Equity equity@queensu.ca


UPDATE: Queen’s Journal published a statement from many professors and students on campus in relation to the recent CAFE event, attack on a female student, and the resulting hatred from A Voice for Men.

* There seems to be some confusion here. I was thanking her for her usage of the word ‘infested’ which accurately describes what happened at Queen’s Journal.



43 thoughts on “A Voice for Men Attacks Another Woman at Queen’s Claiming She’s a Radical Feminist

  1. MRAs like to call women pedophiles for some reason. Most pedos are men. Having been a child, I can attest to that fact!

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with being a radical feminist. It just means you understand history and the present state of affairs for women.

    I don’t think these MRAs are going to do anything except make things worse for themselves.

    • The trouble isn’t that all women are pedophiles, it’s that the ones that do act on that urge just get a slap on the wrist, if that.
      In this case the 89.1% reporting sexual misconduct by the female staff, are not apparently getting taken seriously. As Laci Green announced (right or wrong) in her Consent 101 video, if they are underage, or you have power over the person you’re having sex with, then that IS rape. [For brevity’s sake: Topic begins at 3:22 [ http://youtu.be/TD2EooMhqRI?t=3m22s ] specifically relevant sub-topics begin at 4:21 and 4:35]

      Saying “most pedos are men” is an awkward situation too, considering that I’m not a pedophile, my brother isn’t a pedophile, my father isn’t a pedophile, and I’m willing to bet none of my 8 uncles, and grandfathers are. You would think if “most pedos are men” were a valid argument, at least ONE of them would have been a pedophile. Also, the reason you can say “most pedos are men” and get away with it, is because when a woman is behind the statutory rape, unsurprisingly, the woman isn’t labeled a pedo.

      I honestly wish these double standards could be fixed without causing hemorrhaging of a topic.

      I know I’m stepping on a landmine with this off-topic, but meh.

      If women are so oppressed, why would a group like the MRAs even exist?

      If they’re just out there digging their own holes, then why acknowledge them as a threat, regardless of how trivial?

      If women are so oppressed, why then, are there so many first-world-problem justice warriors and professional victims out there taking the eye off the truly oppressed women of the world?

      • Most pedophiles ARE men. http://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/pedophilia

        The reason I’m using that link and not a study is because the information they gathered was from one of the best researchers in pedophilia. John Bradford in Canada is the leading researcher of pedophilia and he’s cited there. I met John Bradford many years ago during a case that hit close to home. My ex’s father is a pedophile.

        The rest of your drivel is meaningless because that’s not what Adele said at all. MRA’s are a threat and they dish out violent rhetoric. Many of them are cowards like you who hide behind anonymity and probably wouldn’t leave the house. However, there are members of the ‘movement’ that ARE violent. When you preach violent rhetoric you will get violence. And don’t tell me there’s no violence coming out of MRA’s at AVFM.

        • Well, pardon my ignorance then. However, it’s hard to justify “Most pedophiles are MEN” when I don’t see where the statistic of “An estimated 20 percent of American children have been sexually molested” came from. I’m not trivializing any of the 20%, I’m trivializing the source of that statistic, and questioning whether or not “most” of the “20%” are actually male.

          You’re right, she didn’t say that it was okay. But she also didn’t say it was wrong either. She just said that it was “sexual misconduct by FEMALE STAFF WITHOUT FORCE.” … I’m sorry, but it’s only “sexual misconduct” when a woman does it, but it’s “rape” when a man does it? One is just a slap on the wrist, the other is an illegal action committed by a person leading to jail time upon proof that the crime is committed.

          I’m not anonymous for me, I’m anonymous because I realize that my actions effects others in my lives. And being the petty person that I am, I feel a certain amount of sorrow for you in that you don’t seem to have anyone close enough to you that you care enough about to defend. Other than yourself.

          For every “violent MRA at AVFM” there’s at least another radical feminist out there preaching death to men, and “Castrate them before they rape you!”. In fact you come off as one such person. I don’t know why you feel the need to be so hateful, but that’s your decision, not mine.

          • Most pedophiles are men. It’s really simple.

            Adele simply repeated the findings of the study. Don’t care whether you like it or not.

            You’re anonymous because you’re a coward who has to hide when you make statements about others ie, ME, that are pulled from your ass. If you had any semblance of honesty and respect you’d not do ‘petty’ things like that.

            And no, radical feminists don’t preach ‘death to men.’ You really don’t understand feminism nor do you understand the MRM.

            I’m only hateful to people who come here and post shit like this:
            “If women are so oppressed, why then, are there so many first-world-problem justice warriors and professional victims out there taking the eye off the truly oppressed women of the world?”

            and this:
            “If women are so oppressed, why would a group like the MRAs even exist?”

            You’re not here to discuss. You’re here to spread the same woman hating crap that the MRM stands for. In case you haven’t noticed MRA’s are completely and utterly misguided, misogynist and WRONG.

          • You’re right, I don’t understand either side completely, I’m interested in learning, but when you turn it over to personal attacks, I begin to see why there’s such a rift. Sorry for you being so immature as to not care about educating others. Thanks.

            I don’t understand feminism because I can never get a definition that conforms to everything I read. It’s a shame that you don’t care about compassion, but that’s your problem, and it’s your problem to deal with, so I’ll do us both a favor and move on out.

            Have fun preaching your hatred of others, and I hope they continue to give you something worth “fighting” over. It wouldn’t be so appealing to see the MRM side if you wonderful folks didn’t feel so unapproachable though.

    • that doesn’t change the fact this woman is a child abuse apologist and rape apologist… when it is in the real rape culture, i.e. when a woman is the abuser.

      Would she and you take the same view of statutory rape if the genders were reversed? NO WAY

      There is plenty wrong with being a radical feminist, it is a hate movement that never has any back up for it’s positions and starts with an answer that is the same no matter what “men bad women good/victims” and regardless of what the facts are will always come to an answer in line with that.

      MRA’s actually use fact, aren’t anti a whole gender, like feminism is. Feminists keep spouting ridicuous hate filled hypocrisy then whinging when asked for back up. Feminists are brainwashed idiots, they always just spout massive hate filled gender stereotypes, never have any ability to keep one standard.

      They view the exact same thing completely differently when a woman is at fault and when a man is. It completely disempowers women as it blames everyone accept women for every problem society has.

      Feminism, especially radical feminism, is so full of hate and petty spite translated into incoherent empty rhetoric, it supports abuse by women, murder by women and generally ignoring any crime that women commit that makes the gender seem less weak and victimy.

      Most child abuse by a carer is commited by the female. Most infanticide is by women. Most aggressors (70%) in non reciprocally violent domestic abuse situations are women. Most elder abuse, women.

      Feminists cannot have a correct view of history any more than a creationist can really be a scientists. For god’s sake, feminists think Emily Pankhurst fought for female suffrage!!! Feminism is like a religion and it views only the parts of history that suit or can be made suit their warped belief that every man on the planet benefits from society being built to oppress women for their advantage!! Misandry aside, it’s absurd to believe that.

      • I’m kinda bored so I’ll knock you down since you seem to want it.

        Quoting statistics doesn’t make you a child rape apologist. SHOW ME where she stated HER opinion and not the statistics. Then SHOW ME where it says 95% of males in prison are forcefully violated. I want the link and the page number(s) in the study.

        Radical feminism isn’t as you describe. You are ignorant and completely incapable of understanding radical feminism if it came up and bit you in the ass.

        Feminists are brainwashed idiots, they always just spout massive hate filled gender stereotypes, never have any ability to keep one standard.

        Citation please. Show me in the feminist literature and scholarship that feminists spout hate filled gender stereotypes. I expect that like any good researcher, as you claim, you will have several studies that replicate each other. Otherwise, please stfu.

        Most child abuse by a carer is commited by the female. Most infanticide is by women. Most aggressors (70%) in non reciprocally violent domestic abuse situations are women. Most elder abuse, women.

        Show me again with several peer reviewed papers what you are claiming. EACH AND EVERY element of what you just spat out. I don’t want a bibliography and I don’t want links to newspapers. We’re talking replicated PEER-REVIEWED research. At least 3 papers for each claim. Otherwise stfu.

        Now excuse me while I go back to misandering my coffee.

        • “Feminists are brainwashed idiots, they always just spout massive hate filled gender stereotypes, never have any ability to keep one standard.
          Citation please.”

          You are so very dumb. You don’t need a citation for your opinion. Also, if you weren’t so brainwashed, citation your own comment, you would know this is about diminishing and making excuses. It is a fact that staying in well lit areas and not getting to drunk is a way to reduce your chances of being raped…. to feminists that is victim blaming.But with your double standard, only when it’s a male saying it to a women.

          Here you go. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/telling-women-to-be-careful-gets-men-off-the-hook-1.1536337

          Drop the entitlement with your demands for “citation please” and “Show me again with several peer reviewed papers what you are claiming. EACH AND EVERY element of what you just spat out” do you realize what an spoiled little brat you sound like.

          Everything is righht there in her words… that is why she had them taken down, where she could.

          I’ll simplify it for you later.

          • Teeheehee!

            I already said no news reports. I want STUDIES and LOTS of them. Not a bibliography. Not a news article. PEER REVIEWED research and a few replications. Otherwise, STFU.

            You claim you idiots are all about LOGIC. Yeah, right. You’ve pulled it all out of your arse or Warren Farrell’s arse.

            I’m ready for the cricket symphony. Since you can’t give me ONE peer reviewed study. You’re gone.

      • MRA’s actually use fact, aren’t anti a whole gender, like feminism is.

        I’m going to frame this comment. It’s just the wrongest thing ever written.

  2. One more thing – that anonymity thing, or rather pseudonymity, is really the way to go. The internet is not a safe place for girls and women regardless of what you have to say. You could be discussing knitting and have problems with some psycho-perv with a knitting fetish.

  3. For the author- Did you have permission to use Danielle’s name? You do realize how posting her name publicly this compromises her safety even further. I would ask her friend that you please her name from your article unless she gave you permission to use it personally. She is a person not a poster child for your arguments and she currently has experienced enough harassment. Unless she agreed for you to put her name further out there -please remove it.

    • Her name is everywhere. I don’t consider her a poster child. Many news outlets have released her name and I wouldn’t have written it if it had not been released by the media many many times. Once a name is released to the mass media I no longer need permission.

  4. Nice article, I agree with nearly all that you’ve said. The only point that needs correcting is that the “old legal document” you are referring to is still very much a “a thing” (i.e. it is still being pursued), and is unfortunately a main driver of interpersonal politics in the Philosophy Department.

  5. she is a rape apologist and victim blamer. there is no doubt about that, like all feminists she hold massive double standard that completely conflict with each other side by side.

    Feminism is being shown for the toxic, top down psychosis it is.

    Re safety, with feminist groups breaking into meeting, screaming insults at people, bringing knives,, calling for the legalization of pre meditated murder, male presumed guilty on the word of a female… it is quite clear who the threat and whom the violent people to worry about are. That’s even before you get into censorship, closing down of free speech, banning critisizm of feminism, lying about domestic violence, suppressing stats that don’t fit “man bad woman good”.

    The fact people actually stand by Adèle Mercier and attack men’s and father’s rights groups is so sickening!

    Feminism is a menta disorder, where no matter what the true facts are, no matter what a feminist sees or is told, her view will never change.

  6. HMQ, at first, I was tempted to respond to some of the strange things in the comment section from the apparent MRAs, but I really have the feeling they live in an alternate universe – one where pedos of any gender actually get put behind bars, for example. I have, also, have an uncle and a great uncle (who eventually died of old age) in my family – the great uncle raped an infant in my own family, everybody knew what he was and nothing happened to him, at all. It was all the little baby girl’s fault, don’t you know. As a child I was repeatedly told, “Stay away from your uncle ___.,” because he was always trying to lure little school children – he was actually arrested a couple of times, but nothing ever really happened to him and he was never deterred.

    But, what’s this business about knife-wielding feminists breaking into MRA meetings demanding to be allowed to legally murder men with pre-meditation…? I’m afraid they really lost me there. This is the first I’m hearing of this.

    Were the knife-wielding feminists wearing fantasy warrior princess costumes, I wonder? Did they tie the poor menz up and threaten to have sex with them at knife-point?

    These guys seem to be engaged in some kind of inter-planetary space travel and have absolutely no grasp of anything happening on this planet. How can you have any kind of discussion with people like this? It’s like trying to talk to someone who is permanently strung out on heroin. I don’t know if you’ve had that unfortunate experience, but I have. And, that’s why I’m not responding to any of them.

    Seriously, HMQ, I don’t know how you do it… When clowns like these guys troll at my blog, I just hit the “Spam” button. You’ve got a strong constitution and a far kinder heart for these losers than I do!

    • Oh I’m not kind in the heart to them. I just love it when they have fits because the more they type frantically the more their ideology becomes clearer and clearer. That’s why I just let them spew.

      Anyone who comes here and reads their comments will understand the woman hating that is the MRM. I also ask them questions about their crazy positions. I let them ramble on all day. It’s good for everyone for them to have their own rope to hang themselves with.

      • I that case, I admire your somewhat sadistic sense of humor. I think they’re funny, too. Although, sometimes they’re scary, too.

        They do seem to be in a downward spiral of self-destruction right now – more than any time I can remember since I first heard of them, which was maybe a couple of years ago. Actually, I think you were the one that first educated me about them, although I had been noticing their bizarre online-behavior for some time before that.

        Yes, more rope, please….

        • More rope. Definitely more rope. I’ve gotten some correspondence in the past few days that I will share soon. I’m just not feeling to well right now. I had to go to hospital on Sunday.

          • I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I wondered if something was going on. I check your blog, at least, once every day.

            I hope it’s nothing too serious.

          • It’s been an ongoing problem and I’m pissed at my doctor and not seeing her any more. I’m tired of her. She’s fucking abusive and rude. She wouldn’t refer me back to a specialist for my disability when that’s the only thing these two doctors I want to see specialize in. She’s a fucking bitch and I hate her. She doesn’t remember key things I tell her and is totally incompetent. She’s only around a half day a week and can’t handle someone like me with multiple chronic issues. IOW, I’m finding a new doctor and that’s the end of her. Sorry I was so direct but I needed to get that off my chest. I hope you’re well my girl.

          • I understand.

            I’m no fan of the patriarchal medical establishment.

            I hope you find someone with more intelligence and understanding.

            I’m doing all right, thanks!

  7. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of Prof. Mercier. The only things she has done wrong are to challenge an MRA supporter (Janice Fiamengo) at a meeting, as is her right, and to correct the biased and false statistical reporting of another MRA who is part of the A Voice for Men misogyny machine. The result is that she has been targeted for destruction of her reputation and career. This is apparently being accomplished maliciously and in organized fashion, and without regard for what she has actually stated. I have seen her accused of being a pedophile on the men’s rights subreddit, which has posted at least half a dozen posts vilifying her. This is outrageous. The anonymous MRAs trying to derail your post, making personal attacks on you, generalizing, venting, making ignorant assertions they don’t even try to support with evidence, and continuing to vilify the professor, are trying and failing to obfuscate your very clear points. Kudos to you for not letting that happen.

    • I really hope Adele can take some sort of legal action because defamation is exactly what happened to her. I’m used to MRA’s trying to derail and feel entitled to my time. They also think they’re entitled to be respected by me when they make misogynist statements on my blog. They get all wound up but some of them are quite violent and dangerous. I do worry about my safety in many regards but I won’t allow them to silence me.

  8. “This merely reflects THE PROPORTIONS OF GAY AND STRAIGHT MALES in juvenile detention centers, (and the fact that even people in detention centers like to have sex.)” It is the phrase “and the fact that even people in detention centers like to have sex” that I find problematic.
    Is Adele saying the inmates liked having sex with the gaurds? Will someone please explain Adele’s opinion to me?

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