‘We Don’t Even Discriminate Against Men!’ Says the Greatest Human Rights Movement EVER.

Paul Elam is doing his seasonal ‘damseling’ for 20 or so thousand dollars. Let me explain the concept of ‘damseling.’ I think most of you who read this blog remember how MRA’s and other male gamers targeted Anita Sarkeesian and sent her rape and death threats. A Voice For Men added their hatred into it as well by writing several nasty articles about her and doing radio shows about her. In fact, MRA’s still whine about her, saying the death/rape threats were her own fault. The following comments by an MRA were left on an article totally unrelated to Anita Sarkeesian. In fact he left these comments on the Queen’s Journal story about the recent assault of a female student who opposed a ‘Men’s Rights’ group on campus. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE


mra angry at anita sarkeesian

mra angry at anita sarkeesian3 mra angry at anita sarkeesian2mra angry at anita sarkeesian2

MRA’s will never leave Anita alone and that includes Paul Elam. Paul Elam claimed Anita was ‘damseling’ ie. acting weak and using female victimhood to get money. Anita wouldn’t have received so much support if it wasn’t for the endless streams of misogyny directed at her from A Voice for Men and other sites like 4chan but lets not let the truth get in the way of some MRM ‘activism.’

The fact is Paul does the same kind of ‘damseling’ every few months when he has a need for money, which he clearly told everyone who donates to him he spends on himself. We’ve heard a lot of MRA’s crying that there’s no shelters for men but we know the MRM is not interested in opening up a men’s shelter or doing really anything for men and boys.

Paul’s pleas for money are carefully crafted and always with a little disclaimer

Results are difficult to measure.

Yes, they are difficult to measure when you’re not really doing anything except trying to turn back the clock for women and using violent rhetoric to try to harm us. This is the Men’s rights slogan: ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’

What was most interesting to me is the most up-voted comment on Paul’s Fundraiser post.


‘AVFM is one of the only humanitarian organizations in the world that doesn’t discriminate against anybody-not even men.’

Is this a joke or something? Does everyone reading this find that statement to be a bit odd? Why would you have to point out that you don’t even discriminate against men when you’re supposedly a movement for men? It’s an admission OF discrimination the way I read it. Well, lets not get too hung up on it because later in the comments AVFM members show just how much tolerance they have for men.



Surely ‘we don’t even discriminate against men’ but we’ll gladly call men ‘Manginas’ when they don’t agree with our woman hating.



Paul Elam’s YouTube Video that doesn’t even discriminate against men.






9 thoughts on “‘We Don’t Even Discriminate Against Men!’ Says the Greatest Human Rights Movement EVER.

  1. On a technicality I’d say they don’t consider feminist men to be “real” men. Probably how their thinking goes.

  2. We already know that they don’t consider women to be people and if, as breadandrosesblooger says, they don’t consider feminist men or, for that matter, men of at least normal intelligence and basic moral values to be people, then that statement could be true.

    Pretty hilarious!

  3. I have my problems with some of Anita Sarkeesian’s arguments and methods, but I will never cease to be astounded (and sickened to no end!) by the vitriolic, misogynistic backlash that she received just for daring to apply a feminist perspective to video-games. I enjoy games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or the Elder Scrolls series, where the female version of the main character is treated with the same respect and basic capabilities as the male version — with the exception of certain side-quests that involve sexist assholes of whom you’re usually able to make a fine example at some point (like the Darius side-quest in ME1) — not to mention the fact that the female character model in ME (especially the first one) was *not* an over-sexualized character with enormous breasts but rather had the kind of figure you’d reasonably expect from a military woman, and I hoped that her endeavor would help motivate more gaming companies to make similar changes to their games. Sadly, the misogynistic babies cried loud enough, threatened harshly enough, and worked hard enough to ensure that such critique would be drowned out by controversy rather than be given a fair reception — all so that they can make sure that as many games to come will have female characters with fashion-model bodies and DDD-cup chests. I mean, that’s okay for some games, I guess, but does it have to be everywhere? But I digress….

    The collective temper-tantrum, combined with an inhuman (or all-too-human?) level of rape-/death-threats, levied at Sarkeesian is disappointing but sadly not surprising in a male-normative society.

  4. Reblogged this on balarick and commented:
    These babies’ obsession with Anita Sarkeesian demonstrates more than any article could that they are very, very deeply threatened by the thoughts and words of a confident feminist woman.


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