I Got Mail Part One

With all the hubbub going on with the recent attack on a female student at Queen’s I’m very busy. I got an email from a Queen’s student who claimed to be one of the main spokesmen against MIAS (Men’s Issues Awareness Society).

He demanded I remove the assault victim’s name from my blog. It’s a little late for that seeing as the mainstream media has run with it and so has the local media. He stated that I should’ve contacted him to use her name and that this blog was putting her in jeopardy and if I don’t remove her name I don’t support their cause. Why does he feel entitled to speak for her?

I’m not removing the name for a few reasons. One, because it was disseminated through the mainstream media in Canada before I published it. Two, because I am not going to be guilted and told I put her in danger when I’m not the one attacking her. Three, this was a selective operation on his part. I asked him whether he wrote the HuffPo, CBC, and other MSM and he never answered so I know he was specifically targeting this blog. Four, because I don’t need to contact him to use someone else’s name. IOW, he has no authorization to approve or deny my usage of a name. To try and heap a guilt trip on one feminist blogger while the national media have reported the story is like picking up a needle in a haystack.

He accused me of using the story to make a name for myself as well as telling me I was misusing facts. I asked him, since he claimed knowledge of the event, if he’d like me to report on any other information he could give me or correct me since he told me I was wrong about things. He didn’t answer that question. His response was more of the same aggressive tone. If he thinks my blog is the center of the universe in Canada you’d think he would want to give me his facts so I could report them. He wasn’t interested.

I report on issues and give links to all my sources. If someone claims knowledge then by all means correct me but don’t write me and tell me I’m not on your side and try guilting me into doing what you want me to do. This is a small blog. It’s not the CBC. Thinking that I have such influence is really ridiculous.



3 thoughts on “I Got Mail Part One

  1. I guess he thought he might have found an issue that would guilt you into allowing yourself to be policed by an unknown male with an unknown agenda. It also took up some of your limited time and energy. It wan’t a real issue and the issue wasn’t the point of his contact with you, I think. The victim’s name was prominently stated in local news as you say. The inventive ways men use to try to control women bloggers never ceases to impress me.

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