I Got Mail Part Two: You’re Welcome Adele

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I got a thank you email from Philosophy Professor Adele Mercier for speaking up on her behalf and allowing others to do the same by writing Queen’s University. I’m quite tired of A Voice for Men attacking various women and harming them. AVFM is a hate site, and I think it’s the largest hate site for the ‘Men’s Rights Movement.’

Every article on AVFM is filled with misogynist rage, false interpretations of statistics, and other false claims. The infestation of MRA’s from AVFM on the Queen’s Journal was predictable and got them into more trouble than they were in before they left a single comment. As I said earlier in another post ‘they dig themselves a deeper hole than the one they came out of.’

Adele gave AVFM an ultimatum. They had 24 hours to remove all references of her as a rape apologist, pedophile, child abuser and so on. She might just have a case because under Canadian law, from the little I’ve read about certain defamation cases, that by writing Adele’s superiors and co-workers using defamatory terms is grounds to for a lawsuit. I don’t know what’s going to happen here but I wish the best for her.

The defamation continued when MRA’s went to the Queen’s campus and put up posters of Adele’s face with the words ‘rape apologist’ underneath. Once MRA’s focus on a female they go after her with every ounce of energy they can muster. It’s NOT about helping boys and men. It’s about slandering and harassing women.


Found on MRA blog of Francis Roy.

Speaking of harassing, MRA’s on reddit went after a female college student by posting all her personal information so other MRA’s could harass her. Againstmensrights reddit quickly pointed this out.  The admins on Reddit should eliminate the Mens Rights Reddit for their actions but instead the admins just told them they couldn’t link to Twitter accounts. Whenever a new rule preventing them from going after a woman is made they endlessly moan and whine. Of course that’s the entitlement that these men think they have to perpetually go after women they don’t like.

AVFM’s Peter Wright added a new addendum to their mission statement:

We support and endorse only non-violent reactions to feminist governance and in fact are trying to prevent future acts of violence that feminist governance has already inspired;

In other words, they know they’re inspiring violence and whatever violence has occurred is because feminists asked for it. When you are a hate site you can’t say you are trying to prevent future acts of violence when your motto is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ I’m sure we’ll see more attacks of various women in the future.








7 thoughts on “I Got Mail Part Two: You’re Welcome Adele

  1. That poster is rich considering the article I just talked about which said that women who are drunk or don’t explicitly say “no” can consent to sex. Then again A Voice for Misogynists traffics in double-standards.

    • They had the nerve to say Canadians spoke out against infanticide, which is a specific Canadian law regarding post partum depression in women that once in a great while, affects them mentally and they kill their child. Not such a great problem but AVFM thinks it’s happening all over Canada. LOL

      One of their spokesmen, who remained anonymous went on Toronto radio and spouted about infanticide and got thoroughly pwnd by the callers. It was hilarious. One guy called in and said ‘if you won’t give me your name you have ZERO credibility.’ ie: hiding behind a nickname whilst spewing misogynist trash. It was epic. One woman called in saying she doesn’t like women killing their tiny kids. Well DUH! Nobody LIKES it. It’s usually as a result of a psychological condition SPECIFIC to mothers. DERP.

      Then AVFM put a link to a study correlating post partum depression with prior domestic violence and claimed ‘DUH! Men calling women names isn’t abuse!’ OMG they are their own worst enemies.

  2. I was intrigued by your comment that MRAs “infested’ the comments on the 4/8 article in the Queen’s Journal, so I went through the comments as of 4/17 and searched the names of the commenters adding to the attack on Prof. Mercier along with “avfm” on Google, to see if there was a linkage. AVFM of course is the Houston-based misogynist group (http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/spring/misogyny-the-sites) that seems to be trying to destroy the professor’s reputation online.

    Some of the names, like “matt”, were too generic to say for sure whether they are active members of A Voice for Men, and some of the screen names used to post in the article comments could have been aliases for AVFM members, so I probably missed a few. But here are commenters on the article that popped up on Google as active members of AVFM: menrppl2, scrufflecat, paul elam, tim legere, eric b, ohone, mike lopez, x404x, dagda mor, theseus, grumpy old man, driversuz, mark neil, draigo luther, plasmacutter, political cynic, chris wedge, dannyboycdnmra, karen straughn, lazlo underhill, tamen, the bibo, jimbyset, bombay, bewildered, fidelbogen (whose site is also a separate SPLC misogyny site), rubber punch, tall wheel, pinetree, bookishboy, iggy, scatmaster, and astrokid.

    This is almost ALL of the comments criticizing the professor. Those who didn’t pop up as AVFM members didn’t seems to be Queens students either, like Brian Hildebrandt, who apparently is a non-student who graduated from another university.

    The people who tried to speak up for the professor were bullied off the thread, leaving it to the AVFMers to continue the circle-jerk unimpeded, just talking with each other.

    I wonder what Queens University thinks about having its journal taken over by outside misogynists attacking one of their faculty. Almost none of these commenters identified themselves as AVFMers. The Queens students and others attempting to say anything in favor obviously had no idea they were being piled on by an organized brigade.

    • Yes. There were a few more too. Alison Tieman, Driversuz, Karen Straughan, AtiilaVinczer, and many others that I recognize from AVFM. I’m there a lot and I know many of the shorter names that represent AVFM members.

      I don’t know what Queen’s thinks about it but certainly it’s terrible that they attack women like that. They won’t stop attacking women either.

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