Male Suicide: What A Voice for Men is Doing About It

If you were an activist organization deeply concerned with the issue of male suicide what would you do? In this post we’ll be dealing with what A Voice for Men does to bring critical attention to male suicide. It’s a strategy nobody knows about yet but these brave men are leading the way in activism.


  • scream on the internet that it’s feminists fault that men kill themselves
  • send between $80 thousand and $100 thousand dollars to Paul Elam for him to spend personally
  • tell men that crisis or suicide lines are feminist designs and aren’t worth the trouble
  • complain that feminists haven’t solved the problem
  • use a suicide victim as a tool to bash women and feminists
  • babbling on about a feminist they don’t like that got in their face at a protest (which is what people do at protests, especially when MRA’s are there)
  • tell men the entire world is full of misandric sewage
  • complain that there isn’t enough research papers on a website
  • turn down a phone conversation with a national mental health service to get more information on male suicide
  • claim erroneously that it’s the oppression of men and boys by women that causes male suicide
  • blame the entire world (mainly women) for living their lives after a man commits suicide
  • claim feminists are responsible for manslaughter (I don’t know why but hey, it’s A Voice For Men)
  • claim the statistics on male suicide are feminist lies
  • call feminists psychopaths

Now that’s some serious activism strategies and they’re so innovative that I bet nobody in the world has tried them yet. They are guarandamnteed to Get. Shit. Done. (Since MRA’s are so fond of acronyms I will use GSD in the future.)

Please support A Voice for Men and this awesome activism by sending your donation to Paul Elam to fund his lifestyle. In the meantime go forth and GSD!


One thought on “Male Suicide: What A Voice for Men is Doing About It

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