Men Are So Damned Oppressed

I found one of the best comments on A Voice for Men that explains how tough men have it.

‘I’ve been around in the movement a long long time. And I hate these realizations. And AVFM has done the best job ever, out of any other men’s rights orgs, in building up and holding together an organization. But the fact is that most men are too fucking apathetic and too engrossed in trivia and competition for pussy to sacrifice anything at all for the movement. The only thing that will change that, will be the thumb screws being tightened on them to such a point they can not sit watching foot and drinking beer anymore.’~ Stu

Once a man has it so tough that he can’t watch football and have a beer, he’ll join the Men’s rights movement. Those damned pesky feminazis stealing our beer and our football games! Men are so damned oppressed!


Male Oppression


10 thoughts on “Men Are So Damned Oppressed

  1. The only thing that will change that, will be the thumb screws being tightened on them to such a point they can not sit watching foot and drinking beer anymore.

    And watch porn and start bar fights and other guy stuff. Did I mention I’m a man and I like manly things? Testosterone FTW!

  2. It was men who invented, manufactured, and used thumb screws. All instruments of torture were invented, manufactured, and used by men solely. Ultimately, these men seem very afraid of other men and their tools.

  3. I wonder what “sacrifice anything at all for the movement” means as I recall the praised heaped on men who mass murdered women (students in once incident, some women at a gym in another – and those incidents when men used to break into my women’s only residency hotel and went door to door stabbing mostly elderly women, students and domestic abuse survivors) and that memorable incident involving self-immolation of one of their leaders.

    I, also, have flashes of the movie, “The Life of Brian” going through my head – Brian, accidentally sacrificed nailed to a cross while members of the People’s Front of Judea come up and thank him for doing a find job.

    These guys are almost as funny as they are scary.

  4. Actually men are oppressed. Let’s take, for example, the nightclub scene. Now many of these clubs will advertise that on certain nights women are allowed admission without paying for it and also that drinks for women are only a pound (I live in the UK but I’m guessing it’s the same in the US). Now men who enter the same club have to pay for entry plus they have to pay full price fir the drink, not to mention that they’ll pay for some of the ladies drinks as well. So not only do women get cheap drinks but they’ll get free drinks as well. So yes men are oppressed. You women have never had it so good.

    • Let’s look at other examples of male oppression which is rampant in this anti-male culture we’ve been indoctrinated into.

      Men are treated as inherently aggressive and violent. Men are not allowed to be flexible; they are forced into a narrow definition of MALE. When they do not fit in to the definition they are labeled “wimp”, “sissy” or “girl”.

      Violence against men is more condoned than against women. Despite the growing societal awareness of violence against women (which is very good) it is still acceptable to harm or kill men if the reason is “justifiable”.

      Men are treated as if they do not feel pain or experience the full range of emotions like women. If killing or risking of life and limb is involved men are chosen for the job. When they get hurt at work or play they are expected to shrug it off and continue as if nothing happened; the work or the game is considered more important than their feelings. Men are looked upon as expendable.

      Boys and men are not expected to need closeness, reassurance and attention, which is thought to be harmful to their sense of place and importance in the world. If a boy or man asks for help they are seen as weak and needy and then put down for being like a woman.

      Men are treated as inherently compulsive in their sexuality. It is a lie that men cannot help the way they think, feel, look or act in a sexual context towards anyone. So yes men are oppressed.

      • We don’t live in anti-male culture. In order to say that you need to tell me what ‘male’ means. Then you have to display, with scientific support, that our culture is against whatever you operationally define ‘male’ to be.

        The rest of your diatribe is due to male models of the world, that would be patriarchy.

        Just want to touch on your last point about male sexuality. Men CAN help what they think but men also have to help other men NOT to rape. It’s not women’s problem although men have made it OUR problem. Men are also the majority of violent people. That also means it’s YOUR problem and not OURS. That’s not oppression, that’s another example of a male system, made and enforced by men. You see dude, we (feminists) want OUT of that system. This is the work we’ve been doing for decades while men have systematically and structurally oppressed us.

        The fact that you seem to think male systems oppress you should mean you’d be on board with feminists.

    • LOL. Men make more money than women. This is why men are charged. If women and men didn’t have a pay gap (thanks to patriarchy) it’d be different. Paying a bit more for a drink isn’t oppression dude. It’s business based on men’s patriarchal hierarchical models of reality.


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