A Break in Regular Programming Brings you BOOGIE!


I am the house mouse queen and this is my male mouse ‘Boogie.’  He’s eating Smartfood popcorn. He’s got impeccable taste. He also eats rice pudding, omelettes, and occassionally he raids my super duper expensive chocolates by taking little nibbles out of each chocolate. Yes, I do eat them even if he takes a bite.  Contrary to MRA trolls, house mice are disease-free over 90% of the time. They are mus musculus ie. like any other pet store mouse except much smarter. He never bites my fingers when I put peanut butter on them. He knows that fingers are not for biting. He’s very gentle and I’ll post more pics of him soon.

He’s a few months old, in his climby stage. He likes climbing wires to get onto my desk. He also gets into my nightstand.


14 thoughts on “A Break in Regular Programming Brings you BOOGIE!

    • Oh he is precocious. When I wake up and go to my computer he comes peeking around my desk waiting for me to go ‘Heeeey Booogie!’ Then he puts his little tail in the air, running in place on the lino trying to get in the dark corner. He’s very wild and it took AGES for him to trust me enough to lick my fingers.

      My training involves picking ONE spot on the floor to put some food. Once he gets accustomed to getting food there he’ll come out and sniff in that same area and when he does that I’m sitting in his food spot. I hold my hand steady with the best treat in the world: peanut butter. He paces for a long time before finally digging in with that little tongue of his. Their tongue isn’t really raspy. It’s more like a human tongue.

      He is spider mouse now. They all go through a climby stage. He’s on EVERYTHING. He climbs up on my clothes on hangers and tip-toes along the top of my closet. He’s such a persistent little mouse.

      He puts his little paw-toes on my fingers to reach all the pb on my fingers. They are very warm too. I feel his little body heat. He also attacks bugs. So I wiggle my fingers and he gets stimulated to eat. His mother ‘Little Girl’ before she died, got so used to me wiggling my fingers she would pounce on them. She was a very special little girl. I’ve seen many of her babies but only Boogie stayed in my apt.

      I met Little Girl at the same age her son is now. She was climby when I met her. She wasn’t as skittish as he is. She would come like a dog if I called her for food. Boogie doesn’t, yet. She also loved taking cooked egg from my hands. She would squeak-purr in delight when she’d bite down on it and run off to eat it.

      When Boogie was even tinier than he is in this picture, he would climb into my dresser drawer, to the top. I’d open the drawer and I’d see his back end wiggle out of the drawer. He did it for attention after he realized it was a game.

      Mice are incredibly social and once you have a relationship with them they’ll visit you every single day. They ‘check-in’ with their social circle as part of their psychology.

      When you meet a new mouse, just prior to them eating from your hand, they’ll skittle around you to sum you up. They sneakily do this. They always calculate a way to escape before eating. Their intelligence, social skills, and determination are the qualities that keep them alive. They are a very successful species.

      I never really thought about pet mice until just a year ago when I met Little Girl. I always thought, ‘oh, they’re just mice.’ I realized just how attached they get to you and how brilliant they are. The downfall of having mice as pets is that they only live to see 2 years. Little Girl has passed. Because Boogie is wild I don’t think he’ll live more than a year or so.

  1. I am always amazed by how smart, resourceful, and friendly they can be. Thank you for posting your sweet acceptance of mice as a fellow valuable creature.

    • Do you keep mice as pets? Mine are completely wild and I don’t force interaction with them. They come to me when they want to, which is every day because I am accepted into their social family. Mice aren’t isolated independent creatures. They rely on their society and humans can become a part of it by reading their emotions. Wild mice will only come to me if I’m joyous and loving. If I’m in a shit mood they’ll say hi but won’t stick around. It teaches me to appreciate each day.

  2. Did you see this article this a.m. at RawStory? http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/04/28/researchers-lab-mice-anxiety-toward-males-may-have-skewed-years-worth-of-studies/

    A funny part of the article is that the men think that the mice *might be aware of their presence*. Apparently, men even objectify mice! LOL! (You know how they’re always talking about us under their breath or to each other like they don’t think we can see or hear them… hilarious! I’m ROTFLMAO!)

    Animals are smart – they know violent predators when they see them!

    • Animals are smart – they know violent predators when they see them!

      Ouch, splash damage. I’m pretty sure these mice aren’t picking out MRA’s out of a lineup or anything, they’re just reacting to smell.

  3. He’s too cute. I don’t know too much about mice, but I’ve wanted a pet rat for a while now. And no, I don’t think that’s weird.

    • Hi V!

      Since you expressed interest I’ll give you a little bit of what makes a good relationship with rodents. First, they LOVE to chew. They must have lots of stuff to chew because their teeth continally grow and they chew to grind them down.

      Second, they love who feeds them.

      Third, they love a varied diet like humans do. I give Boogie chicken and toast with butter and jelly. He eats a bit of what I eat. I just don’t give him chocolate. He steals it if he can find it. LOL

      • LOL that’s too funny! I watched a show on rats and it seems like their favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. Must be a rodent thing 🙂

        • Hi V.

          I’ll never stop talking or educating or bragging about rodents! lol

          If you get a rat, you’ll get extremely close to him/her. If you get females you need at least 2. They are social and females need other gals to hang out with. You can get a single male tho and they love being the center of one owners attention. Typical male. LOL

          Today Boogie had pb (the all sacred pbutter) and a cooked carrot and a sweet blueberry. He comes to his begging spot and waits for me to see him begging. Then he scampers away waiting for me to get down and feed him. He’s so tiny and adorable.

          • Thanks for the information! Boogie sounds too adorable. My apartment has a pretty strict no pet rule and our lease isn’t up until next year, so I probably won’t get one until after that, but in the mean time, I’m collecting as much information as possible.

          • You could sneak one in. They don’t make noise. You can get a nice rat home too for about 75 bucks. Nobody would know! I wish you the best in finding the perfect rodent! Boogie says hi too!

          • Hi Boogie! And don’t tempt me, I’ve considered sneaking one in! But we live in an older building and it seems like the maintenance guy is here every few months to unclog our drains or check our fire alarms or screw the screen door back on. I’d be caught so quickly.


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