Dudes Are Doomed (Part I): The Y Chromosome

Many part post on the genetics of the Y chromosome and its’ untimely death. Warning: male tears ahead. If you want to read all parts: part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.

Trust Your Perceptions

Part one of seven part series.  View parts two, three, four and five here.

This is part of an ongoing series on Sex and Science. Scientific knowledge is constantly changing, — particularly Genetics, which is in its infancy. Trust Your Perceptions makes an effort to present current knowledge. Women, consider entering Genetics. (This piece is speculative, and meant for mind-fliers who appreciate spectacular views).

Necrophilia Explained, Or, Trust Your Perceptions’ Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Since time immemorial, dudes of Earth have pondered themselves:

What is the meaning of man?


While women handed them plates of food, special thinker-dudes have sacrificed their entire lives to dude-ponder. In fact, certain dudegeniuses have gone full-out immortal for their unintentionally-hilarious tomes of crap (the Why-R-Dudes-Here question being the basis of philosophy and religion everywhere).

What is the meaning of man??

The meaning of man is:

To make a…

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16 thoughts on “Dudes Are Doomed (Part I): The Y Chromosome

  1. I read part 1 of that the first day I found Warrior Woman’s site – or, actually, she found me at my blog and I followed a link back. But, I just read it, again, and I’m having the same thoughts… this is weird stuff, so be warned.

    Weird stuff: The whole business about an alien species coming in and manipulating the genetics of some earth creatures comes to mind. The Sumerian texts talk about what seems to be a genetic experiment that infused their genetic material with that of earth creatures to create a slave race.

    What if men are the result of an alien invasion! It’s no crazier than the actual demonic things they’ve done or tried to do to me (and other girls and women), personally. It would explain their psychopathy and complete lack of human feelings!

  2. There are some other great articles at that same blog – I just got sidetracked reading Forgiveness + Positive Thinking = Eating Sh*t. I could have almost written it myself. The positive thinking cult really ticks me off – nobody who has ever had a serious accident, illness or has been the victim of some horrible crime should go near those people!

    I’m so glad you reblogged this!

  3. Well. This analysis (I read all the five parts available) is the overarching radical feminist theoretical exegesis I have been wanting to write myself for years. And I couldn’t have done it half as well. I agree with the whole damn thing. The scathing, vernacular, sometimes screamingly funny style is also very radfem; where are you after the pain and the horror of insight, then the rage and the despair? Here in these posts, laying it out – the roots of Patriarchy, with lots of clues as to where to run and what to do.

    Thank you for making this series of posts better-known.

    • It’s a monumental post imho. The writer is a geneticist and the wit in that post would make anyone learn her science.

      Where am I after the insight? The same place I’ve been for at least most of my life: away from men. I’m unapologetic to them. I don’t cater to them. I say NO without thinking of their holy entitlement. It’s refreshed me. Given me another good reason why I don’t allow men into my life where they can do any significant damage to me.

      The one thing I have to reconcile, and I’m in the process of doing so, is the immense focus I have on MRA’s instead of my sisters. I’ve been critiquing the MRA’s for many years now. They haven’t changed much. Their misogyny, entitlement, racism, sexism, homophobia knows no bounds. I enjoy exposing them for the scum they are.

      However, while I do that I think about my sisters and the time away from them. I’m trying to balance my attention but admittedly the purpose of this blog is to expose the misogynist backlash. I’m posting more feminist content than I ever did. We’ll see how I do with my balancing. Your comment is appreciated. Thank you. Oh, and may I ask, where are you after reading this piece?

  4. Yes, monumental. You ask where I am now, after reading the series.

    I could co-exist with men very well except for the scourges of male violence and domination-seeking. Those scourges are related. To me, male actions as a class are the primary causes of human suffering apart from natural disasters like tsunamis (and even natural disasters like forest fires and tsunamis and earthquakes are made much worse by building human homes in harm’s way).

    I agree with Trust Your Perceptions that human society is built upon male biology and, I am glad to see she points out very carefully, consequent male psychology. ( I agree that much of the building of civilization was as a result of unconscious instincts and drives). I can see a lot of consequences for feminist theory, with liberatory effects, once this fact is brought back and socialization is put back into its proper perspective, i. e., as a detailed metaphorical social structure representing the fundamental problem – the insatiable and untrammeled male drive to reproduce.

    For me personally, liberation involves disentangling myself, level after level, from male control, beginning with intimate relationships and then moving away from male friendships, male support people like handymen and doctors, male employers, male business associates, established religion, government assistance, and so on. I still have one or two men in my life, but they have no control over my decisions. I recommend putting everything into getting good training leading to self-employment. Personal liberation of women isn’t just liberal individualizing, I don’t think – it’s part of the revolution. It has only just become possible for a few of us in a few countries. Let all who can do so begin by freeing ourselves to the extent currently possible, which makes us an example to other women and increases the possibilities of liberation for those we spend our energy and money on.

    Then second, I do support local institutions that help women specifically, such as our women’s shelters. But I know this is not getting at the root, it’s just being human and trying to relieve suffering that is right in my face.

    Third, I think radical feminism is embarked on an important theoretical project of bringing the human unconscious into the conscious realm. So many veils must be lifted before we can see how to deal with the ongoing suffering. We have many great thinkers, but I feel we haven’t put together all our individual observations and theories into a simple framework that will carry out that goal. Because we haven’t had this framework that is coherent and discussable in plain speech, we have been hindered in moving forward to stopping the suffering.

    I keep in mind that feminist theory is five short decades old, and for three of those decades, feminist theory has been derailed by taking the position that male violence and domination can be stopped by changing societal mores. This position has led us to the classic liberal trap of expending our energies within the system, which has flexibly accommodated us and led to some progress, but only some, and for a few. We have tried many ineffectual things: caging more of the most violent men, removing legal impediments for women but not the male rage about these new freedoms, voting but with a useless choice of candidates, allowing divorce but without effective protection from husbands, allowing abortions but shutting down the clinics, and so on. I feel that we have made as much progress as male-dominated society will absorb; witness the “guttural hatred” (SPLC quote) of the New Misogyny, which is gaining ground, as you know.

    If we return to the position Trust sets forth, which is to return to the evident sources of our exploitation and oppression from ancient times, we can turn back to answering “root” questions, where our real opportunity to end our ancient exploitation may be found: What would it really take to end male violence and domination? To do that without using the male tools of violence and domination ourselves? Who are our real allies? How can science help? How severe of a backlash can we expect? What is the best model for a non-violent, not hierarchical human society? What are the steps to achieve it? What is the timeline?

    I sympathize very much with your situation and it’s reflected in me. I think we both feel like the village crier, trying to watch the male backlash movement, recognizing it as threat, trying to let other women know about it, and trying to whip away each new veil they place over our faces with our words. It’s difficult work with harsh personal costs, immersing oneself in all that hatred and anger. But it’s necessary work, so I hope you hang in here as long as you can. And stay safe.

    • Wow! What an insightful comment. I totally agree that our best hope to mitigate our attachment to the patriarchal economic system is to become self-employed, preferably at something that doesn’t require us to seek male clients because this is extremely hazardous as I can attest. Anytime you deal with men in a situation where they know you need something – in this case, to make a living – they have an opportunity to exploit, assault or terrorize you and many of them will gladly make us of it.

      After reading a bunch of different feminist blogs over the past few days and seeing the degree of online harassment and, of course, having experienced it myself – knowing how the many ways that men can get at your professionally or by threatening your physical safety, more than ever, I believe we have to organize ourselves – offline, as much as possible – secretly. We need to educate other women every way we can, not only about the kind of feminism we’re talking about here but about real ways to get off its various systems. But, it should be underground – maybe in the form of sororities or for those of us inclined toward the occult, small covens, so that there is a promise of sisterhood and loyalty to each other to fall back on when our trauma-bonding/Societal Stockholm Syndrome sets in.

      I think the women who did all that work did us a lot of good, but it’s only gone so far. The backlash has been tremendous for a long time now, but I feel the kettle has been on furious boil for the past 3 or 4 years.

  5. I’m just now getting around to reading Pat 2. Oh, the fun! Seriously. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if while the men think they’re killing us with porn, rape and its variations resulting in ejaculate that they are really expediting their own demise!

    I love it!

    • Precisely the genius of the post. I believe the statement that man is his own destruction began in an ecological context (not postitive tho) and the fact that genetically this is highly probable is fitting. Epic.

      Who’s responsible for polluting the planet, killing off various animal species, globalization, etc? Men. This need to rape the earth of everything is quite apparent.

      They are their own demise.

      • That kind of reminds me of the Sodom and Gomorrah story – God (nature) destroys men because of their own depravity. Maybe it’s an allegory.

        The only thing I disappointing about the Part 2 post was the time projection the geneticists gave with 125,000 years in the future being the soonest that men would degenerate to nothingness. It seems like with all the natural and man-made disasters and such – that was really interesting by the way – making sizable deductions in the rate of males miscarried or simply winnowed out of the process, that it might occur much sooner.

        Maybe if women had more education about what men really are, how much they hate us, the degree to which most of us are experiencing trauma-bonding/Stockholm Syndrome, they would refuse to birth anymore boys. After reading some of these things the past few days – including the book, Loving to Survive, I have a greater understanding of my own fear-based behaviors. I think if more girls and women understood what sick psychological game they’re playing and how the are all complicit to one degree or another because of the system that very few women would want anything to do with men.

        I think that – then comes the fear of the backlash… that they’ll just start torturing and killing us even faster.

        • Lots of typos tonight – sorry. “deductions” should be “reductions.” I meant to say, “The only thing I found disappointing…” I re-read it before it hit “reply” – really I do!

        • My sister had a boy, my nephew. I really pray for him because I know my sis is a great mom and she was the moneymaker. Her hubby made money but not nearly as much as she did.

          I just hope my sis was able to keep him away from hypermasculine teachings. I certainly don’t want to imagine my nephew, watching the degradation of women in porn. I just want to think it’s not something that will happen but I fear it will anyway. If my nephew turned into one of those MRA misogynists (which I doubt) I would be crushed.

          I doubt that will happen though because he’s a well rounded young man. He doesn’t sit online all day like MRA’s do. He’s active and my family is wealthy. He had a good female role model growing up.

          One of the things I don’t understand about men who watch porn is how they can accept watching it when other women are in it and yet freak out if their sister was in it. Always degrade ‘other’ women. It’s like they can’t put two and two together and realize the woman they’re watching is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, aunt. etc.

          And they talk about ‘logic?’ LOL

          • Re: Why they get mad when it’s their sister, or daughter, etc. It comes back to the sense of ownership they have over those women.

            The scary thing is that I don’t think that either a daughter or a son could be totally protected from this nightmare system – it’s clearly the system and it’s many aspect that is ruining the lives of girls. Maybe – and this is looking like a very big maybe to me, at this point, especially after reading this series – but, maybe if the whole entire system was shattered, we wouldn’t have to worry about boys growing up to be misogynists and growing up to commit rape, femicide and – all too often – matricide.

  6. Just finished reading Part 3: I’m amazed (sort of) at how many scientific discoveries have been stolen from women and credit for them taken by men. I am making my own list of specific examples of this and I just found more in this post.

    At another blog or maybe this same one, I can’t remember now, I saw the theory that the reason so many of men are freaking out over an impending apocalypse and preparing for some kind of violent confrontation is that they know their end is coming. Of course, it could just be more displaced male – mostly white male – rage, too.

    It’s easy to envision a future world that would ultimately be satisfying to both us and them. We could just keep the few remaining, less genetically damaged males in cages – there they can wank and watch all the now archaic and obsolete porn and sexually violent video games, rage at how much they hate women while they lay around on their lazy azzes and get fed. Pretty much this is what they’re doing now, except they’ll be fewer of them, they’ll be confined and they will actually be contributing something worthwhile to society – that us until parthogenesis returns to us and then, we can let them die out once and for all. Maybe do a little taxidermy work on the leftovers and keep a few specimens in a museum to remind us of the Hell on Earth our female ancestors indured at the hands of mutants, which were probably the result of some scientific experiment gone awry in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago.

    • It was at this blog in Part 4 that she talks about the male obsession with apocalyptic themes.

      I’m now reading Part 4. I read it already, but I did it out of order so it didn’t make as much sense.

      She talks about dude themes in movies and their reversals in this one. I really like it.

      Has anyone else noticed how horrible the movies have been lately? Mainstream movies only have 8% women script writers and indies only have 33%, which is why they are so often better despite the lower budgets. I’ve been looking for a good movie since last year, but whenever I check the local listings all I see is men’s faces (almost entirely white), war, destruction, romantic pairings (completely nauseating and centered around the male character, of course), super heroes, etc. It’s truly awful. I haven’t seen a new movie since Alice in Wonderland in 3-D because there is just nothing worthwhile. I read that the dudebro movie-makers can’t figure out why cinema attendance, especially by women, is way down. Of course, all those white dudes shooting movie-goers probably isn’t helping, either, especially in the bigger cities. Chew your popcorn too loud and some self-entitled white man goes nuts!

      • Hahahahaha! You’re hilarious.I hate the movies. There’s just nothing good in the theatre. It’s just all action movies with dudebros. Fuuuuuck that.

        I watched Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and they even fucked that movie up. Since when does she have sex with straight dudebros? Well we can’t have a lesbian smart woman in the movie that isn’t doing dudes! She has to at least give sex to ONE white het dude in order for techy dudebros to like the movie.

        I loved her character, until she slept with straight white dudebro.


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