Homophobic MRA’s Are Women’s Fault

A Voice for Men always has good little tidbits of hatred every time I visit the site. This time Paul Elam and John Hambling wrote a piece responding to what they assume is a feminist blogger. In the response was this bit:

This is not to say that there are not some men who, on their own, have an irrational and hostile reaction to homosexuality. Part of that so called “discussion” we might have with those gender ideologues who so much want to “honor” us might consider that “hypermasculinity” is driven by competition for their holy of holies – because women respond to it. It is the same force that drives men to sell themselves out to gain approval from gender ideologues and other women who hate their guts.

Let’s unpack that a bit.

They know some men are homophobic. Great. Sounds reasonable, but then it spirals down into hatred. Hypermasculinity, and therefore homophobia, is the result of men wanting vaginas. It’s all women’s fault if MRA’s are homophobic! Oh and nothing is right with the world unless Paul Elam throws some hatred at men who aren’t complete and utter misogynists like himself.

Thanks Paul and John for this lovely hate-filled message!



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