MRA’s Gathering Docs on High School Teacher and Making Posters With Her Image

Jonathan Taylor, Paul Elam and others are searching for the personal identifying information of a high school teacher they think is teaching in Connecticut.  Jonathan Taylor posted the request for her job location on his misogynist website too.  Her crime? CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE


Teaching youngsters what consent is and writing a small article on HuffPost about it.. Yep. Now AVFM is trying to find her docs so they can harass her. One commenter is eager to punish her.


Once more, AVFM, AVFMS and MRA’s prove that they’re not interested in anything else but harassing women. These MRA’s are so angry that a woman is teaching younger people what consent is that they’re after her. The problem with consent? Well, if you really teach the culture that consent is necessary for sex then MRA’s take it as an assault against their ‘male sexuality.’ They also whine that teaching young people this critical concept will result in false accusations of rape. Huh? I know, it’s pathetic. Actually KNOWING what consent is will actually lead to the reverse but MRA’s don’t let that stop them.

What they’re really worried about? In my view, the only reason these men get upset at the culture having boundaries is because they want to be able to use alcohol and other excuses for coercing and raping women. It means they’ll have less of a chance at manipulating women. They don’t want this boundary to be clear. If it remains unclear they can get away with it more.

There is NO other reason to hem and haw at teaching young people what consent is and what rape is.

Some of the comments on this article are really the reason why consent needs to be taught in school.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like the word ‘consent’. AT. ALL. I know this makes me a rape apologist outside of these circles, but just look at the word, for fucksake! It begins with the a priori assumption that it is something a woman either lets or doesn’t let happen to them. Necessarily passive. Can anyone imagine if we examined to every single sexual act a hypothetical male engages in under the binary: consensual/not consensual? ~DEDC

All the more reason why consent needs to be taught.  Every act requires consent. If you don’t have consent you’re raping someone.

Some of the dudebro’s reacted to the article by saying men should withhold sex from women until we figure out what we want.  I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. We either say yes or we say no and if we don’t say anything it’s not an automatic yes.

IMO there is an over abundance of of sex available to women..Especially for single women.What is free has no value.What is cheap has little value.Men are a dime a dozen.Men are disposable.Men do not usually recognize their own inherit value.Things have value based on their usefulness,their availability and their perceived usefulness.If gold were as common as sand it would have less value than dirt.Female sexuality is venerated(OR PERCEIVED AS NON EXISTENT) and male sexuality is demonized and treated like dirt. MGTOW ~markis1

Huh? This is a typical tactic of misogynists. They assume women are getting something they want and then get jealous and hate-filled. Apparently this dudebro is a Man Going His Own Way. Well, he’s not getting there fast enough. I thought MGTOW guys are like ‘going somewhere’ without women? I guess it’s just part of MGTOW life to sit on the internet pondering over how much sex women are getting and how he hates women for it.

Let’s say she sticks her hands down his pants, and one thing leads to another. Neither of them said no, neither said yes. She may have initiated, but her lack of a verbal yes makes him the rapist, not her.~Eldritch Edain

What? All the more reason why young men and women need to be taught. Ok so she put her hand down your pants. Did you ask her to? See, because if you didn’t and you didn’t want it that’s RAPE dudebro. Putting her hand in your pants doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want either. Wow, this consent thing really makes MRA’s into bumbling fools.

On AVFMS, Jonathan Taylor’s hate site, people in the comments have told him that searching for her workplace is wrong.  MRA’s don’t care when it comes to harassing women. One of the commenters is going to do another ‘poster’ campaign with this woman’s face on the poster and some disgusting misogynist crap underneath.

I am making posters of this sexist . I am going to post them from Greenwich to Stonnington,Norwalk to Suffield.
I bet you had no idea that some of Jonathan’s largest group of foot solders live in Connecticut.
The feces is going to be falling from the sky on this woman.
I think she is from (redacted) .
I addition I will be posting her mug and comments about Yale, Southern and Western State U.~ Fred Detorez

If they manage to get her docs they will harass her.  If anyone knows her just give her the heads up that they’re after her.



22 thoughts on “MRA’s Gathering Docs on High School Teacher and Making Posters With Her Image

  1. I remember, back when I first got on YouTube years ago, that you were already well-established there and were one of my earliest critics. My channel blew past yours, and you’ve been eating my dust ever since.

    By all means, continue your “critique.” Drive more traffic to my site. The “donotlink” redirects, not to mention the lies, don’t help as much as you think.

  2. How in the hell is that encouraging students to make false rape accusations? That’s completely over-the-top even for AVfM standards.

    • Your guess is as good as mine. I think we should get that MRA Bingo game out. I’ve missed you btw. I haven’t gotten my email in a few days. I have sinusitis. Going to an ENT specialist. The doc I saw today was the best. She was about 10 years older than me and she and I talked and talked. I wish I wasn’t so ill I coulda talked to her for hours! She fell in love with my Bostonian accent.

      • That sounds deeply unpleasant. The health news, not the conversation 🙂

        Also it says I reblogged this but it doesn’t show on my page. I have no idea how it’s supposed to work.

        • Yeah, my maxillary sinus and my ethroid (sp) sinus cavities get inflamed and infected easily. It’s my Achilles heel. If I’m on an airplane for longer than 3-4 hours I get a sinusitis infection. It sucks.

          When I reblog I usually write a little comment or two when the prompt comes up. It then reblogs it, but not the whole thing, just the first bit of it. iirc

  3. JonathonTaylor is a coward. Instead of contacting the writer through the huffpost or her university and giving her the respect due to the fact that this is a journalistic article, he intends to libel and silence her with intimidation. I am quite sure he would not do this to a male writing a journalistic article; he is obviously frightened of using such tactics on men or the governmental entities this young lady quotes.

    He has learned his tactics from AVFM. Apparently he wants to live up to Daddy, the biggest bully on the block. What makes it worse is that he is libeling her. She does not say in the article that her thoughts regarding consent were ever communicated to any student she may have had, only that she was surprised that even the subject of consent was not well-known among her students. Only one sentence in her article even has anything to do with her teaching. The rest involves her own understanding as a young college student, and is correct insofar as she is repeating requirements of the United States Department of Justice. The only statement that is even remotely arguable is her statement that consent cannot be given while “under the influence”. In fact, this is arguably correct. The degree of being under the influence is the only thing being debated or ata ll questionable.

    The quality of the site Mr. Taylor runs can be seen from the comments he has made here. He is not a writer or thinker; he is demonstrating himself to be an angry, vindictive hater of women.

  4. Reblogged this on Bread and Roses and commented:
    The Men’s Rights crowd, including Paul Elam and Jonathan Taylor, are searching for the personal information of a teacher who *gasp* taught students about consent! Which is apparently the equivalent of encouraging students to make false rape accusations. Right.

  5. I see that Taylor’s doxxing post has been linked twice to the mensrights subreddit and removed twice by the mods. Clearly he is on notice that his conduct is considered doxxing under Reddit policies. It seems to me that if he goes forward with his doxxing after all the warnings and advice he has received, this would indicate that the entire site is a doxxing site, and all future links to it on the subreddit should be reported to the subreddit mods, and if they do nothing, to Reddit Admin, which will probably ban further links to the site.

    • Yep. They’ve got private forums where they compile docs on women. There should be no mensrights reddit but it wouldn’t matter if they shut them down. The internet makes them capable of incredible harassment and threats. The only thing to do is fight fire with fire. When they attack women, we should alert them and the authorities. The attack on Danielle D’Entremont was the first and she won’t be the last.

  6. He sure went ballistic over basically nothing. Arthur Goldwag may need to rethink his position.

    In absolutely no legal code do we see a requirement that consent be “enthusiastic.” Nor do we see a requirement of a verbal “yes.”

    Oh, I see. All educational advice must follow the letter of the law or it can’t be taught. To hell with lessons about decency and morality.

    On the contrary; there is not a doubt in my mind that many false rape accusations would be made against innocent people if more people accepted her way of thinking. I won’t stand for it. And if you value the well-being of men and boys as much as the well-being of women and girls, you won’t either.

    No, there will be fewer false accusations if everyone is on the same page. But he won’t stand for it!

    He doesn’t much value the well-being of men and boys since consent works both ways. It’s all about male entitlement and who cares about men and boys who might be sexually assaulted by women or girls who exploit ambiguity around consent? Certainly not Jonathan Taylor.

    • In the deepest sense this outburst is due to the notion of women having the right to say no. I did not grow up with that right. I am glad to see that it is becoming normalized. For men, it is an enormous setback. Tant pis.

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