MRA’s and Their Online Threats

I got these on Youtube. They’re from MRA dudebro’s. I suppose this will be dismissed by the Manosphere as not a real threat or not a real MRA or some other nonsense.



I Googled ElectricWizard454 and found him on a medical forum talking about being on ssri’s, trying cognitive behavioural therapy. He says he’s 43 years old and was also into the PUA community too. He said on one comment ‘I hate women.’ Well, there it is!

Sam10947 has a problem with women having sexual experience as he was found on a dating site.

These are by no means the only threats I’ve received but they are recent ones. Many times I will just report them and not save them.

Anyone else who’s received threats? If you feel like you can’t post them on your own blog I will host them here with your personal id blanked out.






12 thoughts on “MRA’s and Their Online Threats

  1. Hi there just so you know I’d never threaten you. I think you’re a hypocritical fucking moron but I’d never threaten you. I think you’re doing a great job for feminism so keep your hatred strong. I’ve referenced you and your type many times.
    Your friendly neighborhood fedora wearing woman oppressing neckbearded mammas boy dudebro. ( I hope I covered it all for you when you delete my post and make a real better clever one 🙂

  2. Translation of Mythago’s Comment: I have nothing to say but I do want to cause harm. Therefore I will make a post calling you non-actionable but insulting names in hopes that I can persuade you to waste some of your valuable time and emotional energy on me.

    (I’ve responded only because it’s useful to point out the dynamics of MRA comments.)

    • Hey that’s cute. But what I really meant was she has the right to spew her filthy hatred since freedom of expression is our more important democratic rights and I would never cause her harm for expressing herself. I really believe we all have a right to speak. Just expect to be called out on it. That’s what radfems can’t seem to handle. And she already censored me in a previous post by deleting it and making a different comment. That’s why she’s a hypocrite and a coward to boot.
      Thanks for femsplaining what I meant. You may twist this any way that makes you feel better.

      Translation: I’m a nasty misogynist who feels small and has to continue coming to this blog to take a shit since I can’t figure out where the toilet is.

  3. Translation: OK, I’ll move into these tactics: condescend, use loaded pejorative words, say nothing relevant, attempt to intimidate by making an unsolicited promise not to use physical violence, complain, generalize, use MRA neologisms, beg for a response, and derail the post. It took 9 sentences though, pretty sloppy.

    This MRA is a go-to-man for dirty tricks. He’s called in by the calculators who openly discuss his specialty: “One method of enforcement is to have posters like Mythago come on heavy with snark – if the target addresses it, s/he will first be “warned”, but the road is clear.”

    This is all the attention he gets from me.


    • Wow paranoid much? No I’m not an MRA and I haven’t been “called” in by “calculators” as an ” enforcer.”. I find feminism a disgusting, cowardly, hateful ideology hiding behind lies and censorship. What’s even more odd is the racism behind it since it’s most vocal proponents are privileged well educated white women who have this abhorrent hatred and jealousy towards white men. My opinion is you take your self hatred and white guilt and project it onto white men due to your inability to deal with it. Solidarity is for white women right? And since I believe in equality white privved rad fems like you can go fuck yourself if you think I’ll just sit and let you spew your vile hatred without calling it out. This twat, the valentis, murphys, sheehys, marcottes, merciers, radical winds, and femitheists and all the other scum rad fems can eat shit since their so full of it. Carry on and have a lovely day.

      Translation: I realize I’m about to be banned so I’m going to take yet another shit on this blog.

  4. (Nods)

    Regarding the threats: both these threateners are men with severe psychososexual issues, but there is no evidence of previous violence. I can’t tell you what to do, but it appears to me that people as sick as ElectricWizard454, who is a 43-year-old virgin, alternately suicidal and homicidal, who says “kill all women” as a mantra on his google plus account, who lives about 500 miles from Florida, is a guitar freak and lousy player, who is on a lot of medication, obsesses over poor Taylor Swift, adores porn and expects to die young, ought to be reported to the FBI. There’s similar info on the other sick young person but I won’t go into it at present.

    I think perhaps female bloggers should routinely report these threats. I think the FBI would like the heads up.

    • I do report them. It would help if other would. That gives me an idea. I’m going to put report information on my sidebar so others can easily report depending on the country they live in. I’ll do America and Canada first. Prolly Australia and the UK later.

  5. Recommend a quick Lysol rubdown for the MRA pointman. Don’t want the area where he was to get moldy and putrid.

  6. These guys are expert harassers and they know what they can get away with. While these certainly appear like threats to me, I am pretty sure law enforcement authorities would consider them as such. And, even if they did, they (law enforcement agencies) never do anything about it. For instance, in the first one he “should be” and in the second one he says, “I’d” – as in would and not will or “I’m going to.” To me these are veiled threats and even if someone doesn’t see them as that they must surely see that they are examples of psycho-sexual abuse. It’s a form of verbal sexual harassment – if it’s illegal or not, I don’t know, but nothing is ever done about it.

    I lived for several months with men in a house next door to me – many with outstanding warrants for violent crimes, giving alcohol to minor girls, etc. – making direct threats of rape to me whenever I went outside. The cops always had a reason why they couldn’t do anything about it. Even threats of death against me involving an act of vehicular homicide only got a, “That’s a serious offense,” comment from the men – all men, all of them are men here – in uniform.

    Remember that thing about the Twitter threats in the U.K. several months ago? It looked like the U.K. cops were going to do something, but in the end, they found a reason to drop the charges against the perpetrators – and those included very direct threats of bombs and where and how the men were going to get the women.

    The last time someone told me I “should be gang raped by Mexicans” among other things on YouTube, I went underground. People who say things like that to you intend harm and may well be completely insane, in my opinion. But, nobody ever does anything about it – not a YT, not at Facebook and certainly not in law enforcement.

    I’ve noticed the past few days that you have been visited by some very nasty, psycho-sexually abusive trolls just right here at your blog!

    I think this is why I try not to engage these bastards. I’m past the point of dealing with abusers and taking it. One of these times, they’re going to track a woman to her home with the intention of beating her up like they did to that poor woman from Queens Uni. and get their fucking heads blown off instead.

  7. Wow, people must be so brave to threaten others over the internet. In the end, they are just driving traffic to your page and making themselves look bad.


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