AVFM Reiterates: Women are Children

BR Merrick, an author over at misogyny land has graced us with a new and improved article babble that tells us all that women are really just children. He says that women have complained continually through all waves of feminism. Here are some of his greatest misogynist points:

What if there are just too many things to complain about? What if this is what the complaining is actually designed to do, like an infant complains because that is the extent of the infant’s logic?

This is supposed to be the brick of logic that MRA’s throw at feminists to teach us how violently correct men are. Let’s follow this impeccable brick of logic. Women complained about not having rights equal to men. There are too many things to complain about. Infants complain. Therefore, women are infants!

How does spoiling then occur? By, regardless of whether they’re moneyed or not, giving them everything they want. Feminism is a sickened ideology run mostly by women who view the world through the “progressive” prism: If they don’t see “progress” as they have already narrowly defined it, then the work of changing humanity for the better will not cease. We’ve had well over a century of “progress” now, but the tantrums will not die down.

Spoiling is giving a child everything it wants. Feminists are interested in progress but define it wrong so the work never stops. Feminists are throwing tantrums and getting everything they want, therefore feminists are spoiled children!

The MRM is the greatest human rights movement ever so it wouldn’t be complete without denying humanity to others.

Feminists do not understand humanity. They do not understand individuality. They do not understand natural processes, like human sexual evolution.

There’s always sexual innuendo in AVFM articles. Women don’t understand human sexual evolution and Merrick also says:

I give you Stu, one of AVfM’s many old hands. He is going to give it to you hard:

I think MRA’s on AVFM write articles while watching porn or something. Merrick doesn’t stop with denying humanity to women. He then goes on to list a few women who are celebrities that denounce feminism. He also seems to think these women never faced gender discrimination in the workplace. I hate to break it to him but both Madonna and Bjork dealt with sexual harassment in the music industry.

I can assure you, ladies, whatever you’re complaining about… shut up.

That’s right ladies. Getting the vote was just complaining. Wanting to work for a living was just complaining. Wanting access to safe low cost contraception and abortion is just complaining. Wanting to go to Universities after being prevented from doing so was just complaining. Not wanting to be harassed on the street is just complaining. Not wanting to be raped is just complaining. Shut up and take it dear!

And here endeth the latest misogynist rant by AVFM.


28 thoughts on “AVFM Reiterates: Women are Children

  1. Its odd how they want these same ‘infants’ to pay them alimony, to work their asses off supporting these deadbeats, make babies for them, cook and clean for them.

    You are doing such important work here with this site. Honestly, if you ever need anything financially or otherwise I would be willing to help you expand your message.

    And I must admit that I trust you more than I would David Futrelle. I appreciate him exposing misogyny, but it just goes to show you how men are invading and gaining ‘leadership’ positions on topics that should be a woman’s concerns.

    Besides his comments tend to be all humorous (I really sometimes question his loyalty to the cause, sometimes it seems that he just likes to have a gang agreeing with him so he can be a leader and a bunch of women following him and listening to his opinions) to be honest I cannot find humor in misogyny nor can I trust a man to defend me or defend women as a group.

    Your site is really improving, Great job!

    • Thank you so much. I like David’s humour. I think that this means something different to me than it does him simply because I AM a woman and it hits my psyche differently. I’m sure David wouldn’t protest that.

      Starting this blog I tried to be funny like David, but it wasn’t really me and then I just wrote the way of my own true voice which is different than David’s. I think my voice is more urgent and definitely more angry. When I was younger I thought feminism had done its work. I never expected such a backlash of misogynist hatred. Here it is. It’s distressing. I worry about my safety sometimes. I get threatened a lot.

      I really appreciate you offering me money for my time and work. I will eventually have a donate button to my paypal account. I was thinking about that today. I just had to replace my monitor and it broke my account. If you do want to support my work I’ll have that paypal link up soon. I sure as hell am gonna need it. I’m disabled and live on peanuts. I have a spinal disability and when WomanoftheWoods starts talking about real life women’s groups I get all excited and then I sigh because I don’t get around easy. Online I can be a force though!

  2. I would like to know that misogynist’s rationalization for the 200 girls kidnapped for the purposes of torture, rape and slavery in Nigeria a few weeks ago. They of course did not complain. In fact, it appears that they will never be heard from again.

    “Whatever you are complaining about…”

    “We are dead and dying, raped, sold into sexual slavery…”

    “Shut up.”

    • There is no rationalization. In an upcoming post I will talking about the MRA talking points and rhetoric around single mothers and child abuse. I’ve got two statistical sets to do it so far. Australia and Canada. The truth is obviously not what they spew. You’ve got to read Elizabeth Sheehy’s work. I’ll put a link to her book in the sidebar. It’s crucial imv.

      • I can’t remember where I read it recently, but single fathers are 420% more likely to abuse their children than fathers in trad. nuke families. With single women, the rate of abuse rises to 80%, according to whatever I read.

        I never really trust stats.

        Just talking to many, many people – friends, acquaintances (people I make fast-friends with because I like to talk to people and people tell me things), members of my own family, etc. it is almost always men who are physical abusers, even in traditional nuke family set ups. I know lots of people who, as adults, have no or limited contact with their fathers because of this abuse. On the other hand, I know of one case involving an abusive mother, who was left by the father of her to son, to raise them alone back in the 1960s and ’70s. She beat one of them, supposedly, because he resembled his father. This is one case like that out of 50 or more involving paternal abusers.

        The men who actually believe what the MRAs say about this subject or anything else must have absolutely no life experience, whatsoever. They must be very isolated people who have never had much interaction with other actual people.

    • My guess is that MRAs, in general, are supportive because they don’t like women being educated, either. They actively work against efforts to stop campus rape (by doxxing, physical assaults on individual female students who are organizing to try to stop it, organized attacks on reporting systems at universities) and equal access to education, especially in the sciences.

      The reasons the kidnappers gave for taking the girls was the same – they don’t want women to be educated – they want them to be married sex servants or sex slaves to buy and sell. MRAs are the same – they either want women to be married to individual men as sex servants or they want a pool of girls and women to rape or use as prostitutes for themselves. Either way you look at it, both groups of men want to keep girls and women as slaves, either individually or as a group.

  3. Let’s always keep in mind the rest of the world. The 200 girls kidnapped and brutalized and tortured in Nigeria should be our watchwords. This is the global patriarchy. R U making male war? R the male troops getting restive? Well, time to kidnap some girls and give them to you for rape. They are nothing. Ghosts. Animals.

    Nothing. The horror of their destruction…nothing.

  4. Worldwide rates of poverty and violence against girls and women aside, think in your own day-to-day life of all the things you *don’t* complain about on any given day in which you are forced to interact with men: The disgusting comments on your way to or from somewhere, the threats, the mistreatment at your workplace or school, how many times you narrowly escaped violence from men just last week or last month, etc., etc. Women don’t complain enough at all compared to what is actually happening to most of us every day.

    I like Futrelle, too, but I agree with boomernumber8!

    Yeah, it’s hard not to become personally and emotionally involved with a project when it’s generating a lot of highly personalized threats and verbal sex abuse! I doubt if Futrelle gets a lot of rape threats or psycho-sexual abuse of any kind. Most men don’t have an ongoing – never-freaking-stops – personal history of that kind of thing to deal with, either.

    I read this situation with the abducted girls in Nigeria is not an unusual occurrence. The amount of human trafficking going on in the world and quite likely just around the corner from wherever you live is absolutely staggering!

  5. I wasn’t sure were to post this whether on wise woman or here, but I think here since you deal with the mrm more and the mrm will surely be all over this. So the loons at infowars found a video of a girl documenting her experience of abortion – the obvious has ensued, she is a slut, child murderer, everyone is flagging her video on youtube as well.

    I believe she deserves some female solidarity. Her address have been posted on infowars and I wouldn’t doubt that they will go and try to go after her. Her youtube video comments are disabled as well I am assuming because of the loons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxPUKV-WlKw


    Also, I just love how these idiots insist on reproducing without getting their own shit together. Most people know nothing of how to raise healthy kids and here they are telling people to have more kids as if we don’t have enough already or how most kids that are born to their insane parents are mentally tormented and abused to only become parents to children that they torment and abuse, and the cycle continues. Men don’t think. Seriously.

    • boomernumber9,

      Geez! I saw that headline over at infowars this a.m. and I figured something like that was going to happen.

      Remember when Jones used to focus on government conspiracy theories and gigantic owl statues and the Bohemia Grove on Beltane? Those were the days! Now and for, at least, the past few years he has narrowed his “appeal” to angry white men who really, really, really hate women and immigrants, especially Mexicans (apparently Mexican-hating is some kind of Texas thing!). When he gets on either one of those subjects, I want to reach right through his microphone and grab him by the throat.

      Infowars/PrisPlanet have become a haven for a particularly out-there bunch of misogynists. I noticed they’re still on about the “Hail Satan” thing at the capital gathering, even though we KNOW it was a bunch of Christians standing around chanting. The comment section is full of similar things – women are agents of Satan, etc. It’s just chilling to me and I think how easily we could slip back into the Middle Ages – how close we are right now – to being hunted down at our homes, tortured and burned at the stake.

      I watched the video and I didn’t see anything wrong with it, at all. Honestly, all they have to do is put a video of a woman doing anything over at that web site and the tin-foil hat wearing misogynist crowd comes out of the woodwork like a bunch of cockroaches.

      • “Honestly, all they have to do is put a video of a woman doing anything over at that web site and the tin-foil hat wearing misogynist crowd comes out of the woodwork like a bunch of cockroaches.”

        This exactly! We are not allowed our spaces, we can’t even think of having our own spaces, opinions etc. because it may ‘offend’ these males. The idea that women are evil and come from Satan comes from Eve.Have you heard of Michael Tsarion? He has some really good theories as to why women are hated in religion so much.

        Alex Jones is simply going with the flow, he knows there is money in exploiting the fears and anger of these dangerous white men so he goes along with it. There is a backlash going on for sure each time women get ahead one step we go back five steps, Rianne Eisler and Susan Faludi all talked about it,

        • Boomernumber8,

          I just hit audio over there and happened to catch him talking about this subject – I’m still listening to it. Apparently, she isn’t ashamed, somber and remorseful enough to suit Jones and one of his British sycophants. Repeatedly, he asks, “Isn’t this the most Satanic thing you’ve ever seen?” As a special added bonus, he’s on about Mexian food today, too – making it sound like La Raza is coming to get us all if we don’t eat enough tamales!

          I’m familiar with Tsarion. I’ve heard some of his theories about the off-planet origins of humanity – if I’m thinking of the right guy. But, I haven’t heard his theories on why women are hated in religion.

          By the way, in some of those theories I think there’s a story about a kind, gentle, intelligent race being pursued throughout the galaxy and finally to this planet by evil. I think I’m beginning to understand who “the evil” ones are in this story – they’re hairy, smelly and have penises.

          Jones is definitely all about the money – and he’s not above embellishing a story to make some sales of his third-rate products.

          • Yes I think we are talking about the same guy here. Basically, the women were the first ones with the help of the Lemurians who rebelled against the evil slave owner Atlanteans. There is a connection that women had with the Lemurians that the ‘Adams’ did not, while the ‘Eve’ race did have the connection. It is within our psyche, hidden. That is why it was necessary to squash female spirituality through oppressive religious practices that denigrate the feminine. That is why the ‘Eves’ are hated. While the ‘Adams’ were given an upper hand if they conformed with the rulers = atlanteans. We as women are much more stronger than we are told that we are by mainstream society.

            LOL you mean Paul Joseph Watson? The guy is such an oddball, yes let’s just have a random paranoid British guy on a psycho texan conservative news radio. ROFL 🙂

        • Boomernumber8,

          I couldn’t reply to your most recent comments, so I replied to this one instead.

          Yes, Watson! I can’t stand to listen to that guy. He sounds like a total moron – he talks slower than Forrest Gump and then there are all the added syllables: “Loife is loike a boax of choack-lits!” LOL!

          I’m listening to Tsarion’s vid “Origins and Oracles” at YT right now. I’ve definitely heard a bunch of his stuff before, but it’s been a while.

          He said something early in the vid that is absolutely correct, but he didn’t elaborate on it. What he said was probably true and it most certainly still is true. He said the ancients did not have to guess to know things because they were connected to what he calls “the matrix.” As a major for instance of this, there are healing devices (that work, if you know how to use them) like the radionics machine (invented by a woman named Ruth Drown whose name is now obscured and credit given to men) and there are scientific philosophies and theories that came from Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant that are the real science upon which our world works. Annie Besant was the first quantum physicist. She studied science and theosophy and it was because of her connection with “other worlds” that she conceived of the true nature of the world, both physically and metaphysically. Twenty years later men like Werner Heisenberg – who was either a fool or thought everyone else was – took credit for her work, although none of the major male quantum physicists I’ve ever read really seem to understand it.

          But, you know, if you keep women busy, ignorant, enslaved, subordinated to a man-god in the sky and a god-man in the home, then you can keep the entire world in darkness. This is how men created their prison planet and they are the keepers of it. They love slavery.

          • ^^^^^^ Truly an epic comment!

            Tsarion has some very good information. But he is kind of an oddball himself, he had a forum he created and then banned everyone, but to be fair all the Christian’s were trolling him. But now he still posts on that forum by himself! He is sort of a recluse as well. It is sort of hard to get his motives because of certain things that I’ve seen about him. Nevertheless, he has done a major impact on my own life as thanks to him I was introduced to Helena Blavatsky and so many other amazing people. I wouldn’t be in a spiritual sense were I am now if he had not introduced me to theosophy and the theosophical society, that’s basically in my backyard. And I never knew it either! lol

            You are 100% and the church and the traditional biblical dogma does keep these women busy. They are kept busy by doing all of the household chores, having babies while the men read and foster their intellect.

            I laughed so hard at your Watson comment. Yes!!! LOL

        • Listening to the audio: Jones is going all Todd Aiken saying that medical abortion isn’t necessary because women’s bodies know when they should abort an embryo all on their own… yeah, right! This guy dropped out of community college – can you tell???

          I can’t imagine there are very many women commenters over there anymore. I saw one apparent woman in the comment section defending her. I wouldn’t post a comment on that site without a proxy server – they’re all a bunch of creepy dudes who run that whole operation!

          • Most of the ‘guests’ and ‘experts’ that Alex Jones has on air are just that college dropouts, bums or people who just make shit up. None of them are economists or any experts at all. They are experts as much as I a neurosurgeon.

            There still are a few female commentators but I noticed a lot of them have been targeted. Like one female commentator a few days back commented about her experience with home schooling and there were replies to her, “Leave,’ ‘Go away.’ ‘No one cares,’ that is why how these females are targeted. Soon most females that are still sticking around will leave in my opinion because its just becoming a very hostile environment to women.

        • I’m re-reading some A.E. Powell right now – he did a great job breaking down Besant’s work.

          It looks like Jones and his misogynistic horde have added a new headline accusing the maker of the abortion video of being a fraud, claiming she’s a horror movie actress. If I were a gambler, I’d bet their next headline has something to do with her being a high priestess in the Church of Satan. LOL!

          It’s like Jones has become the leader of the tin-foil hat-wearing wing of the MRM!

  6. I wish there was like a website where we could post the names and the addresses of these jerks alongside their terrible comments. I am sure that the wives of some of these have NO IDEA what these men are posting online.

    • They don’t. The wives don’t know. I’m sure their husbands give them some bullshit story about dudebro happy times. Clint Carpenter (prolly not his real last name) stole money from the family pot without telling his wife what it was for. He’s going to Detroit to get his rage boner on with Lol Elam and the rest of the whiny misogynists.

      • Have you seen the picture of all of them from their last Toronto rally? I do believe it was Toronto. I mean they all looked so pathetic and bad.

        Karen Straughan omg she literally looked like a young Paul Elam. There is NOTHING feminine about her. I think that is why she hates women so much.

        Also, Paul Elam he looked like your average grandpa out there, he describes himself as a good guy on twitter, ummmm okay. That is why its so sinister these parasites go around looking like NORMAL beings to confuse us!!! In general tho Paul Elam’s body language seemed very shy as he obviously does not spend a lot of time with ACTUAL human beings.

        Dean Esmay, don’t let me get started on him He actually admitted on twitter to me how he actually took his wives children from her and made her pay him alimony. He is the lowest of the low. Most attendees of the rally looked bad I mean anti-social bad.

        Thankfully, there were not a lot of people I hope that fact doesn’t change for the coming ‘conference.’ Tho the whole mra movement is a niche that allow Elam to make a living.


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