AVFM, Doc Dropping, and Going After Dina Mackey and Her Children

There’s a big kerfuffle at present involving Dina Mackey’s legal team trying to get all copies of her husband’s suicide letter off the internet. AVFM, in complete and utter disrespect, posted the suicide letter and got a response from Dina’s lawyers telling them to take it down.

I have no idea how this will play out but I do know that MRA’s have been doc dropping Dina with her full address etc. on MRA videos and AVFM articles on the subject.

MRA’s don’t care about women nor do they care about children.

Anyone remember Attila Vinczer’s rageboner videos of him doing this stupid MRA activity called ABR (always be recording) while he’s on the highway with his kids in the car? He threatened me with a lolsuit over pointing out what an irresponsible fuckwit of a father he is.  If you want to see a deranged father cutting off truckers while video-taping them on the freeway with his kids scared shitless in the car then enjoy the clip.

Moving on.

Today, on yet another article dedicated to the Dina Mackey situation, Victor Zen took issue with MRA’s doc dropping her and her kids but not for the normal reasons one would expect.

If Anita Sarkessian can get $160,000 for being “oppressed” by 4chan comments, imagine how much a witch hunt would secure for mothers at the expense of men currently struggling to be heard in family courts.

Just when you think they’ll dig themselves out of a hole they dig it deeper. For those of you who don’t know Anita she did a Kickstarter fundraiser for a feminist video project.  The MRA’s went ballistic and sent her endless rape and death threats, wrote article after article about her, thereby bringing unprecedented attention to her Kickstarter. She raised a ton of money because these shitheads gave her so many problems online. I highly doubt Dina Mackey is going to fundraise to get back at men. Keep living in that fantasy land lads.

Victor also opines:

If that is not enough to convince you that directing anger at the ex-wife is a bad idea, rest assured that feminists are just waiting for the next opportunity to point and say “SEEEE?!

It’s a bit too late for that. AVFM already doc dropped her. So did MRA’s on Youtube and 4chan. I guess Victor doesn’t realize it but everyone who isn’t them is already pointing and saying ‘SEEEE?!’ The fact that AVFM doesn’t respect Dina or her kids has already earned them a place of scorn among caring well-adjusted people. You can’t publish a suicide letter when you’re not supposed to. AVFM did this in order to rage at a woman and her children after a family tragedy. They don’t care if there are serious repercussions on that family.Doc dropping women with kids is par for the course for these creeps.

In fact, Dean Esmay, the managing poo-bah of AVFM closed the comment section on Victor’s warning article because he knows that angry, misogynist men who are part of AVFM will post the family address again and again and again like they did on other AVFM posts and Youtube videos.

Dean Esmay Shuts Down Comments

Also, you dumb shits claimed that a woman, who was assaulted in all likelihood by an MRA, that she hit herself in the head or that feminists beat her up to make MRA’s look bad. After 10 days of coming up with every conspiracy story possible and victim blaming Danielle D’Entremont you shitheads decided to offer a reward to catch whodunnit. It’s really hard to clean up shit with more shit dudebros.


I also found Dina Mackey’s address and children’s names on 4chan and I was pointed to it by some MRA’s here CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE

MRA rallying others to attack Dina Mackey and her kids

MRA rallying others to attack Dina Mackey and her kids

Nothing like a bit of MRA antisemitism and misogyny to brighten up your day eh?

AVFM won’t stop harming women and children until someone comes down extremely hard on them. Even if the Mackey family address isn’t smeared all over AVFM in this current article it was plastered on AVFM and Youtube comment sections and it will be posted and disseminated through their private forums and other affiliate sites.

Look what happened to the woman who simply wrote a small piece on the HuffPo? Paul Elam of AVFM and the affiliate site AVFMS, run by Jonathon Taylor, called for other MRA’s to find her personal documents so they could harass her place of employment. (link)

Which reminds me, please use an alias if you are in any way concerned about being stalked online and harassed. Many also use masculine names. It’s a tiny bit of prevention even though the paranoid nuts over at AVFM will accuse you of being David Futrelle or me or some other feminist boogie monster.


16 thoughts on “AVFM, Doc Dropping, and Going After Dina Mackey and Her Children

  1. That guy is the most disgusting vermin on the planet, These mra’s say they want to be fathers and take care of their children, yeah right! This one just kills himself out of the responsibility of being one. He planned it out to that this pity fest would be played out all through the manosphere. That is what men do when things get tough they kill themselves or abandon their families like during wars and the great depression in USA. Women are always forced to deal with the consequences of such men’s actions, they must keep it together for their children, but we see how thankful these same children are. These same mra’s raised by single mothers, constantly talk bad about women and their mothers including saying how they are to blame for divorces etc. Never mind the husband was abusive or a pedophile or anything. These mrm would love to have been raised by abusive fathers that they are to their children. That’s how grateful the male children are gonna get. They are disgusting vermin, Everything that a woman does, everywhere she goes everything will be wrong always. Everything is the fault of women, never mind that thanks to these same women, these mrm vermin are able to walk on the planet. Sickening!!!!

    • That was indeed a great observation about fatherhood. MRA’s are always trying to find ways of not taking care of children and pushing this crappy diagnosis called PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) to demonize mothers.

      PAS is not recognized by the DSM or other systems of diagnosis. It’s a legal term made up by domestically violent male abusers who love to use their kids to get back at the ex-wife. PAS involves gaslighting a child to get them to see the abusive parent (in these cases, the father) as a great guy.

      It’s sickening how they’ll do anything to harm women and children.

  2. Oh I bet a few years from now we will find him living in the woods somewhere. Having faked his suicide to get a point across of how oppressed men are. Ha!

  3. It’s quite possible that Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen (his real name is already public and leads to his LinkedIn info) is also “timmy333”, the spearhead of all this. The 4chan page (or whatever that thing is you posted) has several more comments from timmy333 that show the depth of his obsession and knowledge regarding dissemination of info online. Evidently “timmy” worked night and day to try to get the note to go viral.

    I’m only speculating, of course. Gerard’s article sounds like that of a man who has been confidentially advised by counsel to get backpedalin’ without revealing his own exposure, which would make the article quite a hypocritical and cynical game if he’s “timmy333”. Anyway, I would assume Ms. Mackney’s attorney will look into whether this speculation has any basis in fact.

  4. It’s not enough to simply use a pseudonym, though, as my unfortunate experience demonstrates. You’ve got to educate yourself on how to avoid being doxed. Best yet, just assume you WILL be doxed, and proceed accordingly. Challenging online hate groups is not something to take on casually. Which is why I doff my hat to you, Ms. Mancheez!

  5. Yes, routine reporting will also aid the FBI in gathering statistics and make the extent of the problem known. It is very difficult for an individual who is threatened to try to figure out on her own whether a threat is likely to be carried out. Best to let the FBI make the assessment, so it’s good that you have posted the information on how to contact them on your site.

    Ms. Mackney’s counsel is already aware, I’m sure, of the quality of legal counsel AVFM employs. The website for the lawyer who wrote a response to Ms. Mackney’s attorney shows that he specializes in defending pornographers, and his website prominently features a quote from the Marquis de Sade. I suppose AVFM felt right at home.

  6. “Also, you dumb shits claimed that a woman, who was assaulted in all likelihood by an MRA, that she hit herself in the head or that feminists beat her up to make MRA’s look bad.”

    Except that there is literally no evidence that she was assaulted by an MRA & her claim of “I know it was an MRA, because of e-mails” turned out to be false…. No such e-mails actually existed.

    You also forgot the part where AVfM offered up a $2,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who “assaulted” her…. AVfM is that certain that it’s a fictional account. Another grand has been raised by another MRA group.

    Strange how no feminist group has been willing to match that.

  7. Analysis of AVFM comment above:

    First sentence: start out with some lies. Lie: “No evidence”: there is plenty of circumstantial evidence. The victim had no history of false reporting, mental illness, or attention seeking. She received MRA threats just prior to the attack. She was visibly injured. She made no allegation that it was an MRA, when she could have done so and is likely to have done so if her report was supposed to be a false attack. The attacker knew her name. The media haven’t turned up any other involvements or enemies. This raises a legitimate suspicion of MRA involvement for law enforcement and for press speculation.

    Lie: “No such emails actually existed”. This is an established propaganda technique. The victim stated that there were such emails, so the first thing going on is to sweep aside her word as having any credibility. After all, she is a female. Also, law enforcement is likely to have told her not to publicise the contents of such emails, so AVFM is taking advantage of attempts to investigate the crime. And there is no contradicting evidence whatsoever, so this groundless assertion takes advantage of some people’s naive desire to believe a flat assertion like this must have some factual basis. It does not.

    Rest of the AVFM comment: AVFM has attacked the victim’s credibility by offering a specious “reward” which distracts from the crime, casts aspersions on law enforcement efforts, attracts attention to AVFM, reveals how AVFM purports to speak for the entire men’s rights movement, and is an example of their dirty-tricks technique of offering money in various efforts to harm individual women. Then AVFM has speciously inquired why feminist groups, which are monitoring and allowing law enforcement to handle the matter, won’t “join” AVFM in its dirty-trick operation.

    Then the whole sniggerfest gets posted around the web by stooges like the one who has come here, as if this site isn’t on to AVFM, as a provocation.

    They are wasting their time (I use the plural because all comments like these should be taken as AVFM-planned provocations). My comment is not a waste of time, however, as pointing out AVFM techniques a few times is, I hope, useful for this site.

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