Mancheeze Breaks Record

Feminist 'Mischief' A mischief is a group of mice and mice are misandry.

Feminist ‘Mischief’
A mischief is a group of mice and mice are misandry.

In the short time this blog has been operating I’ve been watching it rapidly grow. I broke another record today in the number of viewers. I want to take the time to say thank you to all who read, comment and otherwise support this blog.
I didn’t know it would become so popular but it did because of you.



12 thoughts on “Mancheeze Breaks Record

    • That was fun… I’m not misandrist, but on my way to becoming the misandrist I always dreamed of being.

      I think I’m going to use “dick lit” and “dick flick” from now on, though. I’m really struggling to find a movie I want to watch these days. I haven’t been to the cinema in ages and every time I check local listings all I see are white men’s faces on the ads. Sometimes the white man is with a white woman for a romantic partnership kind of thing. And, the rest is just overt violence. White men save the world, white men are superheroes, etc.

      And, of course, a lot of the dick flicks are based on dick lit and screenplays written almost exclusively by men, about men, with men as the protagonists and everyone else in a supportive position of some kind it seems.

      Next time I pass a man somewhere I’m going to tell him to smile – even if he’s already smiling! That might be fun.

      • Yep, I’m gonna tell one to smile too. I watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and although she’s a great female character and really fucks up the dude who raped her, she ended up sleeping with the guy she works with right after. It wasn’t the greatest but I did like her character.

        • I’ve heard a lot about the book and the movie, but I was afraid it might be too disturbing. A man wrote it. I heard the book was better. Usually female characters are made to be weaker and more stupid when they’re translated to the screen for some reason. (for instance: Remember how stupid and unsure of herself Hermione became by the end of Harry Potter #1 because the golden boy had to be the hero.)

          The whole American film industry is jacked up. I’ve been reading a book on screenplay writing – how to write one, how to sell it. Pretty much it’s an academic exercise only because, not having a penis, I have very little chance of having my work even looked at. And, the formula that is given is basically the same for every movie out there. Exactly what the blogger talks about in that series you recently reblogged, ie. aliens land and man conquers them, aliens land and armies of men conquer them, man conquers woman, penetrates her with his man-organ and they live happily ever after I guess that’s what they want.

          But, it’s not what I want to see. My favorite movies involve individual and often internal struggles. I like movies that expose the world as it really is, which is why I like a lot of horror movies – they are a reflection of real life. I also like movies I can really think about and reflect on, find all the sub-themes,the symbolism, etc.

          • What horror movies do you highly recommend? I usually don’t watch horror but I think it’s important to see the male fantasy play out on the screen as it does irl. That’s the only reason why I’d watch horror.

          • Well… Here’s a short list of my personal favorites:

            I like witchcraft and cult type themes a lot – and vampires, of course. Vampires are really a good way to describe men’s relationship to us, I think. And, I don’t like a lot of gore unless it’s really hokey and obviously fake. I prefer psychological horror.

            Eve’s Bayou (1997): Directed by two women, it features stunning cinematography and a star-studded, all-black cast. It’s the story of Eve who has “the gift of second sight” and her aunt, her mom, her grandmother, her sister and her beloved and respected doctor dad in the 1940s who just can’t seem to keep his pants on around his lady patients. The ending is very interesting because it’s sort of open and you have to decide what really happened between Eve’s sister and her dad. The opinions are usually divided along lines of sex, according to the directors.

            Hungry Wives or Season of the Witch (1973): Directed by George A. Romero and written by both him and his wife. I suspect his wife had more input than is let on. It’s supposed to be Romero’s commentary on the Women’s Liberation Movement. It’s brilliant, although the film is in pretty rough condition. It was only his third film and I guess he had the 6mm camera mounted on a dolly. But, the symbolism blew my mind, so did the dream sequences. Whoever really wrote it knew about witchcraft and literary motifs. Joan has the life all women are supposed to want. Her husband is successful and the have three television sets, a maid, a weekly bridge club and all the luxuries of the suburbs. But, Joan is unhappy, seeing a psychiatrist – as are all her friends – and popping psychiatric meds. Then, she hears about a friend of theirs who is into witchcraft. Thinking there might be something to it, she begins exploring and finds her way out of Catholicism an the confines of married life. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I have the DVD and I’ve seen it well over 100 times! There is so much to analyze, so many subtle things to notice about how the men treat the women, how they treat their wives, how her husband treats Joan and her daughter, etc. Don’t worry, he gets his in the end! Love it! Looks like someone has uploaded a pirated version at YT right now… here’s part 1. The DVD version is better, it’s more complete and fills in some gaps missing from this, the theater, version:

            Rosemary’s Baby: That’s an obvious one. A Satanic cult wants Rosemary’s womb. She is betrayed by everyone she knows, including her husband, her new strange friends and her doctors.

            The Stepford Wives: This is another obvious one. You’ll probably find it at YT… there it is. It does not end well for the women of Stepford, although they put in a good effort. It was written by a man and really gives some insights into what men really want in a woman, I think.

            The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970): This is a movie about how the world really works. Climbing to the top of the corporate ladder? Not without a penis and here’s why:

            Another one that shows how the world really is, I think, is Race with the Devil (1975): This is just the trailer: It stars a very good-looking Peter Fonda and Loretta Swit from MASH. This is what happens when you try to report a crime to the cops! Two couples are camping when they witness a Satanic ritual murder. They try to do the right thing and a nightmare ensues.

            Along these same lines I like Eyes Wide Shut, starring Nichole Kidman and Tom Cruz.

            Night of the Eagle or Burn Witch Burn (1962): This is an excellent movie about witchcraft. The book by Fritz Lieber is actually far, far better and demonstrates that the author had a first-hand knowledge of the subject. The movie is good, too, but you have to watch closely or you’ll miss some important plot points in the fast action, especially near the end. Norman is a successful professor of anthropology. He does not believe in the so-called supernatural and over-the-top angry at anyone who does. When he finds out his wife, Tansy, is practicing a little conjure magic on the side, he insists that she burn all her protections. She warns him of the consequences. But, he does it, anyway and the nightmare begins – it turns out the whole faculty is practicing witchcraft and without her witchcraft he’s probably be dead already. A major message is that men believe that they accomplish what they do entirely on their own and do not see the contributions of the women around them – especially their wives. The original title of the book was “The Conjure Wife.” You’ll find the film here:

            Those are the first ones to come to mind… there are others, of course. But, these are some of my favorites.

            Oh…I also like Carnival of Souls, but it always gives me nightmares. Two women are run off a bridge and into the water by a carload of men. The whole movie is full of men and zombies and this very pretty, quiet blonde, who seems to survive the accident. She emerges from the water and goes to a nearby town looking for a job. She feels she’s being pursued, she’s scared. People, especially her landlady are suspicious of her. She can’t get any help and the only person who will pay any attention to her is some creepy dude with a hardon who lives in her boarding house, too. It’s very much what real life is like for women alone. You’re scared. People are hostile. You need help. You can’t get it. All you find is men with hard-ons to protect you from the other zombie flesh eaters.

            If I think of any other good ones like that, I’ll post them.

  1. Sweet! I know from experience how mighty ‘squeeky’ it feels! Love your mice misandry allegory!


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