Trolling is Activism According to AVFM

This won’t come as a surprise. AVFM featured an article by Jack Outis on how to ‘use logic’ and troll radical feminists and social justice warriors. It’s a really complex activism this.

First you have to target feminists and he has an entire list of ‘traits’

  • Has a history of molestation/ sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse led into radicalism
  • Embraced feminism as a religion to cope with trauma
  • Has untreated PTSD+Erotomania+Delusions of persecution
  • Raised by single mother
  • Has daddy issues
  • Struggles with science math and STEM in general
  • Claims of oppression to compensate for inferiority complex
  • Holds a humanities degree but little or no formal scientific training
  • Has a tendency for public speaking more than actual work
  • Constantly censors language by using the word “offensive”
  • Expects nobody to get “offended” when making vicious comments when angry
  • Has an “US VS THEM” mentality
  • Has a history of conflictive relationships at work
  • Constantly displays screen-shots of “attacks” on social media
  • Claims is constantly at risk but has filed ZERO police reports

If you carefully read that list you can easily see that Jack Outis is talking about himself and other MRA’s. He’s not clever. Once you think you’ve targeted a feminist he claims you shouldn’t use swearing or sexual language. He breaks his own dumb rules right off the bat when he trolled a ‘suspected’ radical feminist. He asked her over and over:

“Were you molested/sexually abused & was it a family member?”

This is real activism folks. This merited a feature article on AVFM! Now some MRA’s took issue with this article and picked up on the arrogance of the troller. In response

Men's Rights Activism

Men’s Rights Activism

the troller had this to say: CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE

If I make no sense, then the AVFM staff (who selected the article) makes no sense, then the readers that agree with me make no sense, then the internet is terrible, then everything is terrible, therefore nothing is.

Exactly. AVFM’s Dean Esmay and Paul Elam approved this article. The internet is only terrible when misogynist arrogant MRA’s inhabit it. Y’all have proven track records in doing absolutely nothing for men and doing everything in your power to harass women and children online and off.  It turns out the woman he was ‘trolling’ about sexual abuse is trans and the troll called this person a self-hating male. And they call radfems transphobic? Y’all got the wrong target.

By the end of the comment section where Jack’s been ceaselessly defending his ‘activism’ the AVFMers quickly decide this is all kinda fun.

Way to go AVFM.

Link to the storify of the trolling. It’s mostly sexual and creepy.




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