Attila Vinczer’s Crazy Lolsuits

I’ve been watching something on the sidelines for some time. MRA named Attila Vinczer is a real piece of work. He has an adolescent kid who got in trouble at school for smacking another kid in the head with a bathroom stall door. Vinczer is, as usual, making endless lolsuits towards anyone he can. He’s lolsuit happy.

He thinks the reason why his kid got in trouble was because of the ‘machine’ which was

created by feminists to make males deemed as violent people


Attila’s legal team


He made a video some time ago picturing him harassing school officials and trying to ‘serve’ them papers of lolsuits. He did this when the all the kids were being released from school and the officials were busy making sure the kids were getting home safe. He really was an ass, going up to various women and harassing them while they’re busy with the kids.

We all know an entitled male has no respect for anything but himself. He could’ve waited to allow these ladies to do their job of getting the kids on the buses and making sure they’re ok. Nope. Napoleon went charging in there to let those ladies know all about his lolsuits.

By naming a bunch of school authorities and claiming falsehoods about them in his video, it was taken down by Youtube via a privacy complaint. Now he’s moaning about it with Dean Esmay on a new video.

His son apparently whacked another kid with a door but Attila says his son did nothing wrong but was willing to allow his son to apologize and take community service for his violent outburst against another boy. His son has a record of something somewhere even though all charges were dismissed in court.

He’s not happy with the fact the charges were dropped because

What does matter a lot, is down the road, when a girlfriend, his wife or anything at high-school that may lead to an investigation, Steven is deemed to have a history of being potentially predisposed to violent tendencies.

Huh? He’s worried about his son becoming a domestic abuser? Gee, that wouldn’t be the first thing to come to my mind if my son got in trouble when he was 12.

Attilla then stuck his nose into the parents of the kid who was apparently hit by the door. He annoyed them telling them they had to take their kid to the doctors or they already had or something. IOW, he was a pain in the ass.

Attila doesn’t make any sense in his video. If his son did nothing wrong then why agree to take community service and apologize to the injured boy? He says he wanted his son to take community service so he wouldn’t ever break the criminal code again.

When an officer showed up at his house, Attila locked the door, scared his kids, and called the cops ON THE COPS.

When they got to court, he was ordering the court officials around. He’s also saying his son’s defense lawyer harmed his kid. Everyone else harms his son. We all know a parent like this. The court threw away the case.

So what did Napoleon do after the case was dismissed? Went and harassed the ladies at the school! He’s suing for 2.2 million dollars!

He also told Esmay he’s thinking about suing the police officer involved too.




31 thoughts on “Attila Vinczer’s Crazy Lolsuits

  1. I’m listening to the vid now. It doesn’t sound so much like he’s worried about the kid becoming an abuser as he is concerned that he won’t get away with the abuse because of his record when he does inevitably become an abuser of women.

  2. I probably said this before about this situation, but why – if a guy really doesn’t want his child’s good reputation to be “unjustly” tarnished – would he put a video of his child with all the documentation here out for the world – literally, the world – to see. And, of course, once something is on the net, it often doesn’t ever go away. So, this is a permanent record of this admittedly violent act – there’s no denial, at least, that an act of violence was done by the child, that I have seen in this or the other video. So, basically, this dude doxxed his own kid, which we’ve seen repeatedly from MRAs.

    Also, why – if YT had a report that the video violated someone’s privacy – would he have a fellow dudebro repost a large portion of this video at his channel?

    • I was going to mention the doc dropping of his children, minors that they are. I suppose I’m so used to MRA’s doc dropping their minor children in order to demonize women that I just thought ‘naw, this is obvious why he would dox his kids.’

      He strangely admits he was willing to allow his son to do the punishment b/c he broke the criminal code and yet his son is innocent?

      The video in question made a few private statements about a woman who was part of the school his son attended. He then got the privacy complaint and reposted the video in the blubbering session he had with Esmay but edited out the few statements that made it a privacy violation.

      I love how MRA’s think that educators are like celebrities in the sense you can dox them and make libelous statements about them.

      This is their mental gymnastics they perform in order to justify their idiotic behaviour and doxxing.

      • “I love how MRA’s think that educators are like celebrities in the sense you can dox them and make libelous statements about them.”

        I thought that was interesting, too.

        I don’t know how things are in Canada, but in my state I don’t think teachers are considered public figures – even public school teachers. I thought it was odd that they were repeatedly referred to by the guy in this vid as “public servants.” I think of cops as public servants. I might even think of school admins as being public servants, especially the ones whose job it is to interface with the public, but I’ve never thought of teachers that way.

    • I’d love to know why there are so many extremists in Canada, too. It’s not just the guys; we have most of the prominent anti-feminist women as well. It’s not like our current government is sympathetic to women and the poor babies are in danger of losing their right to rape.

      As for the former Mrs. V., I wonder too. I googled him once and found a claim he made that he was a victim of severe domestic violence but he said she’d never become physical. My guess is she called him out on his abuse and that’s violence in his twisted mind. Still, I can’t fathom why he has custody.

      • I have a theory about this but I may be totally wrong. i think Canadians are much more tolerant of listening to people. However, once a Canadian hears these silly men they’ll dismiss them. The media will interview them and once MRA’s speak, they’ll be dismissed.

        I’m an immigrant to Canada from the USA so it does give me a unique perspective. The US is less tolerant of listening to them, whereas Canadians will give them a chance to speak. Once they DO speak, Canadians laugh at them.

        Now the student groups are a little different. They will try to blossom but will be exposed in the end and people will just shove them aside or the main governing student body will ixnay the MRA groups on campus if they get too obnoxious.

        The assault on Danielle really solidified this on campuses that MRA’s are potentially violent.

        • I do hope you’re right but it concerns me that the media in southern Ontario seem to embrace these assholes – especially the National Post but also the Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun. I can easily dismiss the Sun and Margaret Wente but not everyone does.

          You made a good point about Danielle, though. Although no one can definitively point the finger at the MRM for her assault, it does serve as a cautionary tale to other universities that might consider letting these bigots set up shop on campus. Besides that, who needs the aggravation of protests and counter-protests?

          • Those are conservative crapmags. When MRA’s go on a mainstream liberal news outlet they’re quickly dismissed. The National Post has some woman on it that caters to their misogyny. She’s not taken seriously.

          • Man, GWW has sure set herself up as Queen Bee in that hive. What a cult.

            I only watched the first few minutes because my computer has a cooling problem and videos heat it up until it spontaneously shuts itself off. It’s hard to believe Fiamengo was once a radfem. WTF makes someone turn a 180 like that? Seeking male attention doesn’t seem like sufficient motivation.

        • One of my Women’s Studies Prof’s verified for me today that other faculty not just at our universities but others as well have been intimidated by them and had their security compromised.

  3. Wow..I bet the vermin thinks that he is father of the year as well. What a self-centered ego maniac parasite.

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  5. Attila is a clown. If he’s a star of the so-called mens rights movement then they’re doomed! Want to see mens rights kryptonite? Ask them to provide real world examples of “misandry”. It’s hilarious! They can’t do it.

  6. Thank you for a good read. I have met Attila personally many times as we have both advocated for oversight of the Children’s Aid Society. I have always found him odd and his boys equally. Poor boys, they look at you with these blank stares ….vacant looks as if to say, “Oh she is one of those things …you know those things my Dad warned me about – WOMEN!” I am a journalist and currently in university and have discussed the online attacks about me recently with them and they have confirmed that many of the faculty in women’s studies have been threatened, stalked and had their security compromised by this group of hateful men. Barbara Kay is a journalist that I always admired until recently when I discovered her association with this group and other men’s groups and her position on the issues of men, boys and gender discrimination. She is whacked and completely out to lunch. It is disgusting that she would even utter the words that she has they are gross and ignorant to say the least. I was recently threatened on facebook by the assistant editor ot AVFM Susy McCarley and I have changed my number and will be taking any measures necessary to protect myself and my family from this group that claim they advocate for men and do not subscribe to violence. Yeah right! I will be writing a two page article on this group in the coming weeks in a local paper and doing a radio interview as well, I am thankful that one of the Professor’s from the universities ws faculty will be joining me. Keep up the good work, thanks for the good read and I will continue to follow your blogs. I would love to connect by email as well if possible. Thanks again.

    • MRA’s are attacking you? Where are they doing this? Links?

      Also, Attilla is one angry male. I feel for his poor kids. He likes to drive on the main highway in Ontario while video recording and driving at the same time while his kids are in the car. He likes to start fights with other motorists, putting his kids in danger while harassing truckers and such. He’s a danger to them. He calls the cops on the cops! LOL What he’s teaching those poor boys is going to get them in serious trouble one day. I hope he’s smugly satisfied with his job as maniac parent.

      • On facebook and another site called Brainsyntax that is run by a man named Vincent Schiele, you can see a police report on Schiele online with the Sault Ste. Marie Police where he punched a woman in the head. They posted a private conversation that I had with Attila by phone which has been edited (to their satisfaction and their purpose) that I had about a year ago. It is damaging another woman that I know that is going through one hell of a court case with Bill-Mullins Johnson who served 12.5 years in prison and was exonerated and compensated by the province for his wrongful conviction. However, my last dealing with Mullins-Johnson he was quite violent on the phone with me and threatening. As for the other threats by the assistant editor that was on facebook. I will gladly send you copies but if you could email me that would be great. Canada Court Watch ousted Vinczer some time ago for his hate speech and radical views and ways of dealing with courts. He is a loon for sure!

  7. 23/02/2015 00:31

    Suzy Louis McCarley

    You have no clue who I am, have you?

    Catherine Frei

    23/02/2015 00:32

    Catherine Frei

    It is interesting though how he promptly called me a liar and blocked me ….. a little bit of damage control. I do have the original email though when he asked Bill for the money …..that I cannot share at the moment. Oh and just for the record, the dinner he talked about ….. I paid lol. Goodnight, take care. I hope that filthy website removes that smut.

    Suzy Louis McCarley

    23/02/2015 00:44

    Suzy Louis McCarley

    Well now I’m offended. I spent several hours editing that “smut” before we published it. I’m also currently editing several very interesting audio recordings involving the case, and involving you.

    Oh, and by the way, I heard ALL about that dinner, from several sources.

    Catherine Frei

    23/02/2015 00:53

    Catherine Frei

    Well sorry your offended, perhaps you should go to “J” school and smut it is since I don’t recall anyone else being at that dinner but him and I. See you in court

    And you can take my advice since I am a graduate of Journalism/Broadcast…….that is disgusting and any journalist would say so….number one name of the gamer – BALANCE!

    You might want to remind your good friend Attila that it is highly illegal to charge money for legal services when you are not a lawyer …..he can explain that to the Law Society of Upper Canada though. Goodnight.


    No, I don’t know who you are and quite frankly I don’t care. Go on with your bad self ….

    24 February

    Suzy Louis McCarley

    24/02/2015 11:21

    Suzy Louis McCarley

    Startin’ a war eh? Good luck with that.

    Catherine Frei

    24/02/2015 11:40

    Catherine Frei

    Yes, best of luck to you. No war…..don’t have time for mental midgets. Threaten me some more Suzie. As of right now I am officially notifying you I want no further contact with you. Your a disgrace to women.

    Seen 24 February

  8. I found your blog when looking for info on Brainsyntax. I have been online harassed on that site by numerous individuals, I am looking for others whom have had the same experience on that site, I am thinking of doing a class action law suit, or all making police reports and having these people criminal charged. Feel free to contact me.


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