Join Me in Experience of the Abuser

MRA’s are a pool of abusive men. Have all of them had a chance to abuse women? No.

I’m reading Lundy Bancroft’s book ‘Why Does He DO That?’ It’s a book mainly for women. He has many years of experience working with male abusers of women and children. I encourage you to read along with me. The book is here.

I’m currently done with Chapter 1 and have started Chapter 2. There’s a very important question he has for us.

What I want to do is invite you to answer the first question in the book as if we’re talking about MRA’s. Lundy invites us to make a list of where abusive men think their problems come from.

MRA’s think their problems start with women and feminism, which they use interchangably. So

  • women
  • feminism
  • rape statistics 1 in 5 they think are false
  • the government is run by radical feminists

and so on. Add to the list in any way you see fit in the comment section. So far from readers:

  • white racist ‘elite’ feminist women,
  • blacks and welfare
  • the Jews (media and feminists who have been Jewish)
  • immigrants, non-Christians in some cases
  • Illuminati
  • alpha males and beta males

I’ll add a few more

  • single mothers especially black single mothers
  • no fault divorce
  • rape shield laws
  • child custody somehow favouring the mother (which is untrue)
  • anonymous rape reporting on college campuses
  • any insight into hypermasculinity
  • male feminists aka mangina’s and white knights
  • Obama supporters
  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)



12 thoughts on “Join Me in Experience of the Abuser

  1. “Think the government is run by radical feminists.” I gotta check out this book just to see the explanation for this!

    If the government – as in the U.S. government, let’s say – were run by radical feminists wouldn’t there, at least, be such things as women presidents? Wouldn’t there be somewhere near actual representation in numbers of women in Congress, in Senate, in the governments of every state, county and municipality. Wouldn’t there be, at least, one woman on the force of my local law enforcement agency? Wouldn’t our educational curriculum, which is required by Federal law, be dominated by the accomplishments of women, instead of white men?

    I’m going to go take a look… so many books, so little time… I’m also reading Sheila Jeffries, “The Spinster and Her Enemies.”

    Thanks for the info.

    Hey, maybe we should start a book club blog somewhere! That’d be fun! If could keep up!

    • You nailed it. Also, we would not have the pervasive sexism in the media and our society. Women would not be objectified.

  2. This is a very great idea, I am glad you decided to look into this, since most MRA’s NEVER hold responsibility for anything that happens to them. From various segments of the mra’s I’ve seen them blame the white racist ‘elite’ feminist women, the blacks and welfare, the Jews (media and feminists who have been Jewish), oh also immigrants, non-Christians in some cases, and also the Illuminati LOL.

    The book sounds interesting, I will save it and read it once I get the time.

  3. There’s the whole “alpha male” and “beta male” nonsense… that somehow women only want to have sex with alpha males and then settle down with beta males, because they’re more malleable or something.

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