David Futrelle: A VIP To Me

The MRA’s are now attacking David Futrelle for posting their misogynist diatribes for the world to see. MRA’s regularly attack those who write about the truth of the Manosphere.

David is someone I look up to. If it hadn’t been for Manboobz (now called ‘We Hunted the Mammoth‘) I probably wouldn’t have started this blog and this blog has just broken viewer records for the 3rd time in last few months. I can only imagine how popular We Hunted the Mammoth is.


What an MRA mantrum looks like

MRA’s are now pissed that they were called out on their hatred of women. WF Price of the Spearhead adhommed David by randomly spewing that David’s position was in favour of battering women. You can read about WF Price’s absurd theories here.

David took Price to the cleaners and now the little whiner is shaking his baby rattle. While Price licked his wounds another MRA nominated David as the ‘least interesting person’ in some lame attempt to boost Price’s ego.

He has spent 4 years doing what? Just taking androsphere comments out of context. That is how he spends the life he is given, and there is no one else who spends their time in this way. Despite this, his traffic is pathetically low’

The particular MRA that wrote the above has a blog that is miserably designed, unpopular and looks like a pedophile designed it. The background of the blog is a tiled picture of a pre-pubescent girl. It’s damned creepy. I’m willing to bet that David’s site gets many more hits than the fist-shaking creepy dude.

Furthermore, the one big break he was preparing for : being the authority that the MSM goes to in order to mischaracterize the androsphere, has not happened.

I don’t think that’s David’s goal. I don’t think David considers himself an authority either. There’s no way anyone can misconstrue the Manosphere. It’s a collection of internet spaces inhabited by males who think feminism is teh evil and blames every single life problem on women.

To WF Price and the rest of you knuckledraggers: I consider David a role model and an inspiration for this blog. He led the way. He’s a hell of a writer. There’s not one post on his blog that doesn’t have his particular brand of witty intelligence that makes reading the misogynist tripe you idiots spew palatable. Well, misogyny isn’t ever tasty but it sure is funny to watch MRA’s have mantrums when they’re called out.

A total failure at his career goal, which itself is pathetic. There is one thing worse than being a Michael Moore copycat, and that is failing at a multi-year campaign to become a Michael Moore copycat.

This is rich coming from an MRA. What have you dudes achieved? Where’s the men’s shelter? Where’s the help for men contemplating suicide? Where’s the activism? Oh right, y’all just send in your Paypal donations to Paul Elam to the tune of $100,000/year and scrawl woman-hatred on the internet.

ABC chose to interview Paul Elam, Matt Forney, etc. and misquote them.

So when ya’ll threatened to rape David it was a misquote?

Let those tears flow dudebros.

In the meantime, head over to David’s blog.


8 thoughts on “David Futrelle: A VIP To Me

  1. You cannot argue/reason with those who are so self unaware/full of cognitive dissonance as the MRAs/PUAs are. The crap they spout literally makes me want to go berserk on them. I say this as someone who woke up out of a deep sleep to someone walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I literally went berserk. If that guy hadn’t chosen to flee, I would have done bodily harm. And yes, I realize how lucky I was. I attribute it to being half asleep and not being awake enough to be afraid. .

  2. David Futrelle also inspired me to blog. After 18 months, focusing on the New Misogynists is starting to burn me out. I don’t know how David keeps it up, year after year. Sometimes I wonder if being a man helps me stay more detached than I can manage. Anyway, it’s great that others are keeping track of loathsome characters like Price, Elam, et al. You certainly do a great job covering the Canadian side.

  3. Futrelle is a professional in the tradition of muckraking journalism. His humor and writing style is a big bonus, but I think his main legacy may be that he is accurately documenting the men’s rights movement over a period of years. His archive will be invaluable. It will sit like a boulder in the way of future attempts to sanitize the MRM.

    I agree that it is also true that no woman blogger could, in the present threatening conditions, run a blog like his. Yours, Diana, is a great start though, and you and others will I hope inspire many more blogs with the same kind of subject matter.

    • Thank you DM. I will say that I’ve been following the MRA’s for much longer than this blog has been online. I’ve followed them on Youtube for years before starting this blog.

      It is true that David has cataloged a gold mine of MRA misogyny and it is a definitive source.

  4. Futrelle will be fine. He will doubtfully be attacked or raped like a woman would.

    That is why you, Diana, need to document everything that these assholes put out there quotes and info, etc. ip addresses. Also, if you have any peculiar stalkers, put the info out there and in my free time I will search those fuckers.

    I have a basic idea of who is who in the manosphere, now if only police would take these mra threats seriously, that would help. Either way women need to know the assholes that could someday assault them. They are walking and talking abusers. They are always the enemy.


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