Women Are Simple, Ignorant, With No Substance

girls in charge

blissful women-children ordering their thugs around

Here’s another set of tiny balls knocked out of the park by AVFM.

Women have given away their ability to choose in exchange for an infantile bliss. Their care can never be anything other than a child’s care – simple, ignorant, a little sweet, but of little substance or worth. They simply do not understand well enough to have genuine compassion.

Demonizing mothers.

A man cannot provide safety for his children when shackled to a woman-child in command of thugs. If at any time he chooses to act in his own children’s best interests where that conflicts with this infantile woman, she can destroy him and/or the children with near legal impunity. Generation after generation of single women have raised increasingly apathetic, violent, or rage-filled boys, unprepared and emotionally distraught and often violent girls, and still they push for laws to continue paternal alienation with no sign of it being reversed!

I wonder if they know FeMRA Karen Straugn (Stringbeanhead) is single with kids?

What the brave men must do.

he must walk away and define his own self and his own life, separate from women, their damaged children, and the thugs that have subverted her independence and drawn all of her power to them in exchange for giving her a fantasy land fit for newborns with no ambition to ever grow up.




6 thoughts on “Women Are Simple, Ignorant, With No Substance

  1. A misfire from Elam. He seems to be smarting. It has not been a good day for him online. He resorts to silly baseless insults. I suppose the only possible objective is to waste more of our time. I suppose we could comment on his intense fear of women, but I won’t bother. He’s run out of my time.

    • Lol Elam is really too much fun as a chew toy. He puts himself right into the line of fire and while he thinks this will garner him any amount of good press and attention, it certainly hasn’t worked out for him.

  2. “he must walk away and define his own self and his own life, separate from women”

    …? I thought men already had that right. Even following the MRA’s own twisted worldview, they should blame themselves for that, no one else.


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