AVFM’s Disposable Boys

There’s a video being taken down from the internet like wildfire of a pubescent boy on a bus being given what looks like a lap dance by an older female. There is no information on the video about the context or identities of the two and it really is quite graphic. I’m not linking it here because protecting minor kids is what real human rights movements do. AVFM shows no concern for the privacy of the young boy and actually downloaded the video off a site before it was taken down and now host the video on their server.

The reason they’re doing this to the boy is to somehow tell the world that women sometimes sexually abuse boys. It must be really wonderful, claiming you’re a human rights movement and then violating the rights of the young boy by using his images for your campaign of hatred of women. AVFM commenters are now in a circlejerk over the video.

Videos of minor children shouldn’t be uploaded to the internet, especially this video, because we really don’t have any context to what’s taking place. If we believe AVFM that it’s some sort of sexual assault then you would think they’d protect the identity of the boy. Not so. AVFM’s only goal here is bash feminists over the head and use a young boy as a disposable object to help them do it.


It’s not the first or will be the last time AVFM doxxes minor children. Gary Triestman doc dropped his daughter on Youtube with the help of Paul Elam in a bizarre story about CPS, his ex-wife and some obsession he had with his daughter’s weight (video here). I actually know more about that case than I’ve let on. It’s not pretty folks. Then you have Atilla ‘Napoleon’ Vinzcer doxxing his sons in videos because he was angry at the police and the school his kids attended. If anyone has more examples just leave a note in the comments.

They dox without a thought in the world to what this will do to the kids. They do it because they’re angry men who will use ANYTHING, even their own kids, to lash back at a system they think is some gynocentric bastion where men are constantly being ‘screwed over.’

It’s incredibly hypocritical for the MRM to dispose of these kids in such a way because their guru Warren Farrell centers his entire BS theory around the disposability of males. Why protect children when you can use them to bash women in the name of human rights?



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