Judgybitch the FeMRA Is Getting a Free Stats Lesson

I have so many upcoming posts that are very important and will remain on schedule but I wanted to put Judgybitch the FeMRA on notice that I’m going to lol @ her. She claims to understand stats and started adding percentages together regarding child custody. The things she came up with were just, how do I say this?

She can’t read a scientific paper nor does she understand statistics. She has the cognition of an ant. FeMRA’s aren’t known for their intelligence.

Miss Smartypants, you’re about to get laughed at, royally. Not just by me but by my readers.

Judgybitch is silly when she thinks she’s being authoritative. Sorry dear, but you made a shambles out of the custody stats. You’re on my radar. Expect the smackdown in a few days.


8 thoughts on “Judgybitch the FeMRA Is Getting a Free Stats Lesson

  1. Diana, I’m so glad you’re calling out Judgybitch- I stopped reading her a while ago after she posted a convoluted rant against Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. Of course, she deleted my reply pointing out the errors in her rant-even though I was able to post credible links backing up my assertions.

    Judgybitch doesn’t have the intelligence to realize that sometimes you need to look deeper than raw statistics to get an accurate view of a situation. She needs to recognize that there are different kinds of sole custody situations. Just because a mother is granted “sole physical custody” does NOT mean that a father is being denied rights to see his child or make decisions over his child’s future. It just means that the child resides only in the mother’s residence. Many times a mother will be granted sole physical custody but the father will be granted “joint legal custody” with liberal visitation rights- meaning that he is given equal weight in making academic, medical and legal decisions for his child. It also allows him to prevent the mother from uprooting the child and moving far away without his permission. There are also serious repercussions against the mother if she tries to interfere/prevent visitation.

    Judgybitch also doesn’t take into account that here in the U.S., states require that divorcing parents go through mediation first before going to court. So many custody arrangements are arrived at with the consent of both parties.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that JB’s inability to think clearly is due to not getting out much and misplaced irrational mysogistic rage.

    I think she uses her blog to try and work out her mommy issues.

    • You know, it’s funny you mention that. I don’t think I’d use that metaphor but I can see why it seems appropriate. I think the reason I don’t like the metaphor is b/c MRA’s use it to claim victimhood. Anywho, it’s been part of feminist understanding that women participate in patriarchy. This is why patriarchy isn’t simply about being male. It’s more of a system that people buy into because we’re socialized to. Now, these days I think it’s changing but very slowly. I think kids are still being indoctrinated by it.

      The FeMRA’s are just enforcers of the male supremacist model of how the world works. Do they hate themselves? I don’t know. Do they want attention? Yes. Do they benefit? Yes. So I suppose breaking it down into smaller questions might give some answers.

      I know that Karen Straugn aka girlwritewhat benefits monetarily even though she claimed she makes 40K/year being a waitress. She can pick up a few thousand just by making a Youtube video crying about a DMCA. She likes being the Queen Bee of the hivemind. Does she look like an ass? Yep. None of the FeMRA’s are particularly bright. I really don’t know why. I just know some of the advantages they have.

        • They treat the FeMRA’s with kid gloves. If they need money or upvotes on Youtube, teh menz will give it to them. It’s a goldmine. Look at how much money they make by selling this crap to the angry white male.

          If I didn’t have a conscience and was totally narcissistic I’d be stroking the egos of the poor dudes too. Trouble is I actually do have a conscience.


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