‘The Feminists’ Gets AVFM Spermturds in a Bunch

This is fantastic. The AVFMers found this old sci-fi pulp that has crap reviews and are comparing it to Orwell! It’s called ‘The Feminists’ and it’s more about Parley Cooper’s psychological issues with women than anything else. It’s also the only book he wrote and is out of print.

The book was published in the 70’s when women didn’t have equal pay, didn’t have many reproductive rights, were considered the weaker sex, were being raped in huge numbers, were being beaten by their husbands and so on. Hey, wait a minute! That’s just like today!

MRA's think this is totes real

MRA’s think this is totes real

To AVFM, this book is some prophetic shit. The FeMRA’s, all four of them, are going to make it impossible for the gynocentric agenda to come to pass or so it says in this sci-fi paperback. Those honeybadgers who do so much gum flapping and money collecting are going to ruin the feminist fun we’re all having because women who enforce the patriarchy are hard for feminists to deal with . Just like the book we live in a feminist utopia where men are totally silenced, where rape never happens and we’ve had a string of female presidents. Oh nawww, wait!

This feminist domination, in Cooper’s mind, was supposed to take place in 1992. I guess Cooper was a bit off because according to the dudebros over at AVFM and Warren Farrell the overlord wimminz are suppressing mens every move and have been since the beginning of time with their butts. If Farrell says it’s true then it must be true!

Men at AVFM are clamouring for the good ole days when a gal didn’t go to the cops when she’s been sexually violated and when women were just forbidden from entering the holy of holies.

STEM fields!

Those poor dudebros in the Manosphere having to get permission for sex and like, treating a woman at a con like a human being and not a sex toy. The NERVE of those pesky feminazi’s! It’s making life on the big blue marble intolerable for the straight white guy. Just think, in a few more millenias women might be sharing political power with men. ‘Can’t have that!’ the dudebros say.

They’re bloody ridiculous. MRA’s actually think feminists have created a dystopia bent on male destruction and this fantasy pulp they’ve discovered has renewed their activism, which wasn’t there to begin with but who cares? Now they all want a copy of the book. Maybe Warren Farrell’s rape apologia will be thrown in the toilet for the new and improved fantasy book whose shit plot of annihilation and men saveth the day lives in the minds of these paranoid sperm turds.

If you could write a sci fi book called ‘The Men’s Rights Activists’ what would it be about? Lemme hear you in the comments.



13 thoughts on “‘The Feminists’ Gets AVFM Spermturds in a Bunch

  1. MRA volume 1: The Walls Have Female Eyes
    In a world dominated by a Matriarchy which silences men, refuses to grant them rights and forces them to license themselves as alpha, beta or gamma males, a small group of handsome and suave operatives go around killing women who make rape accusations against poor innocent men, ruining their lives in a way that no rape victim could ever understand. But Operative Elam is compromised when he falls in love with his target and tries to convince her to join the Ladykillers. Can Elam escape from a matriarchal manhunt with his life?

    MRA volume 2: The Man In The High Castle
    After Elam discovers the Prime Operator, the shadow leader of his matriarchal society (because women cannot actually run anything), he convinces this leader to join the Ladykiller cause. But the women are aware of his treachery and are ready to neutralize him. Can a small ragtag group of males outwit an entire matriarchal society? (probably, since men are the bestest y’all)

    MRA volume 3: Return To The Natural State
    The defection of the Prime Operator has cast the matriarchal society into chaos. The Ladykillers must take control of a television station and broadcast their message of misogyny and return to “natural” values. Features a 300-page speech by Operator Elam establishing the “masculinist” ideology, all the way from first principles to specific articles of clothing that should be permitted or forbidden. Everything ends well as men rise up, beat up their wives, and regain control of society forever and ever, as it should be. A gloriously tedious end to this insipid and imbecilic trilogy.

    “Gentlemen, you must be aware of the fundamental principle of reality: that A is A, that a thing cannot be itself and not itself. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. Men are naturally made to dominate women, as history has proven: whenever women take power and oppress men as they have today, the fall of that civilization is sure to follow. The high status of those Arab and African cultures where women are the most oppressed is an excellent case in point. One day, we may be able to raise ourselves to their level, but we will only be able to do so on the basis of male ingenuity and go-getting.”

  2. “If you could write a sci fi book called ‘The Men’s Rights Activists’ what would it be about?”

    The great gender war ended in 2019. Youtube had become the number one entertainment platform, having massive influence on the general public. Because the MRA’s constantly talked about having superior logic, they gained many followers who didn’t bother with fact checking but believed anyone who acted like they had great intelligence. At first this wasn’t much of a concern and the MRA’s were seen as misogynists by most people, but they were still quite popular on youtube and with the rise of youtube, the MRA’s popularity rose as well. Feminists became more and more concerned as time went by and decided to fight back. There were many epic vlogging battles between the two groups, but as the harassment from MRA’s grew from downvoting and derailing comment sections to stalking and physical abuse, feminists slowly started to go into hiding. Some remained resolute in fighting the MRA’s, but even offering sexual favors to men in an attempt to gain numbers couldn’t help them for long.

    Once the MRA’s had successfully defeated the feminists, they were slowly put into powerful positions of government. They made many successful changes such as ending all forms of affirmative action, ending the criminality of marital and date rape, and making financial abortions available to men among many other things. But even though the war had been won, by 2064 men were still being oppressed by women and many debates were taking place among the MRA’s. One matter of concern was false accusations of rape and battery (except of course if the two were married because rape and domestic abuse can’t exist within marriage). They had already changed the minds of everyone into truly believing innocent until proven guilty. Unless a woman had video evidence or a witness, the crime couldn’t be proved and the woman was labeled as most likely a liar and a misandrist. But for some this wasn’t enough. Video evidence could be faked in some way and not all witnesses are trustworthy because they could be women or manginas willing to lie and ruin men’s lives because of wanting the power that comes with victimhood.

    But things would soon change again. The feminists in hiding had a plan and were about to hack into youtube.

  3. Haha, well done, Francois! And you’ve touched a nerve with Atlas Shrugged with me as well. When I read it I was very impressed with the intensity and the narrative thrust. Also it was a book of ideas with a coherent plot and characters, even some mystery – I liked that. And it was written by a woman intellectual. We need women intellectuals writing big novels stuffed with ideas. There was a big woman character near the center too.

    But – and I think this happens to a lot of readers – there seemed to be some sort of rot at the center, a tiny spot that over the months following seemed to spread as I thought of the book. There was no getting around the elitism, fascism, and misogyny of the thinking. The author’s ideas were destructive – the dog-eat-dog celebration, the let them eat cake no-safety-net for the weak ideas, the denial that there are any oppressed groups in society and that we are all individuals who rise to the top based on merit alone. Imagining the society Rand proposed, with its fabulous infrastructure, its exploitation of anything that could be exploited, and its rule by a very rich few men while the rest could starve, I had to admit that the ultimate project of the book is a vast disaster. So I admire it for what it is, for its reach but not its content.

    • “There was no getting around the elitism, fascism, and misogyny of the thinking”

      Exactly, you’ve gotten to the core of the issue. She was elitist, fascist and misogynist, and did not hide it in her fiction. It’s like reading The Iron Dream.

  4. Enjoyed that, EB!

    Well, here’s a poem about a young lieutenant with a big secret, in a post-MRA-victorious world:

    The Feminals

    these days the Feminals
    are kept drugged in camps
    used only for reproduction
    transported in boxcars
    Base to Base
    they don’t talk ever.

    what they did. deprivation and injustice.
    turned out dangerous as we always feared.

    my name is Bill. I am a Loot. back
    from the eternal War
    against all the other Bases,
    I got promoted. now I must


    they say you go in and see
    a hole in the wall. the feminal
    is kept asleep, you do your duty
    and go, you never see it.
    what am I gonna do. I hid
    it all these years

    my father taught me to shoot up
    so I look like them but I ain’t.
    I ain’t.

    what am I

    gonna do.


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