Rivers of Blood Intro

Elliot Rodgers, the man who railed at women for not dating his magnificent self, digested and repeated MRA rhetoric. Many news sites have various pieces of his social media. He is being added to a long list of misogynist murderers such as George Sodini and Marc Lepine.

As a woman writing about the Manosphere I have a unique ability to spot MRA rhetoric when I see it. It doesn’t matter how often MRA’s deny their part or quibble about it. They DID play a part. These popular Manosphere hangouts are indistinguishable from one another if you look at the one thing they have in common: hatred and distrust of women.

As time progresses we will see the trail in the Manosphere Elliot left for us to find. This trail will have various twists and turns that arrive at a singular ideology that Elliot had in common with Elam, Price, Roosh and the rest of the mouthpieces of the Manosphere.

I’ve known for years that it would come to this point, where women are now dead, their lives cut short not by a man with a mental illness, but by the angry voice of an angry man that blamed every failure in his life on women and feminism.

Women ARE in real danger from these groups. It’s not restricted to the internet. The Manosphere is not a healthy place for anyone to be. Sometimes I wonder how much of a toll it’s taken on me. Those who laughed at me or thought I was wrong about my predictions that something very serious would happen to women aren’t laughing any more. I think many blogs that focused on the Manosphere predicted the same thing I did.

I will write about this as more information comes to light.

My thoughts are with the dead, their families, friends and communities.




10 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood Intro

  1. As always, completely uniformed and ridiculous “logic” based on a false premiss.

    Whatever about people individual approaches to life. THe plain and simple fact is PUA’s are diametrically opposed by MRA’s. PUA and gynocentric and just learn how to maximize themselves in the game, the game still revolves around women, they are like skilled, confident, aggressive, psychologically aware manginas, who “game up” to get sex rather than pander.

    Not only are the PUA community and men’s rights activists opposed in views and approach, there is open hostility between MRA’s and PUA’s. The fact these feminists don’t know this, or pretend they don’t … shows how valid their views are on this.

    MRA’s are what they say they are i.e. advocates for men’s rights. It is a simple and defined activism, with clear goals that only conflict with feminism because feminism directly reduces male equality and fair treatment, feminism also shames and demonizes maleness and male sexuality. It actively misrepresents crime stats and very simple stops all social progress as progress with feminists in the frame is like running through mud up to your knees.

    Feminism is a sideshow, it is a dream for the elite. Like all the intangible wars, on drugs, on terror…. it is endless, but unlike those, the feminist attack is on every single male on the planet and says it speaks for women, which it doesn’t in any way. In fact it has made them unhappy with it’s bullying.

    So if it benefits no one in society, male or female, who does it benefit? Who benefits when people inclined to be activist, feminist or MRA (not to put them on a par re worth) are consumed with this nonsense, the feminists producing it, and the MRA’s trying to expose and counter it for a fairer world. If this was not an issue, where would our gaze fall?

    Corporatism? reduction in rights? the police state?… especially in the U.S. , gun running to “terrorists”, false flag attacks etc. now we see who benefits. Come on they have Gloria Steinam, a racist, CIA operative who infiltrated rights groups and informed on them, how many people were arrested and jailed because of her ….. feminism is not an ideology, it is in most senses an industry, but it is not an industry that make money directly from it’s “efforts” but it is funded. Look at the funding feminism gets and from whom. Follow the money and see who benefits.

    Feminism is a front, it is the curtain we must draw back. It hides the problem, it itself is a massively destructive thing, but it is not the source.. pull back the curtain and let’s see the wizard!

    Rodgers was a pick up artist. PUA’s and MRA’s are completely opposed to each other. Have you ever seen advice on picking up women on an MRA page? MRA, is men’s rights, plain and simple, unlike feminism it is not at war with women in any way. It is simply a movement for equality in law, family matters etc. feminists seem to take this as hostility.

    PUA’s are gynocentric and essentially observe what is already the dynamic between men and women and try to maximise their ability to get women in bed. That has nothing to do with shared parenting, recognition of male victims of domestic violence, rape, bias in criminal and family law.

    You can see rhetoric in the manosphere, sure, but so what? It’s not all rhetoric by a long shot and as for feminism, all it has is utterly empty rhetoric, that is a problem, baseless attacks like this one where you make it seem like PUA are the same as MRA, when they could not be more different.

    Feminism, false premiss based on a worldwide conspiracy by men against women, “patriarchy”, all problems stem from this no matter how obviously they don’t… like DV in same sex female couples!!! Feminism starts with an answer, one answer for everything before the question is even asked. No “ideology” or more correctly top down social manipulation body, could ever actually work out the right answer from that. It’s like a religion, god did it, how do you know?, it says so in the bible, how do you know that is the word of good, it says it is in the bible. That is feminism.This article really shows you up badly, as is always the way with feminists.

    Stop wasting peoples time with your rubbish and let’s focus on the people who want feminism to cause such hassle we ignore the people who are actually making the wars etc.

  2. On April 1, 2014 I did a sort of “round up” of videos and maybe some comments from you either at your YT channel or at your blog or both and the whole premise was that they seemed to be stepping up their incitement of violence against women. I think that was before the Queens Uni. incident, too – I’d have to check to be sure. But, there is no way these things are not connected – despite denials from MRA and PUA, which I’ve seen online. The SPLC comment section was full of this, in fact.

    When I first saw this and saw the things this guy was saying in his video, I knew exactly what he was – and I study these guys no where near as much as you do. I have run into their stupidity at comment sections (like at YT) and in the spam they try to post to my blog. It is unmistakable.

    Meanwhile, the right wingers are saying he did it because he’s mentally illl and the left wingers are saying he did it because he had access to guns.

    This guy is not insane, he’s just a regular guy who has been exposed to MRA/PUA rhetoric online.

    Furthermore, he didn’t need a gun, he had a knife, a 2,000 pound vehicle and a dick with which to commit his violence.

    It was clear to me in less than 10 seconds of first hearing about this guy that he was some variety of MRA (and there’s solid, hard evidence that he was a PUA, which uses similar rhetoric). We all (people who follow your blog and Wehuntedthemammoth and who have had to deal with these misogynists online all over the damned place) knew this was going to happen.

    I don’t see how the cops could have missed it. I, also, don’t see how they could arrest a roommate and book him for stealing $22 worth of candles – it seems to me that a lot of favoritism was shown to this kid. I know a little bit about Calabasas County, California. I can just about guarantee you that the cops did nothing about this kid because of his father’s perceived influence. In Calabasas, everything in life revolves around the television and film industry.

    Now, they’re just going to ignore his misogyny and the misogynists that influenced him. Hate against women isn’t real hate – not by the legal definition in the U.S. – because we have never fully established that women are full citizens.

    • Make that not Calabasas “county” but that area including and surrounding Calabasas, which includes Malibu. It’s stuffed full of celebrities and their families and lots of people with big money who live in a way very differently from how I choose to live my life – but, who seem to think that this is all there is. Like this kid, they think what car you drive or what brand of clothes you wear or what surgeon did your nose job is very important.

  3. >The guy hates both men and women, kills 6 men and 2 women and you still cry misogyny? How do you sleep at night knowing how much of a manipulative liar you are?

    I’m still not advanced enough to figure this out. My male brain just aches with this shit. You women actually think it’s misogyny that motivated the killer even though Rodger wrote an entire manifesto explaining that he hated women? How is that logic?

    • How willfully blind (or painfully stupid) must one be not to see misogyny here? Watch any one of his videos. Read his manifesto. He hated “bitches” and “blonde sluts” who wouldn’t date or sleep with him. He said because they wouldn’t love him he would murder them, and followed through on it. Trying to spin this guy as some equal opportunity murder is a new low for MRAs. (Note: I don’t actually know if you’re an MRA but you sound like a misogynist and a sick individual nonetheless.)

  4. It’s hilarious to see the MRAs trying to do so much damage control all over the place. According to a new article at Futrelle’s blog, the FemRa called JudgyBitch has been telling their following of menz that Rodger could not have been a misogynist since he killed more men than women in his botched attempt to – as he said in his video, very specifically – murder “blonde sluts” at a sorority house. I guess “blonde sluts” is code for “da menz” now.

    There is no way they are going to get out of this. Here’s some samplings of more MRA “satire” at Twitter: http://redplebeian.tumblr.com/post/86783589940/kropotkink-lzbth-they-are-potential

    Their fingerprints are all over this thing. All the absurd denials in the world won’t change it – it just makes them look even guiltier. If this were a chess match, they’d be irrevocably in check right now.

    • Oh so now JudgyuglysqueekyvoiceBitch admits that misogyny exists? I thought the MRA stance was the deniability of misogyny?

    • Hi Woman of the Woods, regarding the fact that males were killed too –

      1. He stated many many times that his hatred of women was so intense it extended to men who were connected to them. But the reason was his hatred of women.

      2. Sometimes when a man throws acid on a woman he hates, it hits a child she is holding. Because the child is in proximity. But the reason is hatred of the woman.

      (I won’t link to sites because they are too painful to view without preparation).

      3. The man who killed several non-Jewish people at the Jewish Center in Kansas hated Jews and was trying to kill them. They were in proximity. But the reason was antisemitism.


      4. Sometimes white people are killed by racists. Two white men were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964; They were killed due to racism.


      You would think even MRAs would be concerned that misogyny has resulted in the “collateral damage” of men being murdered as well.

  5. Brief addition to my comment above: of the four men killed, three were roommates. He said in his manifesto document that he planned to kill his roommates to clear the apartment he lived in to carry out his plan to lure women there and kill them. He had a specific motive to kill those three: they stood in the way of his woman-killing.


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