Rivers of Blood Part One

Immersing myself in this tragedy and knowing what caused it has made me shake uncontrollably at times today. It’s made me question what the fuck I am doing. Keeping track of this hatred has really taken its toll on me. I won’t stop. I’m just having a breakdown and I’m extremely angry.

The murders of women, for being women, is not unfamiliar to me. There are two days in the year in my community and country where dead women are remembered, dead women killed by angry white men who most definitely shared the same views as MRA’s. I have to add a third day, and it’s really bothering me.

There’s a great video on Youtube I want you to watch.

Since I couldn’t put it into words as eloquent I must rely on her.

I wrote a post on Feb 25th of this year quoting some of the apocalyptic rhetoric of AVFM and my prediction that violence was going to happen to women. Read it here.

There are many more posts where I quote AVFM’s members and leaders inciting violence.  Here’s a small list:

I know some of you are wondering why I haven’t posted in depth. The reason is I’m in shock. No matter how much I knew this would happen there was nothing that could’ve prepared me for it when it did.




16 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood Part One

  1. I am sorry but I have been ignoring the news about the California psycho, I am so sick of this male bullshit that we have to grow through. We must fear them, we must be scared etc. Fuck all of them! That is what they want, they want power over us, they want us to fear them so we may submit to them out of fear, Any sort of submission to them, is a pure win against women.

    I will just comment again on the despicable comments on this video; women defending MRA’s and the males telling us that we must have sex with them as far as they demand. Never mind how disgusting sex is with these pathetic smelly, hairy, unintelligent vermin parasites. I never had sex, nor am i ever planning to letting these vermin utilize me in any way. I use men, not the other way around, plain and fucking simple.

    That is exactly what the disgusting perverted Paul Elam and his cronies want, they want sexually servile women. They want female submission, they want us to talk of them to fear them, to cry over their crimes and there ‘kills’ wherever the guy Roger, is he is laughing, he is fucking happy that she got away with such crimes against women.

    Roger WAS NOT mentally insane, I repeat HE WAS NOT mentally insane, he was just MALE and all MALES as a RULE HATE WOMEN. They kill us they, rape us, and torture us. They do not care about respecting us or our humanity, I hate the word huMANity, since it has MAN in it. Men are lower beings period.

    One commentator in the video commented on the girls make up, of course shitty and sexual comments will never be removed, since menz rule and misogyny and hatred of women is a-fucking-okay. I would love these boys who think they are so slick on manosphere blogs to say the shit they say online to my face, they have no fucking idea what I have in store for them,

    • “Roger WAS NOT mentally insane, I repeat HE WAS NOT mentally insane, he was just MALE and all MALES as a RULE HATE WOMEN.”

      Rodger was primarily sick with narcissism, and anyone with any brainpower at all can easily see this when reading his manifesto. He was misogynistic, yes, but also racist and elitist. He killed twice as man men as he did women. Your mental problems, for thinking that all men hate women, is probably more-so to do with indoctrination by feminism. Does you dad hate you? Your grandfather? You think half the planet thinks they are entitled to sex with you and hates you. I feel sorry for you.

      • You must have mistaken this feminist, anti-misogynist blog for the Worldwide Wrestling Federation’s blog where I’m sure you’ll find some roided-up dude in a villain costume who would be more than happy to take you up on your comic-book character-like challenge.

        I’m not sure how you made such an error. But, you are definitely in the wrong place.

  2. That’s a very good vid. I watched it a couple of times.

    I’d like to do a “round up” article that includes all the posts – maybe just the posts from 2014, ’cause there’s so many – made by HMQ, her vids, the Wehuntedthemammoth articles and whatever else I can find that demonstrates the fact that they’ve been turning up the violent rhetoric, inciting men to be more violent to women. There’s so much of it. And, it’s hard for me to look at.

    Last night, I just had to shut everything off and get away from the computer for several hours. I’m still processing what happened.

    I’m appalled at most of what is at YT on this subject, which is dominated by MRAs.

    The comment section under that vid really is disgusting. All I saw in that woman’s face was that she is really shaken up – as many of us are. This was 9/11 for women – our own Sept. 11th. This guy talked about his desire to spread fear among women, to create an environment in which women fear men. If listening to just this one woman’s words are any indication, then that was accomplished. I think more women must surely be realizing how dangerous men are. I think that part is good – we need to realize that, ASAP, both individually and as a collective – for our own good.

  3. Good video, thanks for the link. Of course there are mras on there “correcting” her in her belief that he was an MRA. Well, he may not have belonged to the club and had the secret handshake, but he sure had a lot of the same attitudes and beliefs. As lots of others have said, if someone targeted Jews, or blacks or gays we wouldn’t have any problem seeing it as a hate crime, but when women are targeted because of misogyny is because of guns, or insanity or anything and everything but the kind of misogyny that the manosphere subsists on, and amplifies.

    Laci Green also has a really good video on all this:

    Ever since I became aware of online MRAs, PUAs and MGTOWS and the rest of the jolly women-haters, and seen how they validate each others regressive and violent opinions I have been fearing something like this would happen. (To tell the truth, I feared someone on the Register Her “bigots” list would be targeted by someone.)

    Today I see comments all over Youtube, men blaming women and feminists for what has happened, because “feminists have turned women into hypergamous sluts who will only fuck 10% of the men”, and men telling women who express their dismay over what Elliot Rodger did that “It’s the fault of women like you who won’t give guys like Elliot Rodger the time of day.” One comment that had received 10 upvotes on Youtube was “You girls better spread your legs or be spread out on the floor.” Now I know that Youtube is a hive of incivility and stupidity, but it’s also a place where people say what they really mean, what they might not say in public, and I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious to those who pay attention that the manosphere is not just reflecting but actually causing a wave of toxic masculinity to wash across the internet that spills out into real life.

    • The trouble I have with the notion of “toxic masculinity” is that all men have masculinity, so it’s a very important distinction to differentiate between masculinity that has *gone* toxic and masculinity that is *inherently* toxic. When you see ravings of an unbalanced person like the post above which states that ALL MEN inherently hate ALL WOMEN, well, I have a big issue with a person that mentally unbalanced using a term like “toxic masculinity” which from her corner cannot mean anything buy “all masculinity is toxic”. Feminism has been trying to sell this diatribe for 40 years and has failed, and will continue to fail. If feminism is not to be seen as a hate movement, that many men AND women think it is, this aspect of feminism needs to die.

      As for men who are entitled to relationships, attention from women, approaching women, touching women… well, these guys need to either grow up, stay in their mothers basements or get educated. I think men need to call out these guys and say “Son, man up. Worry about being a better man and you will naturally attract women. Fretting and moaning and DEMANDING that women pay you their attention is just juvenile.

      There is misogyny within MRA/manosphere so I have decided not to identify with these groups, despite personally having some support for most of feminism while being a detractor of SOME aspects of it, like the concept that ALL MEN hate ALL WOMEN. That’s complete nonsense. The trouble with having ANY criticism of any aspect of feminism is that you are instantly called a misogynistic MRA member, which means mature discussion becomes impossible.

      Feminists and their supports do run to the “Not all women are like that” line (NAWALT) w hen men point out bad behavior. Well, I am sure NAWALT also applies and most women are more mentally balanced and mature enough to realize that all men do NOT hate all women. If SOME men hate women, I offer you NAMALT. Not all men are like that! 😉

      You may also argue NAFALT. Not all feminists are like that!

  4. I think it was always right here in real life and they are honestly reflecting that since there’s no penalty. The manosphere IMHO is just a mirror, reflecting what is here. Someone on register-her has probably been targeted already, We just don’t know about it, because she is afraid. But I do agree that the manosphere is a center, a hub of viciousness. To remove that buzzing hate-hive would not be a bad idea.

    • Sorry I didn’t respond immediately. Lots to read these days! Yes, I’m sure women on Register Her have been harassed and emailed and tweeted at. I have been worried, and I’m still worried that some guy will think the best way to show his dedication to the MRAs will be to physically attack one of the so-called “bigots”. That may have happened already too. The manosphere is a mirror, but it also validates the feelings of guys with some very bad attitudes towards women. “Yes, western women are shit! Yes, it’s HER fault you’re a virgin! Women who change their minds about sex call rape! ” Men that need a therapist find out that they’re actually okay, it’s just that feminism is destroying western society!
      (I’m venting, I know you know all this already)

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