UPDATED.  LINK IS HERE. It’s quite popular. The MRA’s want to have a misogynist gathering in Detroit. Paul Elam, the fraudster behind A Voice for Men has put up some garbage pdf file about feminists who he claims are threatening to bomb the DoubleTree Hotel in Detroit. I don’t believe there’s been a SINGLE threat of damage. Of protesting? Sure.

Elam is once again ratcheting up the misogyny and hatred by pushing this bullshit narrative that feminists are calling in bomb threats.




  1. Re: “A Voice for Men has put up some garbage pdf file about feminists who he claims are threatening to bomb the DoubleTree Hotel in Detroit.”

    This explains one of the search engine phrases I got tonight at the blog. It said, “threats of violence against mras” – thinking it was a joke, I searched the term myself, but all I turned up was more incidents and discussions of male violence against women… What a bunch of desperate losers!

  2. I believe in freedom of speech. The MRA is not a group which uses or advocates violence. Let’s have more light and less heat. Let’s use reason to debate issues instead of emotion..

      • MRAs have NEVER shut down any feminist conference. EVER! MRAs have NEVER illegally pulled a fire alarm switch. EVER! Not all feminists want the conference closed down. See

        If feminists have issues with MRAs then they can present their cases through various media. If feminists do not like the idea of free speech even by those they disagree with then they should go to a totalitarian country where tyranny can be taken whole and pure without the base alloy of hypocrisy.

        The MRA have put forward $6.000 for information about the assault on Louise Equaliment. Feminists have put forward $0.00. Why don’t feminists care about this assault beyond simply exploiting it for propaganda.

        • Nope. MRA’s would rather doc drop, harass women, kill women. I don’t have to present anything anywhere. Screw the freeze peach argument. This is not about freeze peach. It’s about violence.

          • The above comment is characteristic of the misinformation surrounding the MRA and the conference. Please support your slander about killing and harassing women. It is easy to slander. Anyone can do that. Arguing logically is harder.

          • This petition is an outrageous example of bullying.Is it any wonder 80% of American females are not feminists. This action confirms all the negative stereotypes about feminists.

        • Right, mra’s just rape, harass, stalk and kill women. We know that already, leave you little fuckwit.

          • No they do not. You have been misled.

            Please don’t call me a fuckwit. Have I resorted to that low language? No. Reason – not insults. Light – not heat.

          • I act from high moral principles. And please don’t swear. I can feel the hate in your swearing.

            It is not what is important what you know about me. It is important what you know about feminism. I am an exfeminist who walked away after learning so much. A bit like many theists walked away from the church after reading the bible. A little knowledge of feminism makes one a feminist. A lot of knowledge about feminism makes one an exfeminist.

          • You mean the moral biblical principles that tell us that women are shit, they should be used as booty by ‘god’, raped by their fathers and husbands, and then submit to every single man on earth? The biblical principles are an mrm paradise, you can use each woman you meet however you want. Yes, believe me I HATE YOU and VERMIN LIKE YOU. LOL

  3. If the hotel refuses to cancel it, as anyone would do for a conference by racists or gay-bashers, then I’ll just have to blog about it normally.

      • Well actually I’ve seen racist and homophobic MRAs (see Roosh V, Roissy, etc.). Second I didn’t say they *were* racist or homophobic, I compared them to racists and homophobes. I said a conference by misogynists would be the equivalent. Basking in bigotry is an even worse look…

        • It is not a conference by misogynists. It is a conference by men AND women.

          But have freedom of speech. Even those you disagree with. Even those you think are wrong. Even those who are in fact wrong. If you don’t like free speech go to the Taliban controlled regions of Afghanistan where tyranny can be taken whole and pure without the base alloy of hypocrisy.

          • Correction by men pretending and dressing like women. No real woman is dumb enough to support your cause unless she is getting paid well.

          • Erin Pizzey, Alison Tieman, Senator Anne Cools, Karen straughan and many other women are attending. If you did not know this then you are arguing from a position of ignorance, You have not done your homework.

          • LOL have you actually seen Alison and Karen? Sorry, those two don’t actually constitute as women. Pizzey is just angry that no one wants to play with her. Guess what, she still expects that women should be respected, not raped and not disrespected by men just because she is a woman. Cry yourself to sleep boo fucking hoo, you still can’t actually rape any of them no matter how much you want to abuse them.

          • Let’s see Erin Pizzey, has issues with women and makes up shit. Alison Tieman, can’t read a statistical paper to save her life and makes up shit, Anne Cools, have no idea who she is and at this point don’t care because she’s with you assholes, Karen Stringbeanhead, uses the Holocaust to shame men who don’t go along with AVFM, and makes up shit.

            Now, whats the one thing they all have in common?

          • Er, I’m actually a feminist. I don’t kiss ass with people I hate. Otherwise I’d be sucking up to you 😉

          • Also it isn’t a club. Then again, MRAs were never known for their profound intellect.

          • And women can, in no way, be misogynists. Certainly not Phyllis Schlafly who says marital rape doesn’t exist. Or Ann Coulter who opposes women’s suffrage. Or Karen Straughan, who defended an article extolling the virtues of beating your wife/girlfriend. Yeah we have freedom of speech, but the problem with that argument is that a private institution or business (e.g. a hotel) can decide whether or not they want to host your get-together. On an unrelated note I think MRAs would be happier in Taliban-controlled regions of Afghanistan. No marital rape laws, no women voting, no women thoughtlessly provoking men’s sexual desires with skimpy clothing. It’s a men’s rights paradise 😀

        • Death threats against the staff of hotel by feminists and feminists have the gall to accuse MRAs of being violent, patriarchal and controlling. Hypocrisy isn’t a good look.

          • Can anyone tell me if there’s a significant difference between then? The only difference seems to be that PUA’s have more active sex lives.

    • “racists or gay-bashers,”

      If MRAs hate women then why are so many leading MRAs female? Your accusation doesn’t make any sense.

      • First of all, not many actually are. Second of all, women can and do bash women. See Phyllis Schlafly, Ann Coulter, Lila Rose, Rep. Sally Kern, etc. etc. Nice try.

      • Also, if MRAs don’t hate women why does their rhetoric not reflect that? Why the excuses for domestic violence and rape? Why the use of words like “bitch” and “cunt” and “twat”? Why the doxxing of innocent women? Why the attacks on anti-rape campaigns and efforts to prove that women aren’t victims of sexual assault or abuse? The MRM’s own actions betray them…

  4. I hope people actually go and see for themselves what the MRA want to discuss. It’s not not misogyny it’s actual male issues. I identify as an egalitarian but I don’t like to see people attempt to be silenced by lies and bullshit. Let’s not pretend feminist are such great people with their killallmen propaganda and yesallwomen generalizations. If feminists can speak so can MRA’s.

    • We already have. Rape apology, faulty statistics, violent rhetoric, male violence against women.

      You’re not an egalitarian. You’re an MRA. If you don’t know what these assholes are about I can either deduce that you’re ignorant and just spewing as an MRA or that you support their violent rhetoric and are just spewing as an MRA.

      • Oh, and don’t forget the “retributive violence” which is all women’s fault for not complying with what men want.

        You never know when one of them might demand his retribution against women who don’t behave the way he likes and start stabbing or shooting whoever is handy.

        I think that bit of icing on the cake ought to be reason enough for no one to host one of their events.

    • “I identify as an egalitarian…”

      Yup, pretentious MRA.

      “Let’s not pretend feminist are such great people with their killallmen propaganda and yesallwomen generalizations.”


  5. 1) Do you think men have any issues that needs to be addressed? Yer or No.

    2) If No, how do you know? If Yes, then who should address those issues if a men rights movement is not allowed to have a voice?

    3) If men rights movement is a hate group because certain INDIVIDUALS have misogynistic tendencies, is Feminism movement not equally a hate group considering that it also have feminists with seriously disturbing misandric tendencies?

    4) Who do you think should represent men? Feminists? Does that sound right to you? Why cant they represent themselves?

    5) Are u capable of rationally discussing anything or are u also the type that throw tantrums and then pretend to be offended to avoid a fair balanced debate?

    NB: Note that english is not my first language, I’m not an American.

  6. It is true that women are facing many problems, but feminist like u are toxic and are doing more damage than good. U hate logic and facts in whatever u do, then u only entertain shady researches that seem to support only WHAT YOU WANT, which is to create hysteria and get more innocent women to help u to hate men to further yo own personal hate agendas, probably based on personal experiences with an ex maybe? MRA’s do have honest and concerned members who are not driven by misogyny, but u wont see that bcos it goes against yo wishes. Men rights movement is here to stay, believe me, and it is growing at an alarming rate lately. Fighting it is exactly what is going to expose the true nature of feminists. I think that its a good thing u fight it, cos more ignorant men will also start opening their eyes and ask why? u are obviously an angry misandrist that is not in touch with the reality and will do ANYTHING not to be exposed to it. Get professional help before u self destruct. Anger is not good.


  7. And awaiting moderation? Good, no need to publish it, but YOU will read it and thats what matters. I wont be back, I found the link of this nice little misandrist blog on twitter. Have yourself a great day.

  8. This – “Let’s not pretend feminist are such great people with their killallmen propaganda and yesallwomen generalizations. If feminists can speak so can MRA’s.” – is why there is no point in talking to these assholes about anything, ever, at any time.

    The only party doing any killing of the other party that there is evidence for – killing en masse, killing day-to-day and one-on-one, raping, abducting and so on, every day in the news (and those are only a tiny, tiny fraction of the instances) are men killing and raping girls and women.

    Yet, this fuckhead thinks the idea being #yesallwomen involves a generalization – so, 1.5 million or whatever the number of women sharing their personal stories means nothing to these stupid, brain-dead, sperm-jacked men…

    • Let me guess what the MRA defense on this will be: All the news outlets all over the world are run by feminists who spread lies and men are the real victims of all those crimes.” Sounds about right…

      • Maybe not run by women; but definitely made to appease women. News is funded by advertising dollars and considering women are 80% of consumers than who would you side with?
        Men are reduced to dirt throughout the media.

        • Wow! Please, do your own independent research and stop listening to con men like Elam.

          Men run the media – all of it. I recently did an article discussing this subject myself (at my blog, which is not closed to public viewing because of MRA trolls).

          Men own all of the major media outlets. Men run those outlets, without exception. It is men who mainly watch the news, in part because it is full of misogyny – women and girls being kidnapped and murdered by men every day, for example. and sexist headlines about women’s body parts. I haven’t seen any stats, but I can pretty much guarantee that Fox News’ viewership is predominantly male (and white, and not very young).

          And advertisers certainly haven’t done women any favors. The advertising is hypersexual (heterosexual – encouraging women to “give it” to men) and preys upon all kinds of insecurities manufactured by the male-dominated system, itself.

          If the media are reducing men to dirt – How, I don’t know? – then, it is men who are doing this. Last time I checked Ted Turner, that Australian criminal, Roberts and Roberts of Comcast, and Walt Disney were all dick-wielders. If you’ve got a problem with how the media is run, then it is those men you should blame just for starters – men, men – not women. There’s not one woman-owned or run media outlet in the U.S or anywhere in the allegedly free world that I know of.

          And, what you see on TV? Written by men. You don’t like men being portrayed as bumbling idiots with hot wives? Neither do feminists, but women aren’t the ones writing and producing this horrible stuff. You know what I do? I turn it off – I’ve turned it all off!

          And, the movies? 8% of scripts in Hollywood last year (2013) were written by men. Go take a look at your local movie listings right this minute – what do you see? Monsters (presumably Godzilla is male), superheroes (all male), and white guys doing various heroic or disgusting things. All men – men, men, men… that’s who movies are made for. And, sometimes they throw a bone to women who are trapped in the established system as wives, mothers, girlfriends and fuck toys.

          If men want to do something about how men are portrayed anywhere in the media, they should be taking it up with other men – not harassing women on feminists blogs….

          • Correction: 8% of Hollywood scripts were written by women, which means that 92% were written by men.

            I was typing fast and furious there.

            By the way, the number of scripts written by women is down since last year and way down since 10 years ago, which is reflected in the testosterone-soaked movies they’re churning out lately.
            And, they wonder why people don’t want to go to the movies, anymore!

          • Wait, women control the media now? I thought wingnuts were still blaming the Jews for that one. I can’t keep their bigotry straight.

    • Also, the violence men experience is vastly committed by other men! This is a topic the MRAs always refuse to acknowledge.

      When my best friend’s brother was 15 years old he was raped by a man! I remember my Mum comforting him and taking him to the hospital. My Mum stayed with him during the police report process also.

      My father was regularly beaten by his older brother until my Dad reached puberty and he became much bigger than his abusive brother. Then the abuse stopped.

      Just recently my younger brother was randomly beaten up by a man in the street. He did nothing to provoke the attack.

      Watch the news on any given day and you will often see reports of violence perpetrated by men on other men.

      • In wacky MRA-land, the violence cause of the violence is not men – instead it is women perpetrating violence against men. I’m not saying it never, ever happens that women initiate violence against a man, but it is rare.

        I have never in my life initiated violence against a man – for one thing, I am what they call “petite.” I’d have to stand on something to poke the average man in the throat. Women, on average, are much smaller than men and smaller people don’t usually run around starting fights. I have had occasion to defend myself and have gotten in a few blows against attackers, but this is not the same as initiating violence – fighting back is just what women do when they can’t get away and the other option is imminent death or serious injury and those are only in instances when fighting back is an option at all. Sometimes men don’t give you that option because they like to restrain you, often coming up from behind you or doing something else to make it impossible for you to fight back, at all.

        Many years ago, I would regularly go into Honolulu in the evening. I remember seeing several incidents over the course of just a few weeks involving men, pushing women, presumably a girlfriend or “friend” up against a wall in public, yelling, shaking and sometimes slapping or hitting her. In ever case, the man was at least a head taller than the woman and quite a bit wider. I was with a group of people every time I saw this, including men and whenever I would point it out, they would all act like they weren’t seeing it.

        Never once in my life have I seen a woman corner a man, beat, slap, yell, scream and berate him in public. I’ve, also, never seen men bruised up the day after being shaken and beaten by a woman. I’ve never seen a man in the hospital fighting for his life after being raped by a woman… I’ve never seen a man break down in hysterics, terrified to go home after work because he was beaten and raped by his girlfriend the night before. But, I’ve seen it the other way around far too often.

        The idea that women are running around committing – or even threatening to commit – violent acts against men is a masturbatory MRA fantasy. They’ve got some baldy dude in their group who actually went on TV talking about his rape fantasies of men being tied up and raped by women in a hair salon.

        • Yes, there are other incidences of men’s violence to other men I could tell you. But there are many many more incidents of men’s violence towards women that I could tell you as well.

          My sister, my aunt and a woman I used to work night shift with are just a few of the incidents of violence and assault against women and girls that I have witnessed and know of.

          Of course, the MRAs do not look at it as a problem in some men. It’s the woman’s bad choice in choosing men! Apparently we women are very fond of thugs!

          I agree with you wholeheartedly on the MRAs take on women on men violence. I have never witnessed it either. The men, women and children that I know of (including myself) that have been victims of assault (whether the assault was sexual, physical or otherwise) the perpetrated was a man!

          Their logic absolutely floors me, and I feel so sorry for the daughters and other female family members of these men.

      • I…wouldn’t go that far. I don’t hate you. I do, on the other hand, hate MRAs. I know, I’m going dangerously into NAMALT territory. On the other hand I’d probably understand why you voice the sentiments you do, especially in light of recent events, not just in California but in India and Malaysia. I don’t think the violence is innate. I think it’s learned. And I think it’s deeply ingrained. But I think men can break free from the cycle of violence against women. Or maybe I’m a naïve optimist.

        • Boy, as useful idiots go you take the cake!. One of your feminist overlords just told you point blank that “ALL men hate ALL women, it is as simple as that” and you are still pleading with with her to be allowed to sit at the table?? damn!! they had a name for people like during WW2, “collaborator”

          • It’s called being kind to people. You oughta try it. It sounds to me that some men might have hurt her in the past. If that’s the case I don’t want to start blathering about Nazi collaborators. Where is that going to get us? Absolutely nowhere. If “not all men” are like that, we need to start showing it. I’m not asking for a place at the table — women can have their own spaces if they want, and I’m fine with that. Call it an attempt to empathize with someone or an attempt to build rather than burn bridges. Either way I felt compelled to reach out and perhaps show that violence and misogyny isn’t innate to men. People, such as yourself, learn it.

            And, of course, from an MRA I’ll take your comparison to a Nazi/fascist collaborator as a badge of honor ^_^

          • I have freedom of speech. If you have a problem with that move to the Taliban controlled region of Afghanistan where tyranny can be taken whole and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.

            Hotat staff and hotel guest who are non conference attendees have been threatened by feminists. That is hypocrisy. Doing EXACTLY what you are accusing men and the MRAs of doing. Double standards are not a good look.

            Rethink and add light to your arguments. Reduce the heat. It’s debate we need, not hate.

          • You may have free speech, but have no life hey? Yes the fact that you kill, rape, beat, stalk and harass women online and in real life is a terrible thing. Yes we know you respect women…oh wait….

          • Do you have any logical argument apart from slander? Feminists are threatening the staff and guests of the hotel with violence and death. Hypocrisy is not a good look.

            I speak out because I feel morally obliged to defend those who are being bullied into silence. It’s a human thing.

          • Exactly huMAN thing to do – rape, abuse, stalk, kill, hate, harass and etc. You’re right on the money fuckwit.

  9. I find it amusing your naive belief that posting here will change our opinions. No one wants you here
    The fact that you oppose this site is proof of misogyny.

    • Wrong. Misogyny is “hate of women”. It is NOT someone who disagrees with an opinion. You CAN be a feminist AND disagree with the petition, Here is one such feminist.

      I don’t have any illusions of changing the minds of hard core feminists. I have never had and about changing the mind of Christian Fundamentalists either. I post for others and I post because I see a great wrong and a great bullying which needs to be challenged. NEVER EVER turn away from bullies. Threatening staff and guests at the hotel is bullying. The feminists threatening the hotel are doing what they accuse men and the MRA of doing.

      I believe in freedom of speech. With people I disagree I argue with. I do not issues threats against hotel staff and guests. See

      MRA dude: I removed all your links. Don’t put links to more dumb MRA shit nobody wants to see. Thanks HMQ

    • Oh, now boomer, you heard the nice mean …er, I meant man. He says that disagreeing with our “opinion” that we have basic human rights and should be entitled not to be raped, murdered, and and denied opportunities on the basis of our sex does not mean that he hates us. Ha, ha, ha!

      He’s probably got some nice sketches at his bungalow or maybe a bridge in Brooklyn that’s for sale, too.

    • What do you want to be that if there are any “threats” against the menz, they “issued” the threats themselves.

      Elam is making extra dough off this claim.

      MRAs, the joke is on you because this whole MRM thing is one big racket, no different from the PUA club the Rodger belonged to, and the best thing that could be said about any of you is that you’re a bunch of real rubes.

      I hope he scams every last dime out of you right before he ends up in the pokey like Jim Bakker.

  10. HMQ,

    I had this really visually interesting, very dark yet colorful – very cool! – dream/nightmare last night about demons. They were in clouds, like whirling dervishes and I remember at one point saying, “Well, that’s just how demons are.” As I’m looking at all the trolls in your comment section, I’m remembering the dream. I’m pretty sure it was MRA troll-inspired.

    As I read the troll comments, I feel like sorta like that priest guy in the Exorcist movie. I hope they don’t urp up any pea soup – or something else gross, since you never know what they might be doing with their spare hands while fantasizing about women trying to pick them up at this event (yeah, I read that warning in the comment section of one of Elam’s articles – it was a warning that women might be trying to lure them into sexual situations – you know how wiley them feminists cun git).

  11. Wow, good mixture of quotes there. I see some which are made up, some which are misattributed and some which I can’t even find. Is this just a misogynist copy-pasta for lazy fools?

  12. All I have to say here is that all these posts, and this whole issue, has backfired in such a spectacular way (like all the other hateful feminist BS since MRA’s became a threat to vitriolic ideologues like yourselves), that you are truly the best friend a man could have. Please….keep up the nonsense, because the 90% of the sane men AND women out there see this kind of thing and end up on the side of free speech and reasoned debate.

    Soon enough, you’ll win our cause for us. Based on backlash alone.

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