‘I Might Hate Women’: You’re Very Welcome to Join AVFM

AVFM isn’t a woman hating club right? Paul Elam doesn’t allow hatred of women on his website. WRONG. John Davis might be a poe so I will imagine that possibility but the conversation that followed showed MRA’s in their true habitat. Lack of self-awareness, inability to follow their own rules, and endless woman-hatred is the epitome of an MRA.

Just today, looking through the comments on Paul Elam’s masturbatory article about the possibility of a feminist protest of the AVFM Conference in Detroit, I found a new misogynist eager to be part of the team. The only setback John Davis has is his friends. They recognize AVFM as a misogynist hate site and well, he wants his friends to agree with him that the Manosphere is a good place.

In a bit of self reflection and a willingness to join AVFM he tells them:

Do I hate women? I’m open-minded enough to consider the possibility I might, but I think at my most honest assessment I don’t hate them, I mostly fear their vast ignorance about men and how we really tick, combined with their extreme and chilling confidence that they have us all figured out.

No way would Paul Elam allow hatred on his website right? He claims he kicks the hateful dudes out. Instead, John Davis got a hearty welcome mat by Incubus.

Well, if you ever decide you’d like to join, I’m sure you’ll be welcome.

AVFM welcomes all misogynists. The conversation continues since John Davis, attempting to sound self-aware, isn’t too sure about Paul’s labeling of feminists as ‘human garbage.’

However that doesn’t help me understand the need for or the defense of a characterization like “human garbage.” If you aim to make a credible statement about the passionate rhetoric of the opposition, you cannot simply ape them like a mirror. And if you are using the vernacular of human rights, you just don’t use these kinds of labels, and for good reasons.

The AVFMers are quick to indict him for ‘anti-male bias’ to which he responds.

I’m a white male who’s pretty radical left in a lot of ways, and I am sure I have anti-male bias as much as anti- a lot of people such as female, black, indian, chinese and jewish, as much as I have a bias toward dominion over nature.

Paul Elam also welcomes racists too. No surprise, but the AVFMer Incubus wants to convince the new misogynist that the hate is all ok because human rights, or something.

I think the correct course of action is to conduct ourselves as decent human beings, but also to not be overly concerned about people taking us out of context, and to state our opinions fairly without walking on eggshells around anyone. And finally, to document any encounters we have with feminist protesters.

I should mention that the article where these comments were posted was about the possibility of ‘feminists’ showing up in Detroit to which Paul added some paranoid flair that the feminists were going to disguise themselves as MRA’s and told all MRA’s to stay away from them. Anyone who’s followed MRA’s knows that the possibility of feminists showing up at an MRA circlejerk is more important to them than the ‘rights’ of men and boys. MRA’s get rage boners over the possibility of confronting feminists so it’s no surprise this particular article has almost 200 comments, far higher than any other comment section on the site at present. The dudes are frothing at the mouth thinking about coming face to face with teh evil feminazis.

The comments on this article display such a profound lack of self-awareness that I’ll be doing another post on this particular exchange. This IS the Men’s Rights movement. Oh, sorry, HUMAN rights movement in all its’ glory.




3 thoughts on “‘I Might Hate Women’: You’re Very Welcome to Join AVFM

  1. you don’t see the irony in talking about a lack of awareness when you focus on the responses to death threats, rather than the threats?

    Do you not accept there are areas where men get shafted by virtue of gender?

  2. I think the right word to describe their paranoia is “masturbatory.”

    It was my first thought when I saw the search term phrase I mentioned before…

    Futrelle did a post once some time ago about how these guys long to be victims, how they want victimhood status.

    But, after look at this for a while, I don’t think that’s it. I think they really get off on the threats and the thought of “fucking” women’s “shit up.” They want confrontation – they are domestic terrorists in every sense of that word “domestic” that I can think of.

    I honestly do not see this thing getting any better, despite the most recent violent incident, because they are practically foaming at the mouth in a violent rage against women the past few months.


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