Stefan Molyneux, Upcoming Speaker at MRA Detroit Conference Sounds Like Elliot Rodgers

Trigger Warning. Stefan Molyneux is one of the speakers featured at the upcoming MRA Conference in Detroit. I’m warning women especially at how violent this man sounds.

This video is a critique by Sam Seder of Stefan Molyneux. Stefan is affiliated with A Voice for Men and has been featured on their site. This is violent misogyny:

These men are dangerous. Especially in groups.

Along with attacking a Detroit woman before even arriving for their hate fest there, Paul Elam is featuring Stefan as one of their speakers. Stefan is a misogynist and a libertarian. SIGN THE PETITION AND HELP DETROIT WOMEN AND MEN STAY SAFE. SAY NO TO MRA’S IN DETROIT. Let Elam host it in his back yard where it belongs.



25 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux, Upcoming Speaker at MRA Detroit Conference Sounds Like Elliot Rodgers

  1. I listened and was reminded of Arthur Goldwag’s comment for the SPLC about the “guttural hatred” so many MRAs express. Listen to his voice.

  2. Most libertarians don’t value libertarianism. None of these constitutionalist bible thumpers actually support freedom. All of them seek more oppression. Idiots like these are not libertarians. A libertarian would never enslave or seek to enslave the female population.

    • No, they are not libertarians. I am a libertarian and what these MRAs and a lot of other right wing types do is twist the ideas behind libertarianism to suit themselves. For instance, the personal responsibility for rape falls on the woman who is raped and not the rapist – that’s one I’ve seen often. This is not what the concept of personal responsibility means, at all.

      • I fully agree. I am a libertarian, but I consider myself more of an anarcho-objectivist since I don’t want to be pulled into the crowd of the psycho libertarians out there. Its insane how they spin these ideologies so only men benefit while women still must live under the domain of man.

        • I first ran into libertarian thought back in high school. There was a book in the public library by Harry Browne, who ran for U.S. Prez, at least, a couple of times. It’s very anti-authoritarian and focuses on the individual, her highest purpose and her natural human rights not to be subordinated. It’s a lot like rad feminism in many ways, except it’s mostly a bunch of dudes.

          I think the Libertarian Party became a threat in some way and so it was infiltrated since, at least, the 1990s by right wing conservative nuts like Ron Paul.

  3. I just witnessed something a little odd. I was reading an article that has just been posted at Raw Story about the MRA claims of threats from feminists/women.

    The article is pretty damning in that it says – as have some others who have called the hotel – that they hotel says they have received no threats. It says that they did contact the local police department to request extra security for the event. But, the police department there did not receive any reports of threats, according to the article.

    So, there are no threats reported by the hotel to the police or to anyone else who has asked.

    I read the article, then I read the comments, which appeared to be made by the regulars there at RawStory – probably lots of liberal types and not a single rape apologist among them. I went away for about 20 minutes and when I came back to look at the comment section, again, it was like jackpot at the casino – one comment after another rolling in in rapid succession, all obviously from MRAs doing their usual trolling of the other commenters and defending the other terrorists.

    The MRAs must be very worried because it looks to me that they just dispatched their minions over there to stir up trouble or in a futile effort to create a smokescreen.

    The bottom line is: No threats were made against the hotel – by anyone, apparently.

    It does seem like the hotel requested extra security, but this is likely because of the nature of the MRAs, themselves, and especially in light of the recent violence in Santa Barbara. Maybe the leadership took the opportunity to spin this, to make it look that others besides themselves were perceived as a threat by the hotel and to collect more than $25 grand – this is according to something there in the comment section that says they surpassed their requested amount of donations.

    • Also, just doing a little mental math here – isn’t $25 grand a lot of money for a handful of rent-a-cops for a conference that’s going to last for two days. Even if you had seven security people and each one was paid $200 per 8-hour shift and let’s say they guarded the hotel day and night for 48 hours, that’s still only $1400 x 6 shifts = $8400.

      Where did they come up with the nice round figure of $25 grand to cover security, I wonder?

  4. Oh, and one more thing – totally off topic to this subject – but, I just had to visit the AVFM site to see how many days the conference is supposed to run so I could do the above calculation. That is once super-creepy website.

    What caught my attention is an article complaining that the Swedish Model is coming to Ireland and lamenting that “sexually active men” are being “targeted.” What kind of human rights movement defends human sexual enslavement and human trafficking? I’m thinking that maybe the hoteliers actually took a look at their website and decided they needed more security – and maybe some extra liability insurance!

    And, why Detroit for this event – is it possible that Detroit is the only city economical destitute enough to have a hotel that would stoop this low?

    • The argument in favor of the Swedish Model literally relies on the assumption that all prostitution (some argue all sex work in general) is necessarily the result of human trafficking, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

      The Swedish Model is about punishing (mostly) men for daring to use the services of a prostitute, while not punishing prostitutes ever, under any circumstances. Depending on whose statistics you look at, it is probably not very effective at reducing prostitution.

      In essence, they aren’t defending ” human sexual enslavement and human trafficking”, but rather arguing that the Swedish Model actually doesn’t meaningfully help that, but rather just creates an environment conducive to effectively punishing men for using the services of a prostitute, while leaving prostitutes to continue their business and not doing anything for the ones that are actually enslaved (because being arrested for prostitution is not what’s keeping them from coming forward and outing those who own them). In other words, targeting men without actually solving the problem.

      To put it simply, why would this not be a better model for solving the same problem: just make being forced into prostitution by a third party an affirmative defense against criminal charge for prostitution. Or, if the point is that we don’t want prostitutes who aren’t enslaved/trafficked to be punished either, why keep it illegal for the johns?

      Of course we are talking about Ireland, a country in which there is a crime where being a female under 16 is an absolute defense, because the law defines the crime to only apply to females 16+ or males of any age, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that a legal framework that is built around punishing (mostly) men for a crime in which two parties are absolutely necessary (and will mostly involve male/female pairings) would be put into place.

      • All prostitution of women’s is the result of men and men’s systems destroying women’s alternatives. Nobody is a prostitute – or for that matter works in strip clubs, like I did for years – because that’s what she really wants to do with her life. We are there because our viable alternatives for survival have been cut off by men – by men who don’t really want to hire us, by men who abuse us, by men who under pay us, by serious issues in conventional work places – all created by men.

        A huge number of prostitutes ARE trafficked. I’ve personally known several trafficked women. I’ve heard the personal stories of numerous women forced into prostitution as children. You can’t tell by looking at them. They’re all going to smile at you and act like they want to be there – just like we all do when we are forced to exist for men’s pleasure – because WE HAVE TO, you massive asshole!

        Girls and women DO NOT exist for men to stick their dicks in and abuse anyway they see fit.

        This is what you have to get through your thick head.

        You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to fuck over other people – women – every goddamned day – you do not have the right to fuck girls and women.

        It is not what we are here for… you piece of inhuman shit!

  5. I watched Stefan Molyneux’s video called “The truth about Elliot Rodger” 2-3 days after the massacre at USBC….at the time I had never heard of that man. Stephan Molyneux acted like he was a psychologist that could psychoanalyze someone like Elliot Rodger in the video, which is hilarious considering he made the video days after the shooting, and his analysis is all bullshit. At one part of the video he claims that Elliot Rodger actually “enjoyed” and “wanted” to be humiliated by women, and he states that he intentionally went after “gorgeous women” because they are shallow towards “beta males” and they reject men. He claimed Elliot Rodger was a “masochist” that enjoyed “self humiliation” and a bunch of other bullshit.

    It is sad that Stephan Molyneux has such a following on youtube. That man clearly hates women…..watching him in this video on this page, and listing to him say “Women worship at the feet of the DEVIL!!!!!”…..he sounds like a deranged lunatic just like Elliot Rodger was.

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  7. I’m a former listener of Molyneux. He had some good thoughts on relationships and parenting but ever since he had warren Farell on the show Molyneux has completely succumbed to his misogynistic biases. From 2006-2012 you never hear any of this hatred towards women and then all of a sudden the MRM get a little bit of Internet legitimacy and all of a sudden it gives guys like Molyneux permission to act like psychotic misogyniss and spread their hatred towards women.

    I am very happy for any site to spread the word on Molyneux (I emailed majority fm more info on the guy) and if anyone is looking for more info I can post other videos of his for educating feminist sites on this up and coming MRA. His self identification as philosopher is important because he is very articulate and has the ability to convince lots of men of the mind virus of the MRM. He should not be under estimated or ignored.

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  10. I’ve listened to Molyneux on the JRE podcast and he didn’t come across as misogynist. He talked about the importance of fathers to children, which I agree with, in so much as it’s important to have good role models of both genders to children. This upset me a bit because he came across as reasonable even if I don’t necessarily agree with libertarian ideology even as I can see it’s appeal. I’m disappointed that he blames anyone.

    I think I might blog about this, the assumptions and misinterpretations of masculine energy and psychology that get used against men and by MRAs to destructive impact.

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  12. Wow “sounds like Elliot Rogers”
    If there were an award for “Colossal Example for Straw Man and Poisoning the Well fallacies”, this post would win it right away. Let the people make up their own fucking mind, and decide if he’s a misogynist or not, instead of telling them what to think!


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