Paul Elam and Dean Esmay’s Sham Scam: Fabricate Feminist ‘Threats’ to Raise 25K IMPORTANT UPDATE

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In a few hours after releasing this post, John Hembling, aka JohntheOther who is Paul Elam’s happy friend has falsely DMCA’d one of my videos that he previously tried to false flag (and failed) in an attempt to get my personal information. The reason he’s doing this is because I mentioned in this article that someone in my family is a Detroit Police Officer (ret). The MRA’s want my docs. They’re not getting them. Anyone out there that has a contact at Google/Youtube please email me. If anyone wants to view the video he took down click on the article here that featured it. I have a copy of the video and will be uploading to a site where he can’t touch it. Thanks in advance. CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW

false flagged

Paul Elam is frothing and frauding at the mouth. He’s made outlandish claims that feminists have made death and bomb threats to the Doubletree Hotel in Detroit, where the MRA’s are to have their first conference circlejerk. In light of the Elliot Rodger murders I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise that the hotel wants extra security but there have been no called in death or bomb threats. Call me crazy but I think he knew about the potential 25K security days ago and manufactured the story about feminists making death threats and bomb threats in order to rile up the other MRA’s to get them to donate to cover the costs. He also chose a female enemy in Detroit and concocted a story that she’s the feminist causing the violence. Emma Howland-Bolton made a couple silly innocuous remarks on Facebook and the MRA scam machine went into full tilt.  Here are the comments by Emma that prompted the attack, doxxing, and libel.   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

emma howland boltons comments on fb EDITED


In his article ‘Threats of Violence and Death Against Doubletree Hilton in Detroit Over Men’s Conference’ Paul states:

gender ideologues who do not believe that any discussion of the issues faced by boys and men should take place unless it meets a feminist (anti-male) litmus test, have resorted to the tactic of threatening violence against innocent people in order to silence free speech.

Paul also spread this lie to other Manosphere blogs but curiously, in this thank you comment, the death and bomb threats are replaced with Digital Mob. Hmm.

Paul about threats on manosphere blog

He claims this is the letter he received from the hotel regarding the threats.(UPDATE: link is cached. Thanks to WomanoftheWoods for retrieving it. Paul removed the actual copy of the letter) It’s a sham. All of these claims are false.

In a Detroit paper the Detroit Police and the Hotel owner have confirmed that there have been NO THREATS of any kind and that Hilton regularly requires extra security and insurance. I can imagine after the shooting spree in California that the Hilton would be a teensy weensy bit scared of hosting MRA’s since their misogynist vitriol is identical, if not worse, than Rodgers.

Fort Shelby owner Emmett Moten said he wasn’t aware of the conference or threats, but said it’s not unusual for hotels to require additional security.

Officer Adam Madera, a Detroit police spokesman, confirmed hotel officials recently contacted the department about hiring off-duty officers who work in the Secondary Employment program. The program was established by the city in 2011 and allows uniformed off-duty officers to moonlight as security guards.

“We provided them with information about the program, but other than that, we haven’t received any word about threats,” he said.

Rawstory also confirmed there were no threats sent to the hotel.

In other words, Paul and Dean are lying.

Judgybitch got in on it too. She took this comment from what looks like a new disqus account and concluded people were going to be killed at the conference. It should be said that the entire comment section on this Detroit paper is full of AVFM members. I smell another fraudulent disqus account.

thinking this is violent threats
TyphonBlue aka Alison Tieman made a video in tears claiming that patriarchy wasn’t real because AVFM needed to pay for their own security

Paul and his cronies needed to raise $25K for security (they have achieved this through the scam). This security fee  isn’t a surprise as they’re making it out to be. They knew this going in. The only way Paul was going to raise 25K was to manufacture the threat story and target a women who clearly made no threats of any kind. I also have my doubts about just how much the security is actually going to cost. What these morons don’t understand is that my second father is one of the highest decorated Detroit police officers (ret). I’ll call and see how much this is really going to cost Paul Elam among other things.

In order not to lose the narrative that feminists are responsible Paul started a donation campaign just for feminists, to prove they aren’t like the ‘other’ feminists. This clever ploy riles up his fellow MRA’s and allows Paul to turn around and blame feminists because everyone knows feminists aren’t going to donate a single cent to a hate group. It’s a win/win for his pocket either way.

Paul Elam elicits appx. 100K a year from his devoted followers. For a long time he was hush about what he does with the money. Finally, he came out and admitted what we all knew: he simply pockets the money each year and has no plans to tell anyone what he does with it, ever.

For more interesting articles on Paul Elam check these out:

Please sign the petition to help the women and men of Detroit. They don’t want this conference in their city and I don’t blame them. If anyone has any more information on this Elam scam let me know either by email or by comment.


64 thoughts on “Paul Elam and Dean Esmay’s Sham Scam: Fabricate Feminist ‘Threats’ to Raise 25K IMPORTANT UPDATE

  1. This is kind of like the end of a Scooby Doo Mystery when they pull the mask of the villain at the end. All we need now is for Elam to shake his fist at us and say, “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for you darned feminists!”

    The hypocrisy here is pretty thick, even for the same bunch of swell fellas who sent fake rape reports to Occidental College.

  2. Your link is the original one.

    The alleged Double Tree Hotel letter has either been moved or removed from it’s original location. The Google cached version can be found here:

    What are those “egalitarian,” teddy-bear-like fellas up to, I wonder.

    • The link at Elam’s article claiming there were threats doesn’t work, either. It looks like it has been entirely removed. In fact, I can’t find it anywhere at the moment.

      Where are your pathetic, whining MRA trolls today???

      The jig is up!

  3. I was just joking about the liability insurance in a previous comment. But, at the bottom of the letter, it does require them to prove that they have $2 million dollars in liability insurance. Maybe that’s why the $25 grand…

    In addition, the Section 19 of the Agreement requires you to Commercial General liability Insurance
    with limits not less than Two Million US dollars ($2,000,000 US) with the Hotel and “Hotel Indemnified
    Parties” added as additional insured under all applicable polices (in addition to the other requirements
    under Section 19)

    …if any of this is authentic to begin with, of course.

    • Okay, apparently that theory is wrong… In this vid: – the stinky-looking cave man dude (as opposed to the wild-eyed, psychotic looking dude) at about 4 to 41/2 minutes in says that the $25 grand is for security… he says they might need more!

      Geez louise, can no one there do a little basic math??? It doesn’t cost $25 grand for rent-a-cops for a couple of days.

  4. Impunity is the watchword here.

    Impunity is what A Voice for Men thinks it has.

    Impunity is to lie baldfaced about “threats” to bring in money.

    Impunity is to have a practice of ambushing and destroying young, resourceless, women who have done nothing, to distract from their frauds.

    Impunity is to deny that MRAs have any connection with Elliot Rodgers, then use a moderator on the PUAHate site to writeAVFM’s insane screed trying to blame the killings on women.

    Impunity is what they did to Vliet Tiptree, who fought back in a blog published a few days ago.

    All this has occurred in the last week.

    It’s not enough to point out this male impunity and to condemn it. Organized resistance is necessary.

    • Woah thank you for posting this link! The fact that a man with a security clearance in Washington d.c. hacked her and harrassed her goes to show you that the mrm are everywhere they hold the highest positions in government and beyond. This is so fucked up. I feel like I’ll throw up now.

      • This is something that has concerned me a lot since observing the reaction in lots of places online to the Santa Barbara shooting – MRAs in places of power. I noticed that a lot of men in big-name places were very sympathetic to Rodger in their writings and lots seemed like MRAs, whether they use that term to describe themselves or not.

        • Yes because its oppression to be rejected when it comes to free acesable sex. Lol I read so many comments of men saying ‘yes it hurts to be rejected’ everyone is sympathetic to this guy where ever you learn.

  5. Yes, it is sickening. But the point is to encourage all the women who have spoken online and been silenced by savage attacks to take a stand, no matter how alone they feel. They are not alone. Women do understand, and take notes.

  6. Another minor inconsistency in this story: the letter purportedly from Hilton,

    “we will require 2 Detroit Policeofficers in the lobby and 3 officers on the meeting room floor, each on a 24 hour basis. As the threatsinclude accessing the guests floors another 3 officers on the guest floors on a 24 hour basis. This is aminimum of 7 officers at all times,”

    2 + 3 + 3 = 7 ???

    This error could have been on the part of Hilton staff or just some confusing overlap in the described officer requirements. But taken together with Elam disappearing the letter, police and Hilton management not knowing about threats, this is another suspicion.

  7. One of the most stomach-wrenching aspects of this is that Elam had his women take the exposure for him, with Judgybitch and Tieman. Look at them, debasing themselves out of some sort of misguided loyalty, hung out to dry. I hope they are starting to get it – they will be trotted out to destroy themselves for the cause as needed, like Bush trotted out poor Colin Powell, who has never been hear of since giving his speech about how Iraq was full of WMDs.

  8. Oh no, they raised $10K more than their goal of $25K in less than two days! How is it that they are some small irrelevant group?

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  10. I just discovered your blog. I am male who is quite embarrassed by the misogyny of the so called manosphere. However Feminism has much discussion on masculinity. I admire Michael Kimmel and a male feminist called Rob Okun who has an online blog VoiceMail.
    It just seems like more and more young men are bitter and angry at women? It is horrible how misogynistic MRA’s can be and keep up the good work exposing the hate.
    The positive I see as a pro feminist male, is that more and more of these MRA’ are now exploring mens issues and masculinity studies under the feminist umbrella. Guys like Michael Kimmel have been just as vocal about the hazards of male gender roles and for more men to explore their feelings but without the hate. In fact I belong locally where I live to a mens group but with feminist men. About 50 guys show up each week from all walks of life.
    A true so called MRA would not hate women.
    here is a link to a “feminist manosphere” site
    and here is Rob Okun’s mens site
    Keep up the good work.

  11. The Spearhead, one of AVFM’s brother sites on the SPLC Watch list of misogyny sites, has publicly come out with this statement:

    “I took a look at the letter the hotel sent to Paul, and quite frankly it screamed bullshit. I don’t believe anyone threatened the staff and other guests, for starters, and I don’t even think there were any credible threats at all. Honestly, the hotel’s letter had the same tone one sees in those 419 scams.”

    I won’t link to the site, but this quote appears on the June 3 2014 posting.

    The Spearhead’s speculation seems to be that the letter is an extortion attempt by the Detroit P.D. and the hotel, a protection racket of sorts, and that AVFM is a very naive victim sent into hysteria by a phony letter it has not investigated. What a crock. AVFM is a lot of things, but a naive victim of anything…no.

    If even the Spearhead thinks the letter is a phony, well…

    • I just read the article… hilarious!

      So, now that the jig is up, the MRAs’ latest defense is that *the management of the hotel* lied about the threat. Such desperation!

      They are real masters of scapegoating…NOT!

      I think it’s clearer than ever where the allegations of threats originated. Yeah, Elam is an “honest man” – I can tell by his good ol’ boy, E. Texas drawl.

        • The question is: Who are they going to sue?

          Is there some actual group of Detroit feminists who have organized in protest? I don’t think so. I haven’t seen the name of this group or its leadership anywhere.

          Yet, the MRAS, including some of the trolls that were here the past couple of days, seem convinced that there is some organized “sisterhood” of feminists out to get the menz.

          If they could for just one second grasp what the #yesallwomen hashtag was about, they might understand that individual women are tired of being harassed by menz, whether MRA-identified or simply misogynistic asses online who feel inclined to abuse women.

          And, why oh why, can’t they learn the difference between libel and slander – a minor point in all of this, I know. But, I think there is a deficiency of education among these dudes, for sure.

          • ,,,or maybe I misunderstood and the article is talking about suing some manager whose identity we do not know because it was blacked out on the alleged Double Tree Hotel letter.

            Do you think the hoteliers concerned here have any idea what is going on?

            Why on earth would a hotel of any reputation even consider putting up with these guys?

          • Nah, it’s Price over at the Spearhead. He’s whining because people in the internetz, like me, have figured out that Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, and the rest of them are lying about the ‘feminist death threats and bomb threats’. This whole ‘blame the feminists’ and specifically targeting Emma, is an outright LIE.

          • Well, they can’t sue people for telling the truth. Truth-telling is never libeling.

            It’s very satisfying to see them twisting and turning in the wind as they are caught in the snare of their own devices.

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  14. I find it interesting that these gullible chumps are willing to drop so much moolah into Elam’s lap…no questions asked. He need only ask, and his loyal minions will cough up the cash in record time. Is he going to give them a blowjob in return? If not, ‘ol Paulie is starting to smell like a gold-digger.

    I think it’s safe to say that the “manosphere” is comprised of, mostly, all-day suckers. LMAO! Elam is fleecing these losers big time; it’s like his own personal UNICEF.

  15. Agree, changeitup, this is a good mystery.

    How about this as a plausible scenario. What if the letter actually did come from the hotel? It may be that the hotel began receiving, not threats, but information that made it want to find a quick way out of its conference booking, information maybe having to do with AVFM’s complete illegitimacy. It may have decided to tack on a stiff fee to encourage AVFM to bow out with face intact for everybody.

    Continuing the scenario: Not knowing that it was dealing with a hungry media machine, the hotel carelessly and casually threw some “death threats” into its letter to give it some pizzazz. The hotel’s letter has some puzzling features. It contains some good-looking boilerplate language, but also some barely-literate language, which is a style I have seen before in police reports. I will speculate that it might have been written by the hotel’s Head of Security based on this style.

    The hotel soon learned that letter was a disastrous mistake. AVFM is good at one thing – misogyny – and the spin was a double-sided beauty. AVFM not only announced to the world that it had proof “feminism” was violent and oppressive to downtrodden, frail men and began taking money to save the men from gnash-toothed women bent on gruesome murder, but it also used the opportunity to display its bullying capabilities to menace and destroy a random young woman who had spoken up against the conference. It was the kind of Goebbelian masterstroke that explains why the unscrupulous Paul Elam remains the boss of the manosphere.

    The hotel, under this scenario, is now trying to deal with demands from the media, which is not unacquainted with Mr. Elam, to quote these death threats. Its response, I imagine, will be to continue to stonewall.

    AVFM will claim that even though the police have no report of any threats of violence, and even though the hotel can’t produce any, it was perfectly justified in all its actions, including not asking the hotel for specifics, not consulting with the police to find the dastardly deathy threaters, and not setting up any means of accounting for the money that rolled into the back pocket.

    If this scenario is correct, then AVFM managed to accomplish three feats of evil on the back of its host. My congratulations.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

      • Thanks, changeitup. I doubt we will ever have all the “facts” though. As the Buddhist teacher says in another context, “Not only do we feel imprisoned by our ignorance, we seem doomed to remain that way.”

        • Either the Doubletree sent the letter or they didn’t. It’s really that simple. If they sent the letter and fabricated threats then this whole mess is on their shoulders.

          If Paul Elam lied, and fabricated the letter, then he will be held accountable.

          Pretty simple right? I really don’t see why you’re so against men helping men with issues of suicide and homelessness.

          • I really don’t see why you’re so against men helping men with issues of suicide and homelessness.

            What a load of crap.

            So… how many homeless dudes has Paulie helped with the donation money he’s raking in? And what the FUCK does woman-hating (lots of it on AVFM) have to do with suicide & homelessness? And why do men believe they are the only ones who have ever committed suicide or been homeless? I was homeless in November of 2000. But please, by all means, keep living in your little fantasy world where only men face such challenging circumstances. Dipshit.

          • Don’t get disingenuous, changeitup. You ignore my scenario, in which the Doubletree sent the letter and fabricated the threats, and this whole mess is NOT on its shoulders, because an opportunistic organization chose not to confirm the contents and instead to trumpet far and wide the false statements in the letter, as well as harassing an individual, and also collecting more than the security fee requested without accounting for it.. That organization bears all the responsibility for these consequences of its OWN actions, in such a case.

            And look at the transparent derail attempt in your last sentence. I’m too bored with you to unpack it into false assumptions, blatant hostility, and derailment, but I will say you need to up your game. Freshman-level MRA dirty tricks don’t fly very well here.

          • I’m an atheist, so I’m not endorsing religion, at all. But, I think their are religious organizations (churches) that are more likely to be doing work to help homeless and suicidal men and women. Maybe looking in your local area for a place to volunteer would be a better use of men’s resources (men who are genuinely concerned about the needs of other men) than giving it to the Alex Joneses of the world.

            Also, a the town nearby to where I am originally from…. can’t say where, of course, there is a shelter exclusively for men. It’s a nice one. They just refurbished the building recently and it’s very nice. I used to have a friend (a woman) who volunteered there and it was – I believe – funded by the Salvation Army. So, I don’t know where they’re getting off saying there’s no shelters for menz. There may be no battered men’s shelters for men because in areas where there are not a lot of homosexuals, this is probably not a big problem.

            That town has a battered women’s shelter, but it’s very small, you can’t stay long, they accept donations for children’s and women’s clothes (I used to always take clothes there) because lots of time women and children have to flee whenever they can. It’s all run by women and it is owned by the YWCA – another Xian organization. I don’t know if there is any public funding for battered women and children there, either.

            In every instance I know of it is Xian organizations offering these services.

            I’m no fan of the Xians, but they are, at least, doing something good. Why don’t men put their effort there instead of into harassing women – like myself – online?

            See – this last part makes me believe that men are not really helping men with men’s issues, which – at this point, having survived multiple rapes and attempted murders and already the destruction of one of my businesses do a stalker (all men, of course) – I am not feeling very sympathetic to – to be quite frank with you.

          • changeitup,

            The following site lists homeless shelters for men (also women and children, but that doesn’t make the website of the devil) in all the 50 states. If you happen to be in the U.S., you could find one in your area and volunteer to help some men one-on-one or you could donate money to them.

            I noticed that Salvation Army does run a lot of shelters exclusively for men, as does Safe Harbor.

            I’ll bet there are even counseling services available through those organizations or they could put you in touch with someone who could help you find them, so you can either donate or proved one-on-one help to men contemplating suicide.

            Why not take this information back to your hive with you, if you really want to help men?

        • Okay Sherlock Holmes, now who’s being disingenuous. In your 3rd scenario where the Doubletree sent the letter but fabricated the threats. Mr Elam must have contacted the hotel after receiving the letter because the Doubletree then contacted the Detroit PD for security.
          As far as harassment of the young lady from Detroit. If true, I agree that was wrong and he should apologize.

          Other then that maybe you should go to this event and see what misogynist look like. Paul Elam leads a group of men with genuine concerns. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s all we’ve got.

          • He doesn’t have to be all you’ve got. You don’t *have* to follow a guy who said drunk women are begging to be raped. Maybe form a different group that caters to issues you believe are important to men without the women-bashing? I guess what I’m saying is, don’t feel resigned to the fate of following Paul Elam into battle (metaphorically speaking).

    • A good scenario, except I cannot fathom a hotel manager at a Hilton, even in a city with such an unsavory reputation as Detroit these days, fabricating death threats. Death threats are a pretty serious matter. And, if there were death threats, wouldn’t they be obligated for liability purposes to report them to the local law enforcement authorities?

      I think maybe someone just got ‘hold of some hotel stationery.

      • Thanks for that info. I put money towards both and would donate time also but then we get into opportunity cost. Making money and donating is, in my opinion, a more valuable use of my resources.

        But private funds only go so far; and shelters for men don’t receive any of those valuable public funds.

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  18. Is there any way that you could please blot out some of the other names on that FB thread? I would hate to see others get targeted the way Emma was. TY in advance.

    • Absolutely, although it won’t do much good. This image is actually on their server. It didn’t come from me. I only post names, not full docs, when they’ve already been targeted.

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