AVFMer John Hembling Targeting Me for My Personal Information in Response to My Post on the MRA Detroit Conference

So with all the hullaballoo over the MRA Detroit Conference, the rape apologist JohntheOther false DMCA’d one of my videos to get my personal information. When things start to get a little tough the MRA’s attack women.

The reasons for the attempt to get my personal information is simple. When I exposed AVFM for blatant dishonesty about the supposed feminist death and bomb threats they claimed were called into the Doubletree Hotel, they got mad. You can read that post here.

The important part of that post was I mentioned the fact that my family member is a part of the Detroit Police (ret). Being that I have that kind of access to information, the rapey creepy AVFM stalker John Hembling, false DMCA’d one of my videos to get my docs.

Now for all you Youtubers out there who are familiar with the DMCA system, once someone falsely DMCA’s you, you can either take the hit to your account or you can counter claim, which requires you release your name, address to the person who falsely claims.

John targeted ME. There’s already 2 different copies of the video on Youtube and they were mashups of his insane laughter and his rape apology. One version was featured on the Daily Beast. Please reupload to Youtube. UPDATE: In an effort to clean up his image, John false DMCA’d this video as well yet I have another copy you can watch. Click the link below.

Here’s another copy of the video he falsely DMCA’d

JohnTheOther: MRA Rape Apologist by joyintorah18

Above is the long copy, which can be downloaded here.

Also, Hambling RESPONDED to the mashup video with some lame ass ‘I had a mental breakdown, pee peed in my pants cuz I’m so angry at dem feminazi’s!’ In other words, he’s been shown for what he is and now he’s backtracking.

Here’s the response video to Hambling’s backtracking. It’s called John Hembing’s Dishonest Damage Control. You can also download here and reupload to Youtube.

If anyone could assist legally, just as a liason between myself and Youtube, that would be great. I would like to see this video reinstated as it was falsely DMCA’d for a terrible reason. Email me if you can offer assistance joyintorah18@gmail.com

Also, take a moment to sign the White House petition to get Men’s Rights Movements classified as a terrorist group.

Don’t forget to sign the petition to help Detroitian’s get the MRA Conference out of their city.


20 thoughts on “AVFMer John Hembling Targeting Me for My Personal Information in Response to My Post on the MRA Detroit Conference

  1. That’s so creepy! And what kind of rule is that, that you have to give up your personal information to get your video restored?

    • U.S. copyright law is really jacked up – it provides no protection to the people who need it and it’s a free for all for pirates and other criminals.

      HMQ, you don’t have to give correct info. especially in response to a false claim.

      Also, fake DMCA requests are illegal – for what it’s worth – of course, that’s another law that’s never enforced.

  2. This is a classic video. Hembling said what he said and made it public.:He filmed himself saying that he doesn’t care about real rape victims, because feminists talk too much about rape and he’s sick of having to hear about it. Therefore he will walk past without doing anything if he sees the crime being committed on the street. That’s what he said, and laughed about it. Look at the video – observe his face and body language – he’s not joking.

    The second video as you said, Diana, seems to be an attempt to make the first video go away, but without apologizing or withdrawing his comments. It doesn’t work that way.

    So Hembling would walk right past the rapist committing rape, perhaps with a tip o’ the hat. Then somebody with a sense of responsibility hopefully would call the cops and the rapist would be arrested –

    But Elam would be on the jury! And would vote to acquit no matter how strong the evidence was, on MRA principles. He says that without qualification, even if the victim has not even testified, even if the forensic testimony is overwhelming, Elam would hang the jury and let the rapist go.

    That’s what Elam says.

    That is rape culture.

    Sorry you are a target, Diana. If they won’t reinstate the video, it’s enough that it continues to spread faster than Hembling can stop it. Thanks for your posting, and stay vigilant.

  3. I’ve seen that first vid before – it was creepy then, but since the Joker/arch-villain from a comic strip-type laughter in the Santa Barbara killer’s video, it’s even creepier, if that’s possible.

    What’s with men laughing about rape? – and why do they laugh while they rape?

    I guess this is something you have to have a dick to understand.

  4. If John-boy doesn’t care about female rape victims, that’s okay. I don’t care if he goes to prison and gets his pucker-string busted out by his horny, burly cell mate.

  5. Elam doesn’t seem to care about male victims. His statements don’t say as far as I know that he’d only vote to acquit rapists of women. When a man rapes a man, well, get Elam on the jury.

    But I think we all know Elam was only thinking about female rape victims. He wouldn’t do that to a male victim, I’m sure. His thinking must have gotten a little confused because he forgot to even think about male victims when he wrote those words.

  6. UPDATE ALERT: MRA’s will assembling at 9AM tomorrow in Grand Circus Park. A shouting match will ensue when the feminists show up and the march to the hotel is not going to turn out as planned. The press needs to be told to arrive early and report these events to the nation and the world.

  7. I am a female non rape apologist testifying that dickcheese Boston uploaded copyrighted material and gave a false name, and false address in contradiction to legal requirements of attempting to ascertain copyright… of which she does not not have. Her false narrative of attack is further evidence that feminists are full of shit. You’ll delete this comment but be assured, John the Other is not some lonely unfortunate male loser as you seek to portray him. You are not just fighting a male here, against which you, despite your narrative, have full advantage, you are dealing with another woman now. You can’t win by fraud with me.

    Your lies are called. You will lose.

    My actual name and address are readily available because I am not afraid of you.

    • I did no such thing. John’s name was on the claim, not yours. I don’t give a shit what you think or who you are in any personal capacity. I do, on the other hand monitor hate groups, of which you are a part. How do you know I gave a false name unless you weren’t already looking for my documents?

      Now, your significant ‘other’, that boyfriend you call a man, is nothing more than a creepy rape apologist who writes terrible screeds about women and mangles feminist scholarship. He’s nothing more than an unintelligent male whiner. He can wallow in his victimhood till the cows come home.

      This isn’t about winning, you moron. It’s about disseminating information about hate groups, of which you are a part, and protecting women and men from your group.

      My honest suggestion is to stop dating a rape apologist and misogynist. If you don’t want to get called on that, then you shouldn’t be involved either with him or a hate group. I suppose if the money rolls in it might be worth it to you.

      You see dear, I’m not worried about you or your ridiculous cause of ‘winning’ over feminism. Once you say it’s about winning you’ve already lost.

      I don’t care where you live. I’m not scared of you either. The difference between you and I is that I don’t falsely DMCA videos to try and obtain personal information.

      Be my guest and be a big mouth on my blog.

      I know I have justice on my side. I have truth on my side. I am warning you to stay off this blog. Anything other than that I consider harassment, not that you haven’t already started harassing me with the false claim.

      Go away.

  8. And, here’s another nice article on the subject – they have a hashtag: #NoMRA –

    It looks like they’re going to have a speaker there at the assembly in the park discussing, among other things, the problem of online harassment by MRAs among other man-related problems.

    I am so glad I don’t have to be around men anymore with this cancerous growth spreading so fast.

  9. The #NoMRA hastag on twitter is presently full to the brim with nasty MRA trolls – a foreshadowing of what is about to descend upon the Doubletree Hilton in Detroit.

    What is wrong with the people running that hotel?

    Is it possible they have no idea what kind of filth they’re hosting?

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  11. Mother of goodness what did I just watch…I don’t even. All of it. So much wrong.
    Gosh, that really stinks that you had to get caught up in his mess for exposing him for the creeperv misogynist that he is.
    Like seriously, if we lived in a non-rape/porn culture his videos would have been taken down and he would have been in jail or at least in therapy. Ugh.


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