FeMRA’s Cashing In on Detroit Conference Gravy Train

The tiny group of women affiliated with the hate site AVFM are up to some good ole’ wallet picking. Three FeMRA’s, Kristal Garcia, Rachel Edwards, and Jess Kay, need plane tickets and spending money. Their, umm, services don’t come cheap either. These three FeMRA’s, plus Alison Tieman, Hannah Wallen, and Karen Straugn, are planning on being the first thing people see and speak to when they enter the Detroit Hilton but the male MRA’s have to donate to get them there. It’s necessary they’re out in front, as a front, so that people don’t easily pick up on the idea that AVFM is a hate group. Their fundraiser states:

The intent is to challenge the mainstream media’s narrative about who Men’s Rights Activists are. In addition having a highly visible group of women at the conference should serve to dissuade anyone who attends with the intent to engage in violence.

But if it doesn’t, we fully intend to serve as a non-violent human shields between any violent protesters and the conference attendees, hotel staff and guests.

One of them is even selling herself, for 20K. That lucky MRA will get to spend a night, I mean, have ‘dinner’ with Alison Tieman aka Raven Moon Dragon. What’s odd about this is they’re only asking for 5K but she’s selling herself for 20K. How does that work? You can still claim her if you’ve got the cash. It’s all about the cash flow.



Kristal Garcia, Rachel Edwards and Jess Kay
Kristal Garcia, Rachel Edwards and Jess Kay
Kristal Garcia, Rachel Edwards and Jess KaLook at all the smiling ladies! No hate group here! This is why I think the best form of protest is to leaflet the public near the Hotel and surrounds with actual quotes from the conference organizers (Elam) and speakers. The FeMRA’s are asking for 5K for travel and other expenses. They’re selling things too, like signed T-shirts of Karen Straugn, the crazy libertarian that uses the tragedy of the Jews to shame men who don’t agree with AVFM. They have signed collectible postcards for sale too.

Well, it works if you’re a woman who will pay lip service and be mommy’s shoulder to a bunch of misogynist manchildren. MRA’s have sexually fawned over Karen Straughn for a long time. Some of them boldly asked her for her breast milk so they could put it in their coffee. Karen just smiled and got on with the Elam Gravy train.

I don’t think there’ll be many FeMRA’s signing on to AVFM simultaneously, aside from the obvious reason that they’d become part of a misogynist hate group. There’s only been a handful at any one time. These women all know there’s money to go around and well, it sucks to keep splitting it.

Out of the handful of FeMRA’s, Karen’s made the most money. She’s not the brightest bulb in the shed. She thinks that a little domestic violence towards women is ok. When confronted about this about a week ago she doubled down and said ‘Are you saying a deadly beating is better than an occasional slap?’ CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

karen doubles down on slapping womenI love when Karen tries turning it around on the OP. Anyone who has any moral compass would say BOTH are wrong. Not Karen.

She doesn’t like it when other women come onto to the gravy train. She doesn’t want to split the money or the title of Queen Bee. When former FeMRA Woollybumblebee aka Kristina Hansen challenged some of Karen’s outlandish ideology, Karen responded calling her a welfare mother who’s just popping out more kids to get more money while her husband collects disability payments. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

From Karen's 'Owning Your Shit' blog

From Karen’s ‘Owning Your Shit’ blog

Karen’s Queen Bee persona is displayed quite prominently in this scathing reply to Woolly. CLICK TO ENLARGE

'You coulda been famous kid.'

‘You coulda been famous kid.’

Alison Tieman, the lady for sale, is notorious for her grand poster that claimed 40% of rapists are women. The CDC were contacted about this ridiculous claim and stated:

None of these calculations should be used nor can these conclusions be correctly drawn from these calculations.

She’s also the FeMRA that misquoted the statistical data on prison rape that got corrected by Professor Adele Mercier of Queen’s U. Once corrected and made a fool of, the male MRA’s went after Mercier ruthlessly, postering her campus and emailing her superiors calling her a rape apologist in an effort to get her fired.

Hannah Wallen is pretty quiet. I’ve only ever heard her speak on some AVFM radio shows. She used an alias ‘Della Burton’ for some time before revealing her true name. I suppose you shouldn’t be keen on outing yourself as part of a hate group.

The newest FeMRA is Kristal Garcia aka Vivica Liqeur. She’s a prostitute/dancer.  It’s funny that she’s in on this because MRA”s don’t think highly of women who work the street. This is a poster made by A Voice for Men:

If you're a hooker, don't offer it

If you’re a hooker, don’t offer it

I don’t know if she knew this going in but hey, there’s still money to be made and a bunch of angry dudes might just be a good clientele. Ideologically, she’s in with the wrong crowd but I’m sure that’ll be overlooked.

It really is difficult watching these women being pushed to the front as human shields. Their male counterparts scream about having to protect women saying that men aren’t ‘meat shields/meat puppets.’   It’s like ‘I won’t scratch your back but you sure as hell will scratch mine.’ MRA’s aren’t very good at consistency when they’re too busy hating women.

Many people question why women tolerate this. I’m afraid there’s no easy answer to that question.

In Karen Straugns case, she’s a waitress, a single mother with kids. This is easy money for her. She makes Youtube videos, cleverly appearing behind a camera in her kitchen, and tells the menz all will be well if we just get rid of feminists.

Typhonblue is obviously in it for the money and Vivica Liqeur is too. Money is the only thing that motivates these women, and fame too. Being asked to little gatherings might just make a single mother with 3 kids feel good about herself. Some women don’t feel alive unless they’re getting male attention.

I don’t consider them damaging to feminism or equality at all although some would disagree. They’re just mouthpieces getting paid to say a bunch of misogynist shit online while smiling and looking nice for the Detroit Conference. This carefully constructed front won’t work.

Educate yourself and spread information to other women and get it out there that AVFM is a hate group. Information is the key.


82 thoughts on “FeMRA’s Cashing In on Detroit Conference Gravy Train

  1. Sexually fawning over Karen Straughn? You gotta be kidding me. Seriously, She doesn’t look like the feminine submissive type at all. When I first saw one of Karen’s videos, I admit my gaydar pinged. I seriously wondered if the reason why she loathed women, especially feminists so much was because she was in denial about her sexuality. I don’t think Karen’s in it strictly for the money. Like Judgybitch and the rest of the Honey Badgers, feminism is a folk devil onto which they can project their own frustrations, hatreds and neuroses. Just sayin’.

    • Its definitely a high probability that that’s the reason. She probably feels femininity is sinful and pervers sort of like the biblical view of women. So she compensates for this by making herself look less feminine as possible and bashing women.I find it funny she’s a single mom, I mean mra’s hate single moms. Its seems mra’s arebaskets of contradictions. Oh yeah she also does not take any child support from the father because she does not ‘believe’ in it. I am highly doubtful the father is involved at all. Mras totally in theory believe that the man should raise a child. But then we do know that most mras are self imposed deadbeats. I think the mra creation of the supposed ‘cock carousel’ was modeled after this character called Karen. According to mra’s that’s the reason her type are single moms. I mean I have never met a woman who would forcefully impregnate a man just to get child support.

      • Contradictions, yes… and their arguments seem to morph to suit their need to feel victimized by women in some way.

        I would be terrified to be a guest at this hotel during this conference!

        These guys do nothing be defend rape and other violence against women. Maybe they need that extra dough to hire a personal bodyguard.

    • I agree. Karen looks and acts masculine, stereotypically-speaking. And she has short hair, for crying out loud! We all know that short hair is a sign of female rebellion against her God-given helpmeet / sexual doll role, and that women “of this sort” are only about one thing: ballbusting and general evil. How can she then be sexually desired by The Real Menz of MRA?

      But she is, and it is a fascinating thing to observe.

      I have a question: is Karen indeed a single mother? I ask because on a manospheric blog recently I read a comment from a dude who waxed poetic about Karen allegedly saying how just sitting near her husband calms her down. (This was one of many comments on women being irrational and out of control, and a sure proof that only a presence of a man can civilize them.) The dude teared up over her confession and called it “profound” (seriously).

      If she is a single mother, did she frivorce her wonderful husband for his cash and prizes, and stole his children in the process?

      That would make MRA’s worshipful attraction to her even more mysterious (though maybe not, given how bereft they are of women’s love — for very good reasons; maybe they are that desperate for any feminine scraps that come their way, especially if those scraps are eager to denigrate themselves even more for any bits of attention).

  2. They are whores for the lack of a better term. Ugly whores whose only way to make money is by pandering misogyny and making Elam pleased with their submissiveness. You nailed it in your conclusion about these women.

    • I actually think that Judgybitch is conventionally beautiful-on the outside. The MRAs won’t hit on her, though, because she’s married.

  3. This is a fascinating article. I wonder if Ms. Tieman (Typhon Blue) is having a nervous breakdown, considering she was weeping over ‘death threats” less than a week ago?

    I haven’t reread your article – did you mention Diana Davidson and Judgybitch?

    I hadn’t thought of these characters much before, though I understand that Stormwatch links to and posts GWW’s videos and I did wonder about that.

    I wish them a moment of clarity. I believe any woman can wake up.

  4. Wow! $20k – or even $5k. That’s pretty high dollar.

    I guess we see why they’re there.

    What’s with the pedo-pig-tails? Is that the trending fetish among MRAs, at the moment?

    Aren’t these the same guys who are against men buying women drinks – and ladies’ nights at the bar? Isn’t this little hypocritical?

    Or, maybe this is somehow different – men buying women’s services, as such, so it’s okay…

    I can’t keep up with the mental gymnastics of the MRAs!

  5. Raven Moon Dragon? But that’s my online handle when I write my Goth fan fiction with my fellow 15-year-olds.

    • LOL! Love it! Between these awesome posts by House Mouse Queen and the comments [womanofthewoods,boomernumber8,DeutschundMusik,Ready-Or-Not,breadandrosesblogger, etc ], I’m really starting to enjoy myself here!

  6. Something else really inconsistent: “The newest FeMRA is Kristal Garcia aka Vivica Liqeur. She’s a prostitute/dancer. It’s funny that she’s in on this because MRA”s don’t think highly of women who work the street. This is a poster made by A Voice for Men” – plus that bizarre poster.

    If they have this Hitlerian-like hatred of prostitutes, then why are they promoting prostitution at their web site? Why did you have a troll here a post or two ago defending the “right” of menz to stick it in girls and women for a price?

  7. >Wow, you feminists are just the worst. Now your trashing other women calling them ugly whores cause they call you out on your bullshit? I’ve had skid marks on my underwear that have more value to the world than what you psycho twat waffles have to offer. And yeah I do believe that Karen straugn is open about her bisexsuality. Y’all are fucken assholes and it has nothing to do with your vaginas. Carry on fuckheads!

    Btw thank you for being you, cause it proves how much worse I could be and I’m not even close to how awful you are!

    I’m really mad you are talking about my mistress Karen. She is the Queen Bee in my bonnet. I talk about skid marks because I’m shit turding constantly. I don’t really get it that this isn’t about her sexuality at all. I’m just making it up so I can be belligerent to feminists online. I need attention! Women must look at me, comfort me, and validate me or else I’ll have more temper tantrums on this site.

  8. >Of course my comment is awaiting moderation. Hera, you’re a coward, fraud, and sick individual. I work in psyche and I know mental illness and you are mentally Ill. Get some help.

    I’m projecting here. It’s really me that needs the help but I’m too manly to admit it. Instead I patrol feminist blogs and tell them they’re crazy. I’m inadequate and lonely. Please donate 20K to me so I can at least have dinner with Typhon Blue.

    • I think she’s aware of it. She made a comment about how she’s so proud of her ‘viking’ heritage on reddit.

      WoollyBumblebee called her out on her ideas about eugenics and her biological determinist views. It’s not surprising to me that Karen would be a racist PoS.

      She thinks infants are wired at birth to prefer certain toys depending on their sex. It’s cuckoo-land with her.

      • What is stormwatch – anything like Stormfront?

        I was trying to answer this question on my own, but came up empty. I did find a bizarre video of Karen speaking at an alleged Libertarian conference and saying that feminism has the same framework as communism – which is really WTF??? I’m like Stalin because I wish not to be raped and murdered by men – I’m afraid I’m not following. What an idiot!

        Feminism has been around long before Marx… I’m pretty sure the first feminist probably goes back to the first cave dweller who put a spear through the head of a man who entered her abode and tried to rape her.

        • >I take it your just waiting for the day you get to liquidate a full grown male Eh. Male fetuses just ain’t the same Eh sunshine?”

          I’m Mythago, a male who masturbates to this site because I don’t have a life and I’m an MRA troll. I have some paranoia issues too that make me really unstable. Please, let me post my turds!!11 I’ve taken the red pill and my diarrhea has started. I like coming to feminist blogs to enact my rage boner.

          GWW is my leader.

      • Being proud about ones heritage is one thing, but joining stormfront and supporting its views is just pathetic.

    • I’m going to withdraw the comments I made regarding GWW and Stormfront as it’s late and I can’t find where I bookmarked the stormfront (not stormwatch, thanks,) site that recommended her video, etc. There are references to GWW as here (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1040668/), but I am not sure – she may not be actively involved, just someone whose vids stormfront likes. Yes, I suppose the question would be if she’s aware of having her vids posted on that site, and if she has tried to have them removed.

      Why is Mythago, an MRA troll, allowed on this site, BTW? Is there a policy of allowing trolls?

      • Well, one thing I can see that Stringbean and Stormfront have in common is that anything, whatsoever, that they don’t like, they call “Communism” or “Marxism.”

        I don’t think they understand a thing about either Marxism or the various aspects of actual communism. It just sounds shocking to the right-wingers, so they use these terms to create a strong emotional response.

        I suppose I’m a pinko for having said that! LOL!

        Oh, no, wait I’m a pinko because I have an education! LOL!

  9. That picture of typhonblue is downright scary — reminds me of Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” On the other hand, I’m dying to know who forks over the money for a dinner in her company.

  10. I had to stop listening to Karen’s wacko speech about the place where she condones marital rape as a man’s right.

    And, this is what men’s rights are all about… right there.

    How can anyone justify rape under any circumstances? And, the idea, above all that a man you trust, that you have in your house, as your supposed friend and confidant would do that to you… that is a terrible crime and a betrayal. She has to be very sick to defend that, even if she is doing it to make ends meet. She has no integrity, whatsoever.

    • Maybe she refused rape and that’s why the man left her with three kids? She’s trying to atone her ‘mistake’ against misogynists.

      • Of course, the kind of rape I’m talking about is extremely violent and you don’t have the opportunity to refuse. But, maybe she’s actually very afraid of men – after all, one way to maintain some safety and cope around them is to become extremely agreeable to whatever they want. Then, they might allow you to live.

        Maybe that’s the strategy here. I’m pretty sure that the other one – Baby Jane – is a, also, a rape survivor. Maybe these women have just literally been scared out of their minds by men at some point.

        • Yes, exactly I think she foresees a male on female genocide, and she thinks that if she participates with them in their hatred she will get a free pass. She will be allowed to live.

          • >A male on female genocide? Really, take another injection into your neck, it’s good good medicine lol. Unreal

            I know this is like my 7th comment here today. I’m a male and I’m so oppressed. I don’t understand feminism and I’m totally a nice guy even though my paranoia and misogyny make it oh so hard to function. I get along just fine with male supremacists but I admit, I come here to harass feminists because I have a low opinion of myself. I consider this totes activism. See all the activism I’m doing? Leaving snotty, childish comments on feminist blogs helps me deal with my male oppression.

          • Despite the troll’s response to your comment, I think that time is already here. It’s just not gotten quite as bad as it could. There are about 50 million girls and women missing in India, plus all the heinous murders and abductions that have been going on there. Then, there’s what’s been happening in China for a long time now, all enforced by a patriarchal system that hates girls and women. And, here in the U.S., we have numerous unsolved murders mostly of women and racial minorities, and so many missing women and children. Along the border to Mexico, the abduction of women has been a regular problem for decades. I knew a woman who was abducted, taken across the border, raped, stabbed and left for dead across the Mexican border from Texas. She survived to tell the tale, but barely – last time I saw her, she had cancer, probably as a result of her ordeal. Oh, and she was abducted by her own boyfriend and his male friend. That’s just one story that came to mind. I know of numerous abduction stories. I’ve been held against my will by strange men who tried to kill me and I’ve narrowly escaped abduction by men on a few other occasions.

            Male on female genocide – men killing or disappearing girls and women just because they’re girls and women – is already occurring.

            Therefore, any such fear of this genocide would be perfectly justified. Besides, it’s not like men – especially white European men – don’t have a long history of killing women simply for being women in Britain, in Europe and on this continent. Their reputation for doing so is well-known.

          • You are very welcome.

            I just heard her go on a little further after that – she and MRAs seem to think that rape is just sex… I don’t know where they’re getting this characterization, but they just keep going with it.

            Rape is a violent act, of course. Marital rape is real rape – it’s real violence. As an example, my ex attacked me from behind and brutally raped me the same way someone jumping out of the bushes at you might. Marital rape is real rape. It’s just that they do it to you in your own house instead of on the street and you can’t get away from them – they hold you captive in your own home. Martial rape is a very nasty form of rape… I have other examples of this, including rapes involving being dragged, choked and beaten. The attacking from behind thing, however, is especially strange to me under the circumstances.

            I hope there’s an especially hot place in Hell for her – and for the other MRAS and rapists.

          • Yikes, I had no idea you were a rape survivor. I honestly don’t know how people go through that sort of thing — I couldn’t even imagine. Having done classes in criminal law and domestic violence I’ve seen the history of how laws against DV and marital rape came about. Most of it is because of the view of what goes on with a family as part of a private sphere that should go untouched by law. Much of it is religious, since many men believed God put them at the head of the household and that there was some sort of contract between a husband and wife which entitles the husband to sexual intimacy. Not all of the rapes are as blatant as what you’ve gone through, and by that I mean a man constantly pestering a wife over sex until she gives in, or does things while she sleeps, etc. But if a rape doesn’t involve other acts of violence (e.g. gabbing, hitting, choking, etc.) then I find that more people tend to dismiss it as not being rape.

          • Yes, I’ve been raped by many different men in many different situations. I’m not at all unusual. In fact, I think most of the women commenting on this blog probably have similar stories.

            How do I cope? I avoid men. I work from home. I rarely leave the house. I stay as far away from men, as possible, because a lot of the nicest, kindest, and sometimes even very liberal-thinking men I’ve known have turned out to be violent rapists.

    • You mention something that’s related to African Slavery again and you’ll be gone. I hate when people use terminology that has a serious meaning to describe the shit turd MRA’s, be they female or not.

      MRA’s aren’t oppressed and when they compare themselves to the tragedy of African slavery I get really angry, I also don’t like it when they co-opt the Shoah and use the deaths of MY family members to describe their het white male pity party.

      When they’re 70 pounds, in a work camp forced to eat their own feces while they watch in horror as their family and friends are burned alive or gassed, then I will think about allowing them to use that metaphor.

      • “Uncle Tom” is a term that refers to a member of a demographic group, typically a historically oppressed one, that works against his or her best interest and tries to cozy up to the group that oppresses and/or hates them, no?

        This article implies that the Honeybadgers are trying to suck up to the supposedly “misogynist” men on AVFM at the expense of their womanhood. If I read this article wrong, I apologize. But the implication seems to be that these women can’t be MRAs or MRA-sympathizers due to the exercise of their own intellects. And that’s pretty insulting to all women, IMO.

        • Why are you telling me this?

          I think the article more than implies what is clearly going on here. I think it is very, very clear – more than ever before – what is going on here. On top of everything else, the MRAs are Zuhaelter (men who cling to women like parasites for their own financial survival, who put the women at the front of the line to take a hit for them) – PIMPS!

        • Why yes. you must be right…here is some of that exercise of intellect going on right now. Suck up to misogynistic men? Never!

        • They can be MRA’s all they want. They just have to endure the same criticisms as they do PLUS the fact that they ARE women and they ARE selling themselves, a la Alison Tieman. Twenty thousand dollars to have, uh, and evening with her? That’s prostitution. That’s what they are in my mind. Simple.

          • Come on, it’s meant to be a joke. Unless David or Charles Koch frequents AVFM, I don’t think anyone on that site can cough up $20,000 on the spot…

          • Don’t patronize me. Do not use the suffering of African slaves to make a point. Do you not understand why I would enforce such a principle? Or do I need to explain it? If you really don’t know why then I’ll explain it.

          • Ah. I’m sorry I was confused about where you were replying. You think her offer is a joke? How so? It IS offered as a way to make money and she is posing with full makeup on. I don’t see it as a joke. I see it as ridiculously sad.

  11. These women are losers because they are Grade A handmaidens who unflinchingly shove a knife in the backs of their sisters…. NOT because they are “ugly” or don’t conform to the socially-constructed rules of “femininity”… which has absolutely nothing to do with being a woman (or sexual orientation).

  12. >Scared. Much. Ladies?

    I’m an MRA and I want to scare women and make them fear me because I’m such a manly man. Don’t say Elliot Rodger has ties to the MRA’s. It’s clear that scaring women and making them fear you has no relation to Rodger. You feminazis!

  13. Yeah, scared Typhon Blue won’t find a taker. We don’t want to be embarrassed for her. Never do one of those selling-yourself gigs without being sure you’ll have at least one bidder. It can be hard on the old self-esteem if nobody buys you.

    • One thing I really don’t get – if you click the 1st link in the article above, you’ll see that she’s collected quite a bit of money and is scheduled to collect it for another 29 days.

      But, the conference is today…

      What a racket these MRAs and FeMRAs perpetrating!

      • The conference is at the end of the month. Today was the day people organized a protest to try to convince the hotel to nix the conference.

  14. >Scared. Much. Ladies??

    I had to come back here to repeat myself because you feminists aren’t giving me attention. I’m so oppressed when women won’t talk to me on the internet when I tell them to be afraid of me.

  15. >Scared. Much. Ladies ???

    I’m repeating myself because I’m not exactly educated and I don’t have any arguments. This is pure brick of logic. I love throwing bricks of logic at feminists. It’s all about getting women to fear you. That’s the purpose of the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

    • Yes we all know you would kill your own mom, and would rape your own daughter. Shoo you psycho ugly basement dwelling pedo vermin parasite and loser.

  16. You mean a lot of men will be “having dinner” with her? That’s awful. I propose that we ask for donations to save Typhon Blue (Alison Tieman). We could win the “dinner” with Alison and discuss internalization of misogyny with her for a few hours.

    • I could be mistaken, but I’ve read enough MRA writings and hateful comments to know that they don’t believe in just buying a woman dinner… they expect some services in return.

    • Attempt #5 to leave a comment:

      Furthermore, I just dared to click on one of the other links in the above post and it goes to a site where one of the women pretty blatantly offers some sexual services.

      What on earth!

      This organization now appears more interesting to me than before… what are they really up to here? …besides just promoting misogyny-for-cash.

  17. At many conferences–feminist conferences included–there are paid speakers…how is this different? Can’t the same accusations be made of professional media feminists who make their livings on the speaker and news talk show circuit? I have never read any article on aVfM advocating or apologizing for rape; where does that accusation come from? I have read articles discussing false accusations and the fact that false accusers are almost never held accountable for their criminal actions; a recent spate of innocent men being released from prison highlights the point. I have also seen articles highlighting the double-standard held by society in general and feminists in particular regarding female pedophiles and rapists, but nothing that says rape is OK. I have read some pretty snarky comments in the comments sections, but I’vethe read some similarly nasty on feminist sights from self-deacribed feminists too…trolls abound everywhere. In this article I see nothing but unsubstantiated, allegations and ad hominum attacks..just the sort of thing you’d expect from the kind of hate activists you describe. Posters like the one above aren’t meant to be taken literally; they are sartorial , the point being to make women think about how unfair it is to hold an entire group responsible for the actions of a few. Disagreeing with someone is not the same as hating them, and being contridicted is not a hate crime.

  18. Point of clarification.

    “Posters like the one above aren’t meant to be taken literally; they are sartorial.”

    I, personally, have taken some of these posters and fashioned a quite acceptable skirt from them. If that is the posters’ true function, rather than expressing hate, then I can only say, “Try your luck at Vera Wang.”

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  21. Hate groups will always remember that pulling fire alarms can be an effective way of silencing the opposition. Only hate groups do it, of course. Why would anyone else. The article itself looks like a massive joke. It looks like something someone posing as a feminist to destroy the credibility of the movement (if that were even possible) would write. People familiar with this particular group of MRAs know that “Raven Moon” is a character meant to be someone you could not stomach being around for more than three minutes. When you consider the fact that their fundraising goal was $5000, it becomes clear that the $20,000 incentive was a fake and not meant to be taken seriously. Yet here you are.

    If you are a Poe, well played.

    • I don’t even self identify as a feminist and I don’t like MRAs (I don’t believe in following any set political movement. I would rather come up with my own set of opinions). They do nothing but project their own insecurities and self haterid onto women and they argue with nothing but the same straw men over and over. When you challenge the movement or call them out on something, they bleat ‘but feminists did this,feminists did that’ as a way of skirting around the questions about their OWN movement. If they say something really offensive and it causes an uproar they claim that it’s ‘satire’ when they haven’t even put any sort of disclaimer. Not to mention the endless hate speech that MRAs spew. That is hardly social justice.

      • Okay, now that you have basically said that MRAs are evil incarnate, what were you saying about strawmen? Because you have just served up one big pile of straw. I don’t care whether you agree with them or not. You can save the projection of YOUR own insecurities for someone more gullible.

  22. So these MRAs complain about paying for dinner dates yet this dinner date with a woman is $20,000. Anyone else see the hypocrasy here? They will probably state that it’s ‘all in the name of charity’ but most of us know where that money is really going.

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