Information on the MRA Detroit Conference 2014 UPDATED

This week I’ve posted a lot on the MRA Detroit Conference. Here’s a round up to give readers a simpler way to access the

This is Boogie my pet wild mouse. I encourage you to donate to us. See the 'Donate' button on the top right (under my pic). Any bit helps as this is my full time job.

This is Boogie my pet wild mouse. I encourage you to donate to us. See the ‘Donate’ button on the top right (under my pic). Any bit helps as this is my full time job.


AVFM claimed feminists were sending bomb and death threats to the Hilton hotel in Detroit. This claim is false and hasn’t been supported by either the Detroit Police or the hotel. AVFM posted what they claimed was the actual letter from Hilton, enraged their fanbase by making up stories about feminist bomb threats, in order to raise the extra security fees needed to have the conference.

A copy of the supposed letter from the Hilton can be downloaded here.

After reporting on the sham of the feminist threats, John Hembling aka John the Other, a prominent MRA, falsely claimed copyright on a video to try and elicit my personal information. His girlfriend Diana Davison posted here on Mancheeze claiming that I gave false information on the copyright claim, thereby confirming the fact they were hunting for my name, address, and phone number.

Before touching down in Detroit, MRA’s at AVFM harassed a woman in Detroit simply because she wanted to protest against their visit. She was doc dropped and MRA’s used her personal information to attack her online and offline.

One of conference speakers, Stefan Molyneux, blames women for all the ills of the world stating that if women would close their legs to the bad boys, the planet would be healed in one generation. He sounds eerily like Elliot Rodger, the man who was part of the Manosphere who killed 7 people in California because he hated women.

AVFM has a small group of women cashing in on the Detroit conference in some really, um, questionable ways. One FeMRA is selling herself for 20K for a few hours to raise money for plane tickets so the ladies can act as ‘human shields’ to keep the feminists at bay as well as put on a fake image for the media.

For those of you who are wondering what kind of guys will be at this conference. This video should be played. Trigger Warning and NSFW. An MRA, John Hembling aka JohntheOther in his natural habitat. LINK

There was a protest in Detroit today. You can follow the hashtag #NoMRA to see the updates posted. You can also let Doubletree Hilton know how you feel about having them host hate groups @doubletree on Twitter.

UPDATE: Dean Esmay, Managing Editor of A Voice for Men appeared on Fox Detroit with feminist Professor Dillaway as a counterpoint. Afterward, the MRA’s, having scarce words from her during the interview to twist, decided to analyze her body language instead. I documented the hatred that resulted.







26 thoughts on “Information on the MRA Detroit Conference 2014 UPDATED

  1. about 8 men showed up to take pictures and video of us at the protest.
    One of them followed a woman to her car and took pictures of her license plate.

  2. I hope you do not have any incidents of doxing and smearing as a result of those photos, though that’s the only reson to take such photos, I’m afraid, Sarah. I would try to get the photo of the man following you if at all possible, which you mentioned someone took.

    Here’s a link to a local Fox Detroit show that was livestreamed this morning, starring Dean Esmay. It’s at Part 3 of the videos. Esmay says that AVFM is thinking about pulling out of the Doubletree.

    Translation: The Doubletree is about to dump A Voice for Men.

    It is very late to re-group, but radfems have been dealing with losing their venues due to pressure from men for some time. Maybe they should be contacted for help with the re-grouping.

    I also am not going to forget the alleged “feminist death threats”. I want to know if the Doubletree exaggerated and won’t come clean about “death threats”. If that’s what happened, then the Doubletree may have decided that by dumping the conference no more questions will be asked. But I think they should still be asked, since AVFM blamed the “threats” on the peaceful feminist protesters. Is it possible that someone like Esmay talked to the hotel and stated there were such threats, such that AVFM triggered the letter from the hotel? It’s like a snake eating itself, if so.

  3. Just wanted to add that Esmay’s statement about giving up on the Doubletree is at the very end of the third video segment, in case you don’t want to have to listen to the rest. He was sputtering out the MRA boilerplate as fast as he could, and it was also SOP that the woman counter the show brought in seldom was allowed to open her mouth.

    The snake eating itself, BTW, is an old,myth, the Worm Ouroboros. Here’s a picture:

    • Thanks for posting that Fox News link.

      That is the first time I’ve heard Esmay speak and I can only describe him as dogmatic, which is what I expected. Every time I see an MRA open their mouth, it’s the same thing-no variation, no deviation. It’s like a telemarketer: keep to the spiel and don’t let a person get a word in edgewise. It’s as if the Borg suddenly beamed in, shuffled around, and stated “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED” and nothing else while the crew stands by helplessly trying to engage in meaningful interaction and wondering what the hell is going on. Typical MRA conversation.

      The only time he looked comfortable was when he got to get back to his snake oil promo. Not really quick on the draw cognitively. Not surprising as from what I’ve seen of AVfM, as deviant thought is routinely piled up on. It’s just indoctrination with no real free thought to be seen. You can’t have real debate when you idealize one man’s writings and treat it as gospel.

      He’s also a shameless liar. There’s violent posts all over AVfM’s Facebook page right now that have been there for weeks. My favorite is the two dudes talking about how they can’t wait for a war with feminists to start and that “feminists don’t know what war really is.” So much for the mods getting rid “anything that hints of violence right away.”

      All in all, the appearance reinforced my initial impression of AMfV, rigid and disingenuous.

  4. I’m surprised to learn that Stefan Molyneux is now an MRA. That is bad news, because he is a charismatic figure and will probably bring his disciples into the movement. But I am not that surprised since Molyneux is a free will fanatic (he banned me from his life because of our dispute over that) and therefore it makes sense that he would blame women for their status.

  5. There are pictures of the man who followed one woman.
    I also called the fox2 newsdesk to ask them to correct the erroneous reporting of the threats as being substantiated.

    • Good for you Sarah. Why don’t you contact me. My contact info is on the side bar. I’ll do a post on your protest. Let me know all about it. You may share my contact info with others that protested.

      I will not publish your last names.

    • What kind of news outlet doesn’t bother to check out the facts out before repeating a hate group’s false claims of persecution?! I guess that’s why it’s a Fox news outlet.

  6. Really? That scumbag John Hembling got the video taken down due to copyright claims? Aw, wasn’t he willing to stand by his words about rape victims? But I thought John was so big and badass?

      • I don’t see why you should have to give them anything accurate – not only is it obvious that was done for a nefarious purpose, but DMCA only applies in the U.S. If you’re not in the U.S., you may be subject to YouTube’s rules, but you’re not subject to the laws here and you’d be a fool to comply, in my opinion.

      • It wasn’t just yours either. The vid you linked to (unless you have a separate account) was taken down. Looks like he’s also trying desperately to stop people from seeing that he said he doesn’t give a fuck about rape victims.

  7. I found a link to a video of it that work:

    So much for journalism – at least, if these two people hosting this program claim to be journalists, they have failed.

    And, no one calls out the yeti in a suite for his obvious bald faced lies? Not just the lack of substantiation on the alleged threats against them, but the other stupid things the bearded blob said.

    For instance, in the case of ex partes, this is because the legal system does absolutely nothing to help women, so they have to resort to protection orders – this doesn’t mean anyone is guilty of anything. Anyone can go get an ex parte on anyone for any reason in my state (at least). But, it is usually the last thing a woman does before she is murdered by a man. I was advised by the cops, themselves, against getting such an order when I was getting rape threats from some men because it usually doesn’t turn out well for the victim. Ex partes in no way imply guilt, though. It’s just that usually the party who has the exparte against them is usually extremely dangerous, violent and quite likely guilty of doing something to have an order of protection taken out against them.

    Also, men are usually taken away in DV situations because they are the cause of the DV. But, you want to be careful calling the cops because they are men – it happened to my aunt when she was being threatened by her husband that the cops came and took her away when she was the victim and had barricaded herself in a bathroom, afraid he was going to kill her. The men stick together. In that case, I think he was the one who made the call because she wouldn’t come out of the bathroom. When the cops arrived, they took his word for everything and arrested her. Thankfully, that mo-fo is now in his grave as the result of natural causes.

    The Violence Against Women Act is not just to protect women – it’s called what it is because the majority of victims are women and that’s what it was orginally called many years ago. But, anyone who takes the time to actually see what it’s about would know that it protects male victims of DV, as well – who are usually the victims of other men, of course. So AVFM probably wants to ignore that entire fact about the Act.

    The yeti-man said a lot of other crazy things, too – maybe too many to call him out on each one in the space of 5 minutes or less.

    I am relieved to hear him say that they might “pull out” – interesting choice of words considering what a bunch of sick fuckers they are.

    • You know what astounded me the most Woman? The TV host agreeing with a couple points! He showed me quite clearly that this ‘men’s rights group’ isn’t limited to the ones on AVFM. Men in general have issues with women, especially when women have power. They can’t stand it. It’s THIS that makes me weary of men in general. Like you said, you never know when a man you think is harmless will turn on you because you’re a woman.

      • Yes, his comment about more women being judges was a little out of place. But, of course, the relatively few women who are judges are still functioning within a patriarchal judicial system, comprised of laws created by white males and enforced by the same. Most judges are still men – most are white men and even those who aren’t are working in the white man’s system – they are limited or they are corrupted by the white man’s slave-and-master system in order to have made it that far.

        As far as the family courts are concerned, the men are upset because women and children used to be their possessions, their property – and now this is coming into question, at least, some of the time. The court system is allowing women and children a tiny bit more liberty than they used to have in situations where they are being abused by their “owners.” The men are upset because they don’t have the degree of possession of women and women’s children that they used to – that’s all. The family court system is still really, really bad – at least, here in the U.S. – if you go to YT and look up some things about family court, you’ll find loads of videos of women getting the hell beat out of them, being restricted from getting away from their abusers even after a divorce by judges, of having their children held captive in the abusers’ homes, etc.

        So, the family court system is very, very bad for women, but men have lost a small measure of power over their former “possessions” and their mad about it… and that’s the one “men’s issue” that you’ll often hear people concede *might* be a problem. In my view it is not a problem – not for men, anyway. It’s a very big problem for women and children, though.

        • I absolutely agree. They whine about men not going to college and yet are libertarians. Esmay whines about a missing tooth! The meritocracy rulez dudebroz!

          Speaking of family court and custody, there are some really important legal reforms being considered that would give abusive men who want their wives and children to be property to get 50/50 custody upon divorce. Within it there’s a clause that states a woman won’t be able to move away without permission from her ex and that will all be through the court.

          Fucking scary. That’s my next big issue. I still gotta put Judgybitch in her place too.

          • I think something like that is already going on in the U.S.

            Here’s a documentary:

            Also, check out Claudine Dombrowski on YouTube:

            She’s the face of women in the family court system. She’s from Topeka, KS, where they tried to make DV legal, again, a couple of years ago. It’s basically legal now. Here are links to related YT vids:

            Claudine got a divorce, but the judge would not let her leave the area, she had to be in contact with the abuser and he got custody despite all the medical evidence of horrific abuses. She seems to be the rule rather than the exception

            The MRAs are just upset because they want total domination of women – the right to rape and kill. Feminists and any women who oppose rapists and killers of women are their enemy – and this is partly why.

            And, what’s scary – really, really scary – is you know that when women get involved with the men who do these things, they think they’ve found their best friend for life. I thought I had a best friend for life… This is men – not MRAs – but, men.

      • (More…) The fact that so many men in places of influence, like mainstream media, clearly agreed with or sympathized with Elliot Rodger has really freaked me out.

        “There are more women judges…” That host seemed awfully proud of himself as a man with that statement, didn’t he?

        Yes, there should have been women judges all along, but they’re weren’t because MEN prevented women from being judges among other things. The fact that there a few more now doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory. But, if you’re a dick-dangler, I guess the fact that there are a few women judges here and there means everything is fair and equitable – no need to concern yourself with the fact that half the population is being treated like shit and many women are living in fear because of MRAs and their sympathizers and that you and your penis are complicit in this state of affairs.

        • That’s what my blog is for. There was a movie about Mossad hunting down terrorists and killing them. It’s based on true stories after the Berlin Olympics when all the Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered.

          One french dude in the movie sold information to one of Mossad agents and said to him ‘I learned during the war that information was more important than material goods.’

          I think of that when I write in this blog. It’s all about information, knowing the right people, and overall, helping men and women to understand the MRA hate groups and protect themselves from them. This blog will be a hub for that. That’s my goal and I consider it to be my job as an activist.

          As a disabled woman I cannot march but I can do my part. Information is key.

          • “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

            Marching isn’t the only kind of activism – fortunately for you AND me!

            Information changes what we do or how we do it.

            All revolution begins in the mind.

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  9. Hi Diana – I have reading through some of your posts. Very impressive blog.

    Though I have always been concerned with issues that effect women and have always been a Feminist I was never aware that this MRA movement really
    existed. Thanks for pointing out their activities here.

    I always try to understand what other people are thinking, even those who I strongly disagree with. But even putting aside some of the reprehensible statements and activity, it is amazing that some of these folks are putting so much energy and effort into these conferences, the movement, etc. Frankly, the world that they seem to describe of menacing Feminists, women perpetuating all the evils in the world, etc. is so divorced from any perception of reality that I, and I think most rational people, hold. If the world were not filled with so much rape and abuse these view would be laughable.

  10. Thanks for keeping us posted. Apparently this conference has made the mainstream media.I have a feeling that the protests against this conference has not been for naught. Based on what Esmay said perhaps the Doubltree does not want bad publicity and they are trying to get this conference cancelled. If it was not for the protests this would not have happened.

    Also lol I am a little familiar with John Hembling and I had no idea his girlfriend was Diana Davison who considers herself a” female mgtow” . I guess they somehow made their relationship public. Wow the other mgtow’s are probably ridiculing Hembling for being in a romantic relationship with a woman. I thought they avoided relationships?

    Keep up the good work in exposing the unfortunate hatred that exists on the internet.

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