Dean Esmay Blames Feminist Professor for His Missing Front Tooth UPDATED

If you’re looking for full information regard the MRA Detroit Conference please click here.

Dean Esmay, one of the grand masters poo-bahs of the hate site A Voice for Men, appeared on Fox Detroit to let Detroitians know all about their ‘movement’. Being true to form he sounded like a raving weirdo, spewing out all the problems of men and then blaming ideological feminists for what he calls the ‘rape and domestic violence industry.’ He told Fox Detroit that  feminists use rape and domestic violence in order to make money, not to actually solve the issues, which is kind of strange since Paul Elam, the leader of the hate site has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars and still has yet do anything with it except make Youtube videos and keep an internet site. I imagined myself, as an average listener, and I know I’d come away thinking the guy was nuts. Below is part of the transcript.

Dean Esmay, managing Editor for A Voice for Men hate site

Dean Esmay, managing Editor for A Voice for Men hate site


Host: Help me out here. A conference on men’s issues?

Dean: Yes sir

Host: I thought men have all the advantages in the world these days.

Dean: that’s utter nonsense. Men are routinely ground up in a court system that’s misandrist and biased against them. They’re ground up by a court system that is biased against men of all races. They are the majority of the homeless. They are the majority of suicides. They are the majority of the drug addicted. They are the majority of the unemployed. They are the majority of school drop outs. They are the majority of those in prison. They are now the increasing minority in education.

Host: are they the majority of perhaps the people that might be causing these problems that land them in the court system or under investigation or a response to every situation that you just listed. I mean are, who’s, how do we know they’re not the cause of these problems?

Dean: Ideological feminism is a multi-billion dollar funded hate industry funded by lies about domestic violence and rape and uh, they are the cause of very civil rights, uh, trashing laws like the Violence Against Women Act even though we know domestic violence is not a gendered issue. And, they have big money (Dean cut off by hosts)

Host: Professor how do you respond to this? Is he right?

Feminist Professor Delaway: Uh. no. I think to give feminism that much credit is uh, kinda crazy. Feminism has been a movement that has fought for lots of rights for women but only because those rights haven’t existed for the long haul.

Host: so do you think you’re at a disadvantage because you’re a man?

Dean: Uh, I think many men are at a disadvantage. I’m a working class man, you see I’m sitting here with a missing tooth because I can’t afford to fix it. (Dean gestures to Prof) This lady probably makes 4 times as much as I do.

Host: But doesn’t that come down to your own ability, education personal choices?

Dean: Women receive preferential treatment in higher education now. In fact [women] are the majority of college students now, by far.

Host: Why is your group a hate group? Because people have called you a hate group. Why do you think that is?

Dean: Because we dare to criticize feminism. The men and women of our movement frequently criticize feminism because it is a movement which controls a lot of money.

Host: Dean I read something that your group wrote, and correct me if I’m wrong, that 57% of date rape victims enjoyed the experience, is that true?

Dean: No, it’s not true.

Host: But that was on YOUR website. (Here’s the link to the rape apology on AVFM that proves Dean Esmay lied on Fox)

Dean: You have to read the entirely of that article

Host: but why put something like that on your website? Doesn’t that discredit whatever it is you’re trying to do?

Dean: It was a 3 year old satire article that was talking about the way that feminists frequently distort and uh, mess up statistics on things like rape.


Here are some of the comments the AVFMers made in response to the female Sociology Prof:


What a self-centered bitch.

OTHER AVFM QUOTES about the Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies that appeared on FOX:

I could never handle sitting there listening to that stupid, ignorant bitch. Good job Dean.

I noticed the women, went into gynocentric, “gang up on the man” mode

that feminist looked like an imbecile.

The professor was imho, not the kind of person who causes the mrm problems. They needed to get a real radical hater of all those born woth a y chromosome on there.

What is that female twit even DOING there?

The whole reason we are a hate site is because fucktards like Futrelle, failed journalist (see Bart Sibrel) that he is, keeps seeding these attacks based on nothing other than that we refer to some women as cunts and bitches (who desperately deserve it).

Is she a professor of Princess Studies? Is she in the Wayne State Big House teaching women how to manage the wasteland plantation so as to keep the fingernails unchipped?

Stop having children ladies….the world is over populated and doesn’t need anymore of your damaged children.


To watch the clip click here.  Tweet #LetitRip to let Fox know how you feel about hosting a member of a hate site.



54 thoughts on “Dean Esmay Blames Feminist Professor for His Missing Front Tooth UPDATED

  1. His dental issues are probably a manifestation of his overall deplorable health. Feminists didn’t force feed him a steady diet of simple carbohydrates! Dental health has to do with nutrition first and good oral hygiene second.

    A college education isn’t necessary to learn about good nutrition and hygiene. I’m pretty sure yeti-man has access to the internet where there is a wealth of information available on health and nutrition.

    His health and nutrition is a matter of personal responsibility on his part – not the fault of feminists – or women.

    If she’s a college professor, I hope she is properly remunerated – chances are, as a woman, she is not compared to the men with the same education and experience. Comparing himself to her is like comparing an apple to an… an… well an intelligent human being.

    • Not only that but why doesn’t Paul Elam give Dean a few thousand dollars out of his hundreds of thousands he collects for his own pocket and actually help another man? Oh right, because this isn’t about helping men. It’s about blaming women and feminists for poor dental hygiene because they went and put themselves into debt to get a good education to compete in the job market like smart people do. If men are too fucking lazy or don’t want to take on debt to go to Uni, that’s their CHOICE.

      I thought these were Liberatians pushing the meritocracy? STFU Dean and start working.

      • I thought they were libertarians, too – which is why I mentioned the key phrase “personal responsibility.” One’s health is one’s own responsibility – that idea is pretty standard philosophy among both social conservatives and libertarians.

        And, yes, that’s an excellent point. I see that Raven Moon Dragon collected another $1K or so today, maybe she could fork over a few hundred bucks to help him with his dental bill.

        Geez, at least, a small loan. It doesn’t cost THAT much to go to a dentist. They, also, have student dentists in some places who can help with routine issues.

        Speaking of these people allegedly being libertarians, you had a troll here a couple of days ago who didn’t seem to really take to my suggestion that if he wanted to help men, he could find Salvation Army and other privately held organizations running shelters for men, which likely provided suicide counseling services, which he could either volunteer in or donate to. But, he came back at me with the idea that they needed government funds for that… that is not a libertarian or conservative view of things. I thought it was strange considering what I thought these guys’ political leanings were supposed to be – at least, in the U.S. – They’re always complaining about having to pay for welfare and the like – why then would they be demanding government funds for men’s shelters???

        They don’t want any real answers to their supposed problems – none of which are actual problems to start with. Everything they’re complaining about revolves around rights they don’t have to start with – mainly the presumed right to stick it wherever they please and dominate women.

        • Yeah, Raven Moon Dragon aka Alison Tieman, feMRA, needs a few more thousand for things like coffee and tea. Never mind selling herself for 20K, she could pay Dean’s dentistry bills and then some. Poor Dean and his poor missing tooth that he blames on ideological feminism and women’s goals of getting a good education.

          I hope he’s reading this: Hey Dean, get off your privileged white male ass and get a job instead of sitting on a hate site demanding women who put in the effort and time to get an education to pay for your missing tooth. Either that or go ask Paulie to give you a couple grand so you can get a bridge or summat Your little ‘interview’ made you look like an entitled white male douche. You’re not entitled to what a professor makes unless you go to bloody school. You’re just a lazy slob. Oh and what was with your tie? You do realize it was almost touching your ankles right? You looked like a goof, sounded like a good and you ARE a goof.

          Oh and you wanna know something funny? They were running another ‘fundraiser’ for a DV talk they gave this weeked to about 10 people. They were asking for 5K and they barely got over 1K but signed pictures of women who soothe their fragile egos and willing to be human shields are worth over 6K.

  2. That was painful. Esmay just came across as the sort of loud, angry old man who gets trotted out on a radio show to be laughed at. His attempts at denying the cyber-stalking and bullying and threatening that goes on in his movement was pitiful, “something…something…satire, yes, satire.”

    Also, his passive-aggressiveness is showing. Big time.

    • But the problem was he was not laughed at, he was respected as a speaker and as a menz obviously, his points were taken seriously and the male host even jumped to defend him. Now compare that to how feminist opinions are demonized and laughed at in mainstream media. Conclusion: if you want to make money and get fame, get on the MRA bandwagon.

      • Oh yes. These guys are going to make even more off this whole Detroit debacle too. Americans like drama and the media knows it. As the conference date approaches they will attempt to control the message. Doubletree is going to dump them and we won’t know where the event will be until the day it starts and then they will claim it had to be done out of fear of feminist attack.

  3. Great post.

    Just a point – He is quoted “Women receive preferential treatment in higher education now”. I have heard similar sentiments from folks who fall much further into the mainstream then these MRA activists. I have been reading just a bit about the phenomenon that is presumably is being referred to, that is, more women are going to collage, succeeding there, and graduating then men. Very simply it is the fact that young women are finishing high school with stronger skill sets and habits that lend to a successful higher education. The reasons for this are complex but have nothing to do with Feminism. Admittedly I am being a bit simplistic here, but the best solution for young men who are concerned about their own chances of success would be to look to the woman and men who are doing well and emulate their effective habits.

      • On the other hand, yeti-man, his clan and their vast legions of minions appear to be evidence that men’s education is in decline.

        Some of their favorite insults to women revolve around education: “Did you learn that in college?”

        Obviously, someone’s education would have to pretty poor to hear him trying to blame women for the white man’s belief that he owns white women. If you are a white woman – and I am – and you’ve ever dated a man of color, especially in certain regions of this country, then you’ve experienced at least some echoes of this.

        White men still think they own white women – it’s primarily white women – “their own women” as we are called – that they most like to rape. (Every single one of my many rapists have been white!) Back when the white man “owned” everyone who isn’t another white man, if you were a white woman who ran away from your master together with a black man, they’d drag you both back, torture and maybe kill you in the process. Killing black men accused of raping white women was simply white men protecting their “property” – us!

        The main reason there is any freedom at all for anyone in this country who isn’t a white man is because of feminism – feminism is a form of abolitionism, itself. It’s just that we haven’t been able to fully effect our own freedom from men’s enslavement quite yet.

        So, bringing up white men lynching black men for raping white women probably wasn’t one of yeti-man’s smartest comments in this interview, which is saying a lot because he sad a LOT of stupid things.

  4. …keeps seeding these attacks based on nothing other than that we refer to some women as cunts and bitches (who desperately deserve it).

    I find your lack of self-awareness…disturbing.

  5. I watched the video yesterday, that slimy fat fugly turd vermin wanted to punch the brains out of these women, did you see how condescending he was? How he believed he was all that?

    He used straw-men arguments all the way blaming women for slavery, come on its MALE land owners who enslaved these slaves, the woman saying the slave raped her was a mere byproduct of slavery not feminism nor female supremacy.

    The obese turd bulldozer vermin makes no sense even to himself I bet, he even got confused how these women oppress him so much, so he started listing the same cliche misogynist bullshit.

    Overall I am most disturbed by the fact that these guys are getting air time in public media and are not stoned to death, of course it would not happen, they are menz, only women are stoned, beaten and raped to death.

    This video proves to me how dangerous and rapey these mra’s are, he literally denied all rape accusations saying these rapists are not actual rapists!

    He is disgusting I bet he is a rapist too in his spare time!

  6. I love how they always protest, “It was just satire!” whenever they are confronted with the horrible things they have said. Like whatsamatter with you angry feminists, can’t you get a joke?”

  7. I wonder if anyone from the hotel has seen some of the things being said on the AVFM site, including these comments.

    I read in an article somewhere that some of the protestors were women employed at the hotel.

    How would you like to be the woman who has to come in and clean the room for one of these ultimate gentlemen? And, if you end up like Strauss-Kahn’s victim, what do you think is going to happen next? They’ll have you doxxed all over the place, talking about how you really enjoyed having your internal organs lacerated and being choked by one of these “nice” MRAs, who are all for human rights.

    I don’t think $2 mil in liability insurance is nearly enough to host a hate group who thinks half of your staff are “cunts” and “bitches.”

    I hope the people at that hotel do a tiny bit of research and consider the safety of their employees and guests.

      • DeutschundMusik,

        Yes, I read that a day or so after I made my blog private and I was really glad I did – make it private AND read her blog.

        I, also, read the offending post:

        It’s very good. Nowhere in it did I find anything promoting or suggesting or even hinting at violence against men or wiping out men or whatever she was accused of writing.

        I have no idea why she was targeted and it shows that any woman can be targeted by them in the same way.

        The only thing I can find in her article that might have made them decide to go after her was she mentioned not having a lot of status or support – something like that.

        I think they choose targets, like the university student, who they know is not going to be armed. Like all male predators, they look for women who appear as alone and vulnerable as possible. That’s the ONLY reason I can come up with why she would have been targeted over a bunch of other women who did not admit to any such vulnerabilities.

        • “4. Complete research on endocrinal causes of male aggression; develop a vector to deliver modified genetic material which will reduce pathological male hormones to levels closer to the norm, i.e., female levels. Such treatment can be covert if it cannot be done voluntarily. It will pass to subsequent generations.”

          From tiptree2 ….in the comments section of the aforementioned article. If that isn’t violence against men I don’t know what is.

  8. Another odd thing: Yeti-man speaks as follows – “Dean: Ideological feminism is a multi-billion dollar funded hate industry funded by lies about domestic violence and rape…”

    Multi-billion dollar?

    He made some similar statement in a Raw Story article how feminists are making money by lying about men’s violence against us.

    I don’t know of any women making anything even close to a living at anything to do with feminism. A lot of the great authors are dead. I sort of doubt if Andrea Dworkin did what she did to become wealthy since she had a terrible time getting anything published, they mostly wouldn’t publish her books in the USA because – guess who? – owns the traditional publishing houses, especially the major ones.

    I doubt if Sonia Johnson got rich writing books and giving speeches to women.

    Women, in general, don’t have a lot of disposable income. So, it’s not really a good place to try to run a get-rich-quick scheme. For that, you need a bunch of angry, hateful, gullible men, apparently.

    I don’t know where this particular MRA fabrication is coming from – unless they’re mad about government funds going to domestic abuse shelters for women and children. If they want that to stop, there’s a really easy solution for these men: Stop beating, raping and killing women and children in their own homes!

    That’s all they have to do to end government funding to women’s shelter’s practically overnight.

  9. Diana Boston,

    You are so full of shit. Do you actually believe the crap you spew? Or are your aware that it is crap?

    Another way to ask the same question: are you aware you are libelling people, or are you crazy enough to believe your own words?

    So sad that you can’t suck David Futrelle’s cock for real, when it is clear that you desperately want to.


        • LOL. Says the woman who started a little group called COCK with her and her rape apologist b/f AND the same woman that appeared semi nude with her back to the camera while her rape apologist b/f said more stupid crap into the camera.

          Sure! 😀

          • Cock: Community Organized Compassion and Kindness – with the slogan, “Cock, is it in you?”


            I need to go bathe in Clorox and scrub my skin with a wire brush now.

          • Have you seen Dr. Cat’s videos on Youtube about male domination? She explains how patriarchy works on the mind, body and spirit and takes her information from experts in mind control and tactics of totalitarian societies.

            It’s cringe worthy when she asks her male students what they would do to control a woman. Incredibly revealing.

            Here’s one video

          • Thanks for the link. Yes, I have seen that series of videos. I just watched this one, again. I’m working on a post right now that has to do with the process of de-programming and reprogramming the responses in ourselves that we want in certain situations.

            Again, I’m no expert – they’re just thoughts on the subject.

            It’s interesting how whenever European men went anywhere in the world to colonize they began by raping and destroying the native spirituality – the same thing they did to European women at home.

          • I still think Diana Davison is John Hembling in drag. She’s pretty gross looking.

        • Oh, I think she does.

          I’ll tell you what else is really humorous in a discordant sort of way – the fact that MRAs and the women they employ claim to be the victims of feminists when you do nothing but troll, harass and engage in cyber-stalking *right here on this blog* while one of your representatives goes on the public airwaves to claim that he and his organization are receiving death threats and are being harassed by feminists – in other words, us.

          Remember this: When they’re done with you, CockFairy, they’re going to do what johns and pimps always to do women when they’re done spraying their bodily fluids in and on them, they’re going to leave you in a ditch or an alley somewhere to die. You’re just a whore to them – just like we all are. If you imagine for a second that they see you as any different than they see us, then you are engaging in a potentially deadly self-deception.

          • So much insanity. 🙂

            >Responding to a blog post is now trolling? Yeah, okay then.

            I’ve left many one liners on here because I can’t help myself. I haven’t said anything worthwhile. I’m just here to harass women. I can’t help myself. A Voice for Men is where I belong but it’s their goal to harass women so I’m doing what Elam wants. I could be using this time to volunteer for a crisis line but it’s more important to harass women.

    • Lol and that comes from Elam’s personal cheap whore who serves the entire mrm conference. Shoo you disgusting ingrate. Have fun being stoned in a patriarchy once the mrm establish their order. John will get a new virgin while your ugly used up cunt will be worthless you’ll be stoned. Have fun dumb bitch. Lol

      • >Oh look, more misogyny from feminists.

        This is how I try and spin things. I just call feminists misogynists and then it makes my manfeelz better.

        • You are just so ugly. How do you live with yourself? Honest question. You are lucky that the owner of this blog is so civil with the parasitic vermin like your types.

        • Again have fun getting raped by Dean Esmay and his patriarchal cronies. oh wait….you are already enjoying the ass fucking lololololol….maybe you should just move to Saudi Arabia as well, since you seem to hate women and all the freedom that FEMINISTS have given you so you can come here and spout your anti-woman lies and hatred.

  10. Enter Mr. Hagan in a state of pseudo-calm, trying to amuse himself while he waits for word from Judgybitch on whether the Doubletree will dump the conference, and Ms. Davidson, who to her credit has just posted several sentences that do not contain her favorite word.

  11. “Men are routinely ground up in a court system that’s misandrist and biased against them.”

    Careful! Careful! *phew*, for a moment there I thought homebro might go beyond the surface. But thank goodness he didn’t lest he might break his man-beard!

    Because if he did go beyond the surface he’d have to question who were the law makers, who were the judges, and who were the ones who voted to pass these laws? Thus why doodz like him will never answer this question because it will always be: Men.
    So, really what he’d be saying is: Men, who aren’t feminist, grind men up because of feminism!


    And I guess it would cause some sort of a genocide if we asked WHY these laws were setup in the first place. Cause then it would lead back to the [mis]treatment of women due to men, and, well, yea…”Wut abut teh meennzz?!!!” is how that cookie would end up crumbling.

    • “So, really what he’d be saying is: Men, who aren’t feminist, grind men up because of feminism!”

      That’s exactly what he’s saying. But that’s hardly a gotcha, just the truth. Men respond to feminist lobby groups because of an in-built instinct to “protect” women.

      This isn’t hard stuff, really. It’s not.

      • Question: why do women have the vote?

        Answer: because men gave them the vote.

        Your logical fallacies are showing.

        • Thank goodness this misogy troll got banned, but I can’t help but feed’em >_<:

          "Answer: because men gave them the vote.”

          Oopies, your fedora is showing!
          So lemme get this straight: teh menz were nice enough to give up some power and privilege to let teh wittle weak wimmiz vote?
          No, dear sir, your logical fallacies are showing because you just showed us that men had and still have power and control over women and is the one controlling the grand ol’ system.

          “Men respond to feminist lobby groups because of an in-built instinct to “protect” women.”

          Mmm? Yes, but protect us from WHO, sir?
          Pokemon? No…
          Women? No…
          Oh, men! So we need men to protect us from men?

          OIC now, thanks for splainin’!

          *Holds hand up to forehead and scans around* Nope, don’t see any feminism as the cause of this problem, just men being their silly ol’ weird selves.

    • FabFro!

      When Esmay talks about men being “ground up” in the court system, I wonder if he was fantasizing about Whataburger?


      • I didn’t know you also posted here Miss Sugar! It’s a small internet world after all. *Waves*

        LOL! So, this new type of meat would be called man-meat? Oh! And you could get some fries with those lies and a tall, cold glass of man-tears with your order. We’d call it: Man-meal!

        Yea, maybe he was drooling over getting a man-meal.

        • Yea, maybe he was drooling over getting a man-meal.

          No, what I meant was that, he is so clearly “oppressed” by the resources that Feminists allegedly stole from him, thereby allowing him to expand into a hamplanet, that all he can think of is FOOD while speaking on behalf of his brethren. Or something like that.

          Basically, just a fat joke. 😀

          • Lol. I know. But I couldn’t help but turn it into about a dood wanting to eat another dood. >_<

            Though, I know some MRA will see my post and flip his dang rocker on how feminist want to see violence towards men or something.
            So I'll explain that what I was referring to was a metaphor in which men hire men to run a business in which:

            Men grind men up.
            Men eat men.
            Men drink men.
            and then men eat the fries of lies to which they then blame this man-made system on feminism [women].

            Taa-daa! A metaphor for reality.

          • I would just like to say that Peter Andrew Nolan© wants MONEY. Where did his AVFM cut run off to? Did Dean eat Peter’s share? hurhurhur!

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