MRA’s Tear Apart Professor Heather Dillaway

For all the news on the Detroit Conference see this post.

AVFM, in an article titled Excuse Me, What’s So Wrong With Being Anti-Feminist?written by Jack Goodfellow, MRA’s found a way to tear apart Professor Dillaway who appeared as Dean Esmay’s counterpoint on Fox Detroit. Click here for the Fox clip.

Professor Delaway didn’t say much of anything the MRA’s could twist and turn so they suggested that every MRA ‘run the clip without sound’ to analyze her’ body language.’

This is what you see. In that professor’s sideways glances, in the slump, in that cocky smile, in the way she almost always faces the other female in the conversation (the only other person there she feels it is necessary to speak with), the way she places her palms up, hands at chest level (body language to show this has become a personal plea), she shows that the argument is not about men’s rights.

The female Fox co-host was labeled a feminist by AVFM in order to scrutinize her and have it appear that they don’t hate women, just feminists.

The OP continues to tell us what the feminist Professor was thinking based on her body movements.

Her only argument, visible in body language throughout, explicitly in words towards the end, is that the man sitting next to her and all of the people that he was there to represent, have no right to engage in a political discussion that is contrary to the political position that she and other feminists have taken.

Freeze Peeeeech Yo!

Here are some of the AVFM comments analyzing her body language and what it must mean:

You can only come to one conclusion in light of this: You simply REFUSE to discuss any related issues with them, and you DEMAND the respect and rights you deserve as a human being, just like you would do it with children.

She smiled and smirked through the entire beginning of the video, and most often looked to the female interviewer with that knowing look that says “isn’t this funny?” When she is actually addressing any questions, especially from the male interviewer, she spends much of her time avoiding eye contact, then smiling to get agreement.

So we’re basically dealing with children here, incapable of handling dissent from ANYONE, be it within the herd or outside, because the learned rules of behavior from early childhood, when it comes to keeping the protection from the herd intact, still kicks into overdrive when they start feeling vulnerable.

Typical psychopath.

He looks steadfast, defiant, determined.
She looks lost, bewildered, afraid.

The women participating in this interview are psychopaths. Lacking in analytical skills, logic, sense, reason or empathy. Parasitic, opportunistic, manipulative and deceitful. Dishonest, glib, solipsistic, disrespectful and petulant. Irresponsible, self-serving and hypocritical. Remorseless, shameless and guiltless.

AVFM took to their forums and one MRA called her a ‘Stunned cunt.’ So much for Paul Elam’s insistence that AVFM doesn’t call women cunts or bitches or whores, as a class.

When a woman doesn’t agree with male supremacy she must be a child who is part of a feminist herd or a psychopath.

 photo mrascreenshotofesmayinterviewwfeministfacialexp_zpsbb489d9b.png

You can totes see that the feminist Prof is against freeze peach and hates men amirite?

One MRA went through the video and took a snapshot to prove his point about the nasty feminist Professor.

I’m guessing that someone on AVFM will eventually post her personal information and tell others to email her superiors at the Michigan University she teaches at. This is their modus operandi. Wait, it’s already started. One of the MRA’s is talking about contacting Wayne University where she works.

I will be happy to provide Wayne State with a list of candidates who are eminently qualified for an endowed chair in Anti-Feminism.

Oh and I was mentioned by a super angry MRA who’s letting the other herd members know about his severe butt-hurt.

On a related note the blogger that’s been libelling AVFM on her manboobz copycat blog, “mancheeze” is Diana Boston, an mentally unhinged origami artist/welfare case that lets wild mice roam her apartment.

*I have come to a tentative conclusion that it was Mike Hunt who posted under the name ‘Diana Davison’ here in the comment section. He seems to think I have sock accounts and am someone else. He also read the blog that’s attached to this one. HouseMouseQueen is my sister blog that documents my relationships with wild house mice, who are my pets.



31 thoughts on “MRA’s Tear Apart Professor Heather Dillaway

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  2. Tee hee.

    >Why are you so angry, female?

    I’m an angry little man who has nothing better to do so I come on feminist blogs to harass women. This is my life goal as an MRA. I don’t care about teh menz. I just want to stalk and harass women.

  3. I wonder if the professor knew these guys’ track record before she went on air with the yeti. If not, she’s probably going to find out the hard way.

    I’d say more than one MRA is using multiple accounts to troll here.

  4. This is the true face of the patriarchy, the savaging of women who are not under male control. The problem with the Detroit Conference is not with the mask of men’s real problems that has gotten them bookings, speakers, and ticketholders, but the true face hiding behind the mask, of rage and vengefulness against women for their insolence. This is the reason many men go to the AVFM site. It gives them pleasure to scapegoat random women for their problems. The sadistic underpinnings can’t be denied if you read their comments and review the many many articles going after individual women.

    This particular woman’s POSTURE released their sadism, as she said almost nothing. More accurately, this woman’s temerity in presenting herself at all in the chair opposite Esmay is her offense. By savaging her, other people will be intimidated, but more importantly, the angry men on the site are thrown another female victim to vent on sadistically.

    All responsible observers need to speak out against this. This has to stop.

    • I know. It’s a different woman each week they go after. I know one step I’m going to take but I don’t know how it will be received. There’s the best option and we all know what that is.

  5. The following video by that baldy dude (he had more hair just a few years ago, all his hatred must be burning it off his head really fast!) appears to relate to their stalking of Vliet:

    In the vid he says how they plan to go after the women on the forum for saying things the menz don’t like – for instance how men are causing women to live in terror and how this could possibly be stopped.

    Is this not the same behavior that they regularly publicly deny?

    These men are really terrifying…

    This is why I don’t think we are really safe from them anywhere online – even private forums or groups.

    • They can deny it all they want. It’s there in black and white for all to see. You cant publish hateful screeds at individual women and call it satire. The one thing about them that makes them ineffective is their stupidity. They may have some money behind them but they’re incredibly daft.

      • I think this is what on of their troll called “free speech.”

        Stalking and terrorizing women is not free speech.

        Freeze peach – I had to look that up earlier. LOL!

        Is there a list somewhere of the women they’ve terrorized and their M.O. so far?

        Apparently, they went after a bunch of women on that forum. Then, there are the ones you’ve documented on this blog in just the past few months.

        There must be more… I wonder how far back their history of stalking and terrorizing women goes?

      • “They may have some money behind them but they’re incredibly daft.”

        Yes!! This a million! It’s like: “Sweetheart, did you even think that out before saying/doing it?”
        But hey, money/privilege means they get to say and do whatever they want without consequence. thus giving them no reason to learn from their last mistake or have any empathy/sympathy for that matter.

    • Hembling states in this video, “What she’s arguing is the extermination of half the human race.”

      That is a damn lie and a libel. The libel is malicious and calculated. The article never says anything about mass murder.

      How can John Hembling libel this person when her essay, which does not say what he claims it says, is available for all to read?

      Impunity. A Voice for Men does this regularly. It is not often challenged because it is a fear site. Anyone who challenges it will receive the same libellous treatment.

      • I figured the essayist said nothing of the sort. They manufacture in order to get rage boners.

        Have you found a complete version of that essay? They posted part of it on Facebook a few days ago but of course the contextual parts were chopped out. Maybe I could put a copy here with a link so intelligent people can read it and laugh at the MRA’s who went ballistic over nothing.

      • “That is a damn lie and a libel. The libel is malicious and calculated. The article never says anything about mass murder.”

        It’s all about their own projection onto women. Seriously, I didn’t notice it until another feminist blogger pointed it. And now, I see it every time I read or watch a dood/MRA mansplain about manpain. He just places his true feelings about erasing, silencing, enslaving, etc women into a reversed rant; all while claiming this is what women want to do to men.

        There has not been one movement or mass killing of men done by women.
        In his own mass hysteria of keeping woman down, he wipes out his own brother [Elliot Rodgers anyone?].

        We aren’t the ones who make him commit suicide [Karma: Because he burned and murdered us if he thought we were witches].
        We aren’t firing him from his job [Karma: Because he wouldn’t let us work].
        We didn’t make him homeless [Karma: Because he wouldn’t let us buy our own property].
        We don’t make him drop out of school [Karma: Because he wouldn’t let us get an education].

        All we’re doing is sitting back and watching as karma from thousands of years ago rears its ugly head back on him and he can’t stand it. So he goes out buys a gun and shoots another man.

        Yep. Makes sense. *shakes head*

  6. A whole bunch of feminist blogs have been shut down with the author’s citing fears that what they were accomplishing was not worth the personal costs.

    Also, the silence of women on YouTube – not just on feminist subjects, but on anything that is not directly supportive of MRAs and the MRA perspective – has become deafening.

    I wonder to what extent they are directly responsible for these conditions?

  7. This is right off their site and its what is going around the most

    “I think it’s not the actual conference program that’s the problem. If you look at the conference program, it’s not an issue. It’s all of the social media that’s very anti-feminist, it’s the messages that are begin sent by the group.”

    I did not listen to the show. Did she say that?

  8. I have not much to add as you said it so well.

    It is interesting that these folks are attacking Professor Dillaway for smiling.
    Would they be praising her if she scowled?

    A true sign of irrational hatred is attacking someone for everything that they do, regardless of how universal the behavior.

    • Ofcourse they would have attacked her if she was scowling. Mra’s just need an excuse to attack women.

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